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Writing It Out

That was the advice I received yesterday and again this morning. Both days I woke up crying. Both nights I dreamed of Charlie. I have to say, the only times I’ve ever dreamed of a pet after they’ve gone missing was so I could say ‘good-bye’. I hate that! I really do! I don’t want Charlie to be gone. I want him to come home. So I posted again on FB and Craig’s List. Some of my friends took pity on me and share the flyer…thank you! I even got in touch with animal control again. They have two absolutely beautiful black male cats…one with double paws….they’re up for adoption but they’re older cats and they are not Charlie. I asked them to post my flyer on their page since I noticed they were doing that for other people in town.

I don’t know which is worse; hoping or not hoping. After all, we all know that….

Not knowing, I guess that’s the worse thing of all.

Two nights ago I dreamed I was riding in a car and Charlie was on my shoulder–that’s the first clue he’s gone, he’s on the shoulder not the lap–he kept looking around and staring at me with those big copper penny eyes. I woke up feeling dread weighing down my heart. I went through the day and I didn’t complain. Last night I had the most horrible dream! There was a glass cage full of black cats–many of which had once been mine–some were full grown and others were just tiny kittens. I went to open the top and take them out and was firmly told ‘no’ by a man I couldn’t see at first. Then he came into view. Ares. The one from TV. My buddy always comes to me in that form in dreams even though we both know that’s not how he really appears it’s just easier for my brain to wrap around and…well…we still have that side deal about me not seeing his real face until after I’m dead and gone. I looked up at him and told him some of those were my cats, in fact, THERE’S CHARLIE! I tried to open it again and he slapped my hand hard. “NO! You can’t open it.” I was confused, I asked why and was instantly sorry. “They’re all rabid,” he stated. At first I thought he said they were RABBITS but that was not the case. “We have to test them.”

“Test? TEST? You’re gonna CUT OFF their HEADS!” I stomped my foot. “NO!” I tried to open the cage again. “There’s no stupid test just death.” Then I said some mean shit, something along the lines of him just wanting to kill something and he’d probably whack off their heads while they were still alive just for the fuckin’ fun of it.

He pushed me away. “I know you’re upset so I’ll let that go but I said: Don’t touch them.”

OH…I burst into tears right then and there inside the dream. I started yelling and screaming that they weren’t rabid and he wasn’t cutting off any heads! I told him he was mean! He was liar! Get outta my way! He just shook his head and said ‘no’. I sat on the floor in front of the glass cage with the cats looking at me and scratching at the glass. Each one looked perfectly healthy and lonely and sad. Like me. Suddenly one of the corners started opening and one of the kittens squeezed out. It ran up to me. It settled in my lap and looked up at with the bluest eyes. I went to pet it. He slapped my hand and put the kitten back in the cage. “I know it hurts but you can’t touch them. They’re rabid. What don’t you understand about that?” I got up, balled up my little fist and went to hit him. He took half a step back, shook his head again, looked at me sadly and then…the dream faded away. I woke up crying. I’m still crying.

As I got dressed I heard something about ‘hormonal women’ in my head and said–in my head–; We both know, I’ll never be ‘hormonal’ again. This is not hormones. I want my cat! Give him back!

I’ve been telling him that for nearly two weeks. He tells me he doesn’t have the cat, he doesn’t even like cats, and he’s sorry but he didn’t know he was supposed to be watching over my cat.

If ‘Red’ were here I’d ask him one question: How do you stop hoping? How do you just give up? I’d like to know so I can do it too.

The Cover & More

In case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter where I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Here’s the cover for “Kingdoms of War”!


Ta-Da! :)

I hope you like it.

Here are the links to the nice people who hosted me today. Remember, each stop has its own excerpt. You do NOT want to miss the very revealing and insightful new Interview with Ares that our friend Queen Tutt conducted.

1- Queen Tutt:

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4- Kristina’s Books n More:

5-Long & Short Reviews:

6-Indy Book Fairy:

7-Paranormal Authors that Rock:

8- Rage, Sex, & Teddy Bears:

Not too shabby. Yes, I know, if you already ‘like’ me or ‘follow’ me the only thing you can do is ‘tweet’ to enter the giveaway. I’ll fix that on the next giveaway, we’ll have a ‘free’ entry. But I’m hoping to get this prize to someone unfamiliar with me and our buddy.


Yes, on to this now! LOL

How do you like the banner Ronda/Queen Tutt made for me? I think it’s quite lovely. I’m ever so grateful for her help!

If you want to be part of this Release Tour just sign up by clicking this link So far I’ve got 11 confirmed blogs. That’s just in 2 days. Yes, I’ve been busting my ass! Not only did I put this info in the last mass email, I’ve sent it out to a few groups on FB, to the Twitterverse, and extended the invite personally to several blogs/sites. BUT, go me, I’m staying ahead of the curve by instantly noting the ‘yes’ responders on my Google Calendar :) Yeah! I always end up going batshit insane at the last minute with these things because I forget who’s supposed to get what and when. :( But not this time. I also put the info up on the site. The only stipulation to getting the ARC for review is you must have reviewed at least 1 other book in the series. If you haven’t you can sign up to do that…in fact two people already have and I ended up sending out the entire series twice today! All-in-all, so far, something around 5 sites has taken the whole thing and will offer reviews in the months leading up to the big release. That ain’t too shabby either.

