It Never Ends

Nope there sure ain’t. Is today really SUNDAY? Am I supposed to be RESTING?


No rest for the wicked…or the Indie Author. :)

Between Friday afternoon and today I was able to:
Create a page for my NEWS Event I discounted the books AND made FOUR lines of SWAG. So of course I had to do double duty and put those four lines in the regular store. Prices are vastly different! If you’re not going to the New England Writers Signing (NEWS) Event…for the love of all the Gods…don’t use the NEWS page!

Yeah, I’m hoping to entice some people into pre-ordering books and swag. My budget is non-existent at this point so the more people I can get to pre-order the better! I do plan on having 5 copies of each OF WAR book on hand (except “Christmas Eve on Olympus”). As for swag, I dunno.

Check out the new designs:





Each line has a basic-t, a woman’s tee made of extra-soft cotton, a tote bag, and a mug….yeah, I know…’duh’ on the last one. :)

The ‘author line’ and the ‘I Fell in Love With Ares’ line also have pens. I’ll bring those to the event.



Oh yeah and I got a new rack card made


Buy the whole series in paperback for NEWS and get a free rack card and pen of your choice!

I got a new header made for the site


Trust me, it looks sch-weet on the charcoal background of my site.

And I got this going:


The real OF WAR COMPLETE is now available on Smashwords $15.99 and my site $10.99 . If you buy through me you get a signed/personalized digital copy. Coming Soon to Nook…some day. But NEVER to Kindle. Sorry, their Return Policy is far too liberal for me to let this go on Kindle. I have no doubt at least one person will buy it for $9.99, read it, then ‘return’ it with no questions asked. No returns on Smashwords and it isn’t that easy to return on Nook either. At least someone is looking out for the author! We all know it will never be Kindle! It’s kinda like asking Wal-Mart to be fiscally and socially responsible. Might as well keeping waiting for a new sidewalk! LOL ;)

Oh yeah…and we got one 5 star and one 4 star review for “Kingdoms of War”.

I’m tired.

Oh yeah…AND my wonderful hubby bought me new flowers over the weekend which I planted.

I’m whooped!

The Writing Bug is already calling. I’m about to do something that some people will downright hate and others won’t know the difference about. I’ve always my House/Hannah trilogy so I thought that, over the rest of the summer, I might take my time revamping “Change of Heart” and “Lean on Me” for Fall release. “Sister Christian” will take much longer and may get divided up into two or three stories. I had no idea it was over 500 pages! That’s just regular ol’ pages no formatting or nothing. Wow! But they loved it. If I can revamp ‘House’ just right we may have something here. Not the next “Fifty Shades of Grey”, no this is a wonderful little series about a brother and sister. I always loved it. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written and judging by all of the ‘awards’ it won others must agree. So I think we’ll futz around with that. Come winter we’ll start “Raven: God of the Damned” and fill in all of the blanks between Raven and Lenore and all of the stuff the was left unresolved at the end of “Kingdoms”.

Right now I’m finishing this bottle of wine and then collapsing!

An Open Invitation

If you just adore “Fifty Shades of Grey” for the love of GOD…GO NO FURTHER! Exit Stage Left. Cya another time.

That being said; We all know what today is right? Unless you’re living under a fuckin’ rock you’ve known for several days that TODAY is RELEASE DAY for the “Fifty Shades of Grey”…trailer. Yep. The trailer. This movie ain’t coming out until Valentines Day 2015. This is going to be worse than sitting through months of Linda McMahon’s Let-Me-Buy-Your-Vote barrage. That was a nightmare…twice! You old timers were here to hear me bitch over it. Personally I think I’m going to be forced to sit through this for the next 7 months because Cast & Crew are trying to judge how badly it’s going to bomb and are trying to patch whatever things people most bitch about in various threads here on Ye Olde Internet. No, not this thread. Duh. But you know on sites like “Vanity Fair” or “E!” or places like that. Let’s call it Pre-Damage Control for lack of a better term.

Seven months.

I’d rather sit through”Seven” seven thousand times back-to-back than have to sit through that trailer one more time. I’m really gonna hate that Beyonce song by the time this is over and I kinda liked it. Bummer.

First off; I gotta hand it to you guys and gals! I really do. Only ONE person threw the trailer out to my FB feed. One. I love you guys and gals! Woot! Good for you! You have taste and intelligence. BUT because of that I was forced to go to Yahoo! to find the link and watch the stupid thing. I gotta say given my age and the authors I grew up with, the trailer is about all I want to see of this movie.

Sober that is.

So, secondly, I was discussing this idea with a FB friend and I think I would like to extend the following invitation to all of my FB friends who did not pollute the Internet with the news that this…thing…is releasing in 7 months(!).

Whenever “Fifty Shades of Grey” hits the $5.00 bin we should have a party. A big big party. What do you think? I can certainly wait until the Blu-Ray hits the $5.00 bin at Best Bud (I’m thinking some time around the end of…what…May? June?) and I hope you can too.

Here’s the deal.

Men and Women are welcome but the men have to behave themselves. Less is more here guys. If you just hang back and watch you’ll not only have fun you’ll probably learn a lot as well.

Everyone must drink. Male or female you must drink. If you are not a drinker you may not come to the party.

Keys get left at the door you will undoubtedly need a sleeping bag and your favorite pillow.

