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And it feels so good!

I had been missing it very much and wondering when the gears would get grinding again. I wondered if we’d made a misstep when we decided to redo the House, MD series for general publication. It was tough getting going and then it would get rolling then it would peter out. But I think we finally got it. It was A LOT of One Step Up and Two Steps Back but I think the first few chapters are cemented in place now. House…..Richard Mason, sorry….is becoming a full character in his own right although he will always have shades of Greg House. I wouldn’t want to totally dismiss them that would be completely dishonest. I hate liars. So that’s that.

We have a new cover


And (obviously) a new title for the series. We figured we’d go with the last novel’s title because the series really about Hannah. So planned books are:

Sister Christian-Genesis
Sister Christian-Sins of the Father (formerly Lean on Me)
Sister Christian-Mysterious Ways (should we decide to keep the first part the original Sister Christian novel)
Sister Christian-Rapture (will be the second half of this novel and end this series. It’s also the only book with any type of romance. Sorry.)

The last title isn’t perfect yet we’re still playing around with a few things but so far that’s the best one. Yes, I realize we’re sticking with the ‘God Theme’ here.

Gee, I wonder why

Shut up. You love me.

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

So yeah, The Big Guy worked in his own small yet very important part. He’s The Voice of God in Hannah’s head. He couldn’t be Mason although there are shades of him in there too or any other major character so he decided to take his ‘rightful’ place and be God. :) Albeit a Kinder Gentler God than what we’re all used to although he may be sneaking in as the Voice of the Devil too….I wouldn’t put that past him.

But you love me.

Yeah we’ve already established that, my darling.

AND…we’re hoping all 3 or 4 books out by the end of 2015 because certain entities are anxious to get to Raven: God of the Damned. Me too! We have another little story rolling around that’s weird and will center on Ares…duh. He’s relentless.

But you love me.

Wow! I think he’s feeling a little insecure these days. I can’t blame him. He already sees Nick coming in for the last story and he knows how much I have the hots for Nick, so much I made him Raven ;)

So, with just a little luck, the first novel/novella will appear in late winter/early spring. The rest should fall in line without a whole hell of a lot of trouble. Establishing all of the important characters in the very first novel in a series is time consuming but worth it. I always loved this little off-beat series. Should be interesting to see how my Kind and Gentle Readers take to it. Well, those who didn’t read the original and those who did, yes, them too. I hope they will be able to appreciate the re-write should they choose to take the plunge. Although we have decided we don’t need to stick to the PG-13 thing too much. yes, I remembered how damn HARD it is to write stories with no sex or even the promise of it so to soften that we’re not necessarily watching our language any longer and Hannah has learned to how to flip the finger at her brother. :)

Well, gotta go and get writing!

What a Pisser–Cats & Classmates

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Well, the good news is…..both cats stayed inside last night and I woke up to a clean counter! Woot! AND an unused cat box…double WOOT! :)

Let’s hope it stays that way because I was about to have kitty fricassee one night this week.

The bad news is….we had to cancel our class reunion. Yeah, bummer, I know. It sucks but what can I say? Only ONE person bought a ticket. ONE. So, with less than 3 weeks to go before the ‘deadline’ we canceled it. What other choice did we realistically have? No one has the time to go tracking everybody down to beg them to buy a ticket. Besides, I sent out personal FB messages to nearly all of the classmates. I sent out so many of them FB threatened to close my account for spamming. That was months ago. So, ya know, everybody knew we were having this thing. It’s not like it was some big secret.

I did get a few responses. Some people sent messages back saying they were planning on attending. Several others sent messages back wanting to know if we intended to post a list of people who were attending. You know, cuz, they didn’t want to come if ‘that one’ was coming but they definitely wanted to come if ‘the other one’ was coming. Yeah, it’s easy to see some people never left high school. I didn’t bow to them. They either wanted to come or not. Period. What difference should it make who else was coming? We’re all supposed to be adults now.

I posted several times for people to get their tickets. I directed them to our little webpage so they could pay online or they could contact me for the name and address of the person handling paper payments. I didn’t want her personal information on the web, I mean, it’s not like she has a PO box or something. I didn’t feel comfortable putting up her home address for just anyone anywhere to see. Said website contained all of the information they needed otherwise; time, date, place, menu, cost per person breakdown, ticket price (just $3.00 above the menu price so we could have something to work with for a DJ and decorations) and the deadline to buy tickets. It was expressly stated people needed to buy their tickets before that deadline so we could have a headcount. It was also expressly stated that tickets would NOT be sold after that date.