Little by little we are getting there.

And not just with the book….my thighs are just barely touching either other! WOOOOOT! My calves are getting tight. So’s my thighs and butt. I think even my tummy has gone down a little bit as all of the pairs of pants that had me feeling like an over-stuffed sausage now have a bit of room. ;) Still having fun with my Wii and loving the tennis, gotten really good at bowling and baseball too. Not so good at dancing. Yes, according to it I am still ‘unbalanced’…hehehe…but getting better. I’m chugging along at a rather brisk pace as I use the machine although I’m not pushing it past 15 minutes at a time. I strive for between 12 and 15. Maybe one day I’ll push for the whole 20 but right now I’m happy and I have oodles of extra energy lately. I actually WANT to do things other than sit on the couch. It’s AMAZING! Truly just….mind-boggling.

Can you hear Him laughing at me??? LOL Yep, he’s the Best Personal Trainer Ever. Not once has he yelled at me, mocked me, put me down, called me a dirty name, he just smiles and encourages–repeatedly tells me to breathe through my nose and not my mouth– and he pokes a little fun at me when he knows it will pick me up. Once or twice he’s even said he’s proud of me. Now there’s a real accomplishment on my part. :)

On the Charlie Front…still no Charlie although Harry was having loud ‘words’ with some cat out there this morning even hubby went to check it out. We couldn’t see the other cat and we called for Charlie just in case. I mean, it SNOWED last night! Motherfucker! SNOW! It was very cold and it’s going to be very cold again tonight. I figure, if Charlie is still around, that should be enough to force him to come home. Surely he’d rather be cuddled up on the bed under the covers the way he likes it than out there in snow and ice even if he is gettin’ a little sumthin’-sumthin’. Still hoping he’s out there, that he’s ok, and he’ll come home soon.

Well, off to keep rolling along. Raven and Nora are calling and this chapter has to be completely gutted and redone before we go any further. Gotta be ready by June 25th to get those ARCs out. People are counting on it now and I promised they’ll have it. There’s some incentive!

Kingdoms of War

Tomorrow’s the big day. If you’re on the mailing list you knew that already cuz you got the email early this morning. I dumped the old Yahoo! List but kept the newer one. So I threw out my line. What do you think?


Of course today was Teaser Tuesday and I didn’t get a teaser out last week because Charlie went missing. Yes, he’s still missing. Yes, I am still upset. However, I keep hearing of possible sightings so hope remains. It’s thin but it’s there.


So, we’re starting to generate a little bit of excitement…maybe. Hey! We got a 21% open rate on the mass email. True, some only opened so they could unsubscribe but that’s ok. I hate keeping that list. It seems I’m always importing the whole sheeebang from my Google Contacts and then deleting and deleting and deleting those emails I know have nothing to do with this and don’t care to. Still, I never get them all. Sucks. If you’d like to get ON the mailing list kindly Click Here. I only send out an email when there’s something to say. I won’t bug the crap out of you I promise. It’s nothing like coming into Ye Olde Blog or my personal FB page or anything like that. :)

This is the first time I’ve ever done a “Cover Reveal” thingy…it is kinda cool and kinda annoying. It’s cool in that it does build up a little suspense and some people are expressing their interest to me. It’s annoying because I really want to just throw the new cover up here and say ‘ta-da’…right here…just us. That’s the way it’s always been done. But, this is the last Hurrah for the OF WAR Series so thought we’d try a few new things in with the old ones. So we’ll have this little mini-tour for the cover and hopefully a bigger blitz when this thing hits the streets in July.

Yes, we have managed to get back to a bit of writing. We’re rewriting the chapter above in the teaser. We’re moving things along a little faster, we’ve doing that since we went back to the beginning just getting rid of gobs and gobs of stuff, tightening it up, and putting it back in a different manner. We’re still trying to decide if Ares’ Daughter, Coral, will make the final cut or not. I like her and I can see keeping her around for future stories–in the end that’s we’re really doing here ending one story so we can set up the beginning of another–still, I dunno. Maybe she’ll be ditched. We’re not there yet but soon.

Off to put dinner together and wait for hubby to come home. It’s been a dark rainy day. I’m ready for some warm food and cuddles. Maybe we’ll write/edit/rearrange some more tonight. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for the big reveal and lots of goodies. I’ll post the links to FB and Twitter as they become available. Hopefully, at the end of the day I’ll compile a list to post here and on my site. So check back. You’ll want to visit each site as each one has a different short excerpt. Queen Tutt will have that very insightful interview with Ares.


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