As we watch the movie every time someone does, says, wears (oh yeah wears), something terribly cliché/tacky/stupid (think blonde-twists-ankle-in-horror-movie type of thing)…we have to drink. No qualms. Just drink. I mean, c’mon, we should have to drink every time their names get said; Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel? Really? That’s as good as Clara Thornheart or Millie Goodheart not to mention my personal favorite, Drew Blood. WTF? If those names alone don’t indicate to you just how schlocky this is nothing will. Then again maybe you were unfortunate enough to be born after 1975 or something. Those of you who remember and love the 60s and 70s you have every reason to laugh your ass off at this stuff.

So you better bring some booze too cuz we’re gonna get hammered by the time this is over. If you’re not totally blotto by the end of the night I’ll kiss you, how’s that? (Line forms to the left ladies first…the women just went ‘what?’ and the guys just went ‘yeah!’…LOL)

Unlike in a movie theater, we get to say whatever we want as loudly as we want during the film whenever we want to say it.

We will freeze frame at appropriate moments and fast-forward/rewind/fast-forward at other appropriate moments. We will do this until we either make it to the end or we decide we just can’t take it anymore…at that point we’ll take the Blu-Ray to the outdoor hearth and burn it. That and one last shot will end our evening.

Does that sound like a party or what?


Only in New London

Where the hell is Benedict Arnold when you really need him???? I’m tellin’ ya we gotta work harder on this séance thing. It’s the only way to save this town anymore; burn it to the ground and start over. Maybe purification by fire will get rid of all the bad ju-ju that’s so prevent around here. I don’t know for sure, of course, but at this point I am willing to try absolutely anything.

Most of you remember my lovely sidewalk, right? If not here take a gander The City of New London is an Absentee Landlord kindly keep in mind that post and those pictures are two years old so, ya know, nothing’s gotten any better on its own. In fact it’s decayed even further. Not that the City cares any about something…and someone…so small.


Any-hoo, last year we were informed that after FIFTY YEARS we were finally on “the list” to get new sidewalks! Yeah!

Yesterday, when we still hadn’t heard hide nor hair of said sidewalks my hubby called the City and was met by a man from the Public Works Department who came out to look at my sidewalk…most especially that crater at the end of my driveway. He wholeheartedly agreed it needs fixing BUT…no more money. Nope, we’ve run out of money. We’re no longer on “the list” for this year…maybe next year. Then I open The Day paper to read New London City Councils Oks Fund for Riverside Park to the tune nearly a MILLION DOLLARS.


Are you kidding me????

What are you no-loads on the City Council thinking??????

ARE you thinking? (that’s probably the better question)

We’ve dumped money into Riverside Park already. I’ve driven through it several times since and…no ones there! The place is freakin’ EMPTY. Got a nice new playscape and pretty flowers but, on the whole, it’s still a dump. I’m not interested in putting anymore money into it until those who own buildings around invent in their properties and fix them up. Does that sound fair? Why should the City continue pouring money into this project when the rest of the place looks like a demilitarized zone??? Meanwhile, you’ve got ‘The Hospital Neighborhood’ who puts up with crap load upon crap load of being dumped on by good Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, a neighborhood filled with hard-working TAX PAYING citizens and we get squat. As per usual. But if you don’t pay any taxes and you let your property go to hell this town will open up its coffers and give you the whole store.

The key to sprucing up “East New London” is NOT pouring money into Riverside Park. It’s making those who own property down there responsible for maintaining it. Who wants to go to a beautiful park that’s located in the middle of Shit Central? Seriously. Are we fixing this up so the heroin addicts will have a nicer place to shoot up? How good of us. Oh, no, that’s not why we’re doing it. Oh, is it so the drunkards have better benches to sleep on? How about so young lovers have a better place to leave their used condoms? It’s gotta be one of those reasons because it certainly isn’t doing this city any good as a whole.

Let’s not forget this is a piece of property which was almost sold to the Coast Guard. Yes, we had a referendum and we voted to ‘save Riverside Park’ but if you ask most people why they voted against selling the park you will get these two reasons; 1-the selling price was far too low and 2-it was definitely the wrong buyer. If ANYONE OUT THERE can find us someone willing to pay what it’s worth, develop it, and pay taxes every year you watch how fast we sell that steaming hunk. It’ll make your head spin. Why? Because we NEED the influx of serious cash AND the long-term investment that Uncle Sam wasn’t about to give us if we just handed it over to his greedy self. Yet the City in its infinitesimal wisdom took that vote as some type of mandate that the people wanted to “save” the park. Yeah. No. That wasn’t it dumb ass. These really are people who need to put their heads together to get up the smarts to lightly toast bread.

I got sidewalks no one can use. You can’t walk on my sidewalk. I watch people walk down the middle of the road all of the time because that’s SAFER than using the sidewalk. We got streets in horrible disrepair just terrible. Buildings that need fixing…you should see the inside of the Council Chamber…OMG? What a disaster area. But, yes, oh my Lord we must “save” Riverside Park.

How about we “save” our money and use it for projects that actually benefit long-term residents of the City? I know, that’s too difficult. So here. I say we find that better buyer, we sell the place off, then we use that money to build the Youth/Community Center this town has been talking about since before I was born. There. Problem solved. The kids have a safe place to play one that benefits the entire community and not just a small section of it and those who have been waiting HALF A CENTURY or more can finally get the service they deserve and have been paying for far too long.

Am I cold-hearted?

I don’t think so. I’m realistic and not a head-in-the-clouds dreamer. My neighbors and I keep up our properties and we pay roughly $4,000.00/year just to live in this town, don’t you think it’s about time we actually got something in return for our hard-earned money?

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m getting my trash picked up on Thursdays. How about this? I’ll contract out my trash pick up to another company and keep my four grand. It’s got to be better deal for me than what I’m currently receiving which, in case you can’t tell, is the shitty end of a very long stick.


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