Yep, all we were waiting on was them. Our classmates. We waited and we waited and we waited some more until we couldn’t wait any longer or risk losing the deposit a classmate was kind enough to put down out of her own personal funds. Cuz, ya know, venues like to have at least a little money in advance. Go figure, huh? This classmate already lost one deposit on this reunion it would be completely unfair to let her lose a second one.

So it was canceled.

Now that it’s canceled….people are upset.

(Can you see my rolling eyes and pursed lips yet????)

The date wasn’t good for some of them. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and they already had plans to do whatever they do at Thanksgiving and couldn’t travel the week after. Most of them were coming ‘home’ for the holiday and I see their point, I knew it would be a tricky date but it was what it was. If the class wanted to have an actual 30th Reunion….instead of a 31st Reunion….that was the date. It was the last date the place had this year and we snagged it. I mean, if an old friend invited you to their wedding the weekend after Thanksgiving would you ask them to change it because it sorta conflicted with your schedule?

I’ve heard from a lot of people who were “planning on attending” and who were “going to buy a ticket”.

Yeah, ok, ya know what? I was “going to” win the lottery, I was really “planning on it” but…..I forgot to buy a ticket! How’s that? Make sense?

I’ve even heard from a few folks who bought their airline tickets yet did not buy a ticket for the reunion. Huh? Weird. I’d think you’d buy both at the same time at least or since flights come and go daily you might buy the reunion ticket first. Most of them can get their money back on their flights. Good for them.

Some people “only found out about it a few months ago” so that’s why they didn’t get their ticket(s).

Yeah, so? You had two to three months to buy a ticket and you failed to do so. How is that my fault?

Others want to know why they didn’t receive actual invitations to the event. (I love this one the most!) Well, let’s see because invitations, envelopes, and postage cost money that would have hiked up the ticket price AND no one has the time to play Detective and track your ass down. How’s that?

They want to know why they didn’t receive personal reminders to buy a ticket. Ah, cuz FB nearly kicked me off and I have a fan page over there that I have to maintain. I can’t risk losing it. AND it’s a lot easier for them as individuals to keep up with us by simply clicking ‘follow’ or ‘get notifications’ on the FB Reunion Page than it is for us to chase them around.

I’m getting all kinds of advice for ‘next time’. Better dates and ways to keep the class informed….blah blah blah.


I can’t speak for the other three ladies but I will NOT be doing this again. I will, however, be very happy to attend the 40th Reunion (no matter the date) just tell me when and where. I don’t care if it’s Christmas Eve I’ll be there. I won’t even ask who else is attending. I won’t bitch that I’m paying a whole extra $10.00 for a one hour Open Bar even if all I might drink are some soft drinks. I won’t bitch about what kind of music we’re having. I won’t even consider asking if my kids can come.

So if you’re out there and you want to pick up the mantle for the 40th…or the 31st for that matter….don’t forget me. I’m easy to find. I will be there without giving you a headache or indigestion.

Its a Pooper

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We left Miss Luna outside last night while Harry stayed in. Hubby went to PT and then we snuggled up watching TV and went to sleep. Got up this morning anticipating no problems when I went to make coffee and at first I thought there wasn’t. I looked to the counter and it wasn’t wet. Just when I felt victory between my fingers it slipped through my grasp at the sight of a huge honkin’ TURD sitting on the counter!

There was Harry staring up at me as if to say; Where’s my breakfast?


(While disgusting at least the poop is easier to clean up)

I spent some time apologizing to Miss Luna while cursing out Master Harold. I don’t know why he’s doing this. 14 years and he’s never had a problem 14 YEARS and now he’s peeping and pooping on the kitchen counter????? WTF!

Ok, ok, ok. He’s old. He has a bum leg. I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs anymore but if that’s really the case then he shouldn’t be sitting outside my bedroom door every morning seeing as how it’s on the second floor. Right? Maybe. I guess. It can’t be too easy for him to jump up on the counter either. As much as I don’t want to admit I have realize he’s getting old and he had a seizure of some kind about a month ago. I was in the kitchen making coffee and he started flip-flopping around like a fish out of water nearly doing full flips in the air. It hurt my heart to watch it and when he came out of it he just sat there staring off into space before he came around. This happened with my mother’s cat, Misty, a few times before she gave up the ghost at the ripe old age of nearly 20. I haven’t seen him have another episode since which is good news.

I went to the store after work and bought a different cat litter. I cleaned out the box, filled it up with the new stuff, and put it in the kitchen near the ‘danger zone’. Then I put him in it. He jumped right out and looked at me as though I’d highly insulted him. Then he ran outside.

Oh bother.

I’m hoping this takes care of the problem but I don’t know. I guess we’ll know tomorrow morning.


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