Life Tips from Aunty Moon

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I’d like to share some sage advice with the class today.

Parents, do you want your child to be successful? If you answered ‘no’ you can either skip to the next part of this post or you can do everything I’m about to tell you not to do. Your choice. If you answered ‘yes’ read on.

1-Do NOT drive your child–who is over the age of 18–to a job interview unless you’re going to sit in the car and wait. Certainly do NOT come in to the interview, impose yourself upon the process, and proceed to interrogate the prospective boss.

2-Do NOT make repeated phone calls to or just simply & repeatedly stop by the prospective place of employment to check on things for your adult child.

3-Do NOT get all bent out of shape when a prospective place of employment doesn’t call YOU back to answer your multitude of inane questions even though you’ve called a dozen times in 48 hours.

4- Do NOT get all huffy when a place of employment either doesn’t immediately or outright refuses to write a letter of reference on your adult child’s behalf. Especially not when said adult child never worked a single day for said place of employment.

5-When said adult child manages to land a job (despite your best efforts to the contrary as outlined above) do NOT drive them to the hiring process unless you’re going to sit in the car and wait. Again, don’t interrogate the boss, correct the boss, or otherwise try to impose your wisdom on a boss/company that isn’t interested in hiring YOU.

6-Do NOT drive your adult child to their first day of work and decide to ‘hang out’ for the day.

If you are unable to follow 1-6 DO get used to your adult child living with you well into adulthood. I don’t mean 20-25 I mean from today until the day you die. No place of employment wants to hire someone who is seen as a Mama’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl because it gives the impression that person cannot handle his/her own life and if they can’t do that they probably aren’t going to be much good as an employee. I know you want your adult child to get a job…we all do…but micromanaging the process is probably not the way to go. I know it’s hard but step back and let them be adults. Sink or swim, if they’re intelligent, they’ll something useful either way.

Have a little faith. Quit hovering.

OK that’s the end of today’s Parenting Tips From Aunty Moon.

When calling a company/doctor’s office/lawyer’s office/whatever to see until what time someone will be there and they say; “We’re here until X o’clock”. That means they LEAVE at X o’clock. The place is closed. Bye-bye.

1-DO NOT walk into the door of said place of business at exactly one minute before X o’clock–especially do not do this when you called 3 hours before to see what time the place closes.

2-Do NOT be surprised when the office is already shut down except for the lights.

3-Do NOT whine and insist someone take care of you.

4-IF someone is kind enough to take care of you realize they may not be getting paid to do this for you so, please, do NOT make a habit out of this behavior.

5-DO plan your travel time better for your subsequent visits. Try planning on arriving anywhere from 20 to 15 minutes before X o’clock.

That ends today’s Life Tips From Aunty Moon. Thank you for your time.

Election Day-It’s Over

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That’s the good news. That and those damn ads won’t be blaring at us nearly 24/7 anymore….YEAH! Other than that, it all kinda sucks. The American People voted for two more years of gridlock..woot-woot. Dumbasses. Seriously. Idiots. They voted against women and equal pay and equal rights but boy-howdy they got religion. Don’t know what religion anymore but they got it. Oh yay.

Let’s forget the National Scene because we all know we’re absolutely positively and hopelessly stalled for the next two years. I hope you like your income level and your station in life because it is not going to get any better.

Let’s talk about my little area of the world for a while.

Dannell Malloy is still Governor of the Great State of Connecticut but it was a close race. I voted for him. Didn’t do it with much confidence or any shred of pride but I voted for him. It’s always the lesser of two evils. Well, except when it comes to Joe Courtney (my Representative) I always feel good about voting for him. He’s the only guy I can say that I actually like, I’d have a cup of coffee with the man, and who gets the job done. I think he actually likes the people he represents and that is a very rare thing. Better than Hopkins-Cavangh anyway. I know I have some gun enthusiasts here…hi, how are ya today? But that woman wanted to give away a gun as a ‘door prize’ at her rally here in downtown New London. 1-who gives away a frickin’ ‘door prize’ at a political rally to begin with? And…a gun? Nice. Yes, they were going to make sure the winner could legally possess a firearm after the fact, that sure was swell of them, but still…tacky. Just the idea of a ‘door prize’ alone was tacky. I couldn’t vote for her obviously she spends too much time on blog hops and trying to win shit on the internet to have come up with that idea.

The largely non-homeowning non-tax paying residents of the City of New London were kind enough to vote in favor of raising taxes on those of who do own homes here by between 25%-38%. Of course it was done under the beleaguered rallying cry of ‘It’s For the Children’. Yeah, no, it wasn’t. If the City of New London cared about its children it might learn how to repair and maintain buildings. It might. BUT…no. That’s a physical impossibility in this town. I’m talking about the new high school but it’s not really a ‘high school’ it’s yet another magnet school. Another one. Yes, we are the only ‘all magnet school district’ in the Great State of Connecticut. That means we get to educate other people’s kids. People who like to say that their kids goes to school in New London but who live in towns like Stonington where you couldn’t find a poor person if you stood on the corner with a hundred-dollar bill begging somebody to take it. So this is nice for them. Not so good for us. BTW, parents in the City of New London have a hard time getting their kids into the magnet schools of their choice because it’s all done by ‘lottery’. I call bullshit on that but who cares?

Now we’re going to build a new “Leadership” High School.

Go ahead laugh. I’ll wait for you to get it out.

It’s true the old New London High School is pretty much falling down. It has been since I went there…30 years ago. But that’s because no one knows how to turn a wrench anymore since we all have to be ‘leaders’ and go to college and start our lives 50,000 in debt. Besides, this is New London and this is what we do; we allocate the money, we bulldoze, we build, then we walk away and let what we just built go to shit on its foundation so we can start the process all over again.

I voted against building the new school and against rebuilding Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School which once was New London Junior High and was torn to shit and rebuilt not that long ago. I also voted against the Education Budget because I’m waiting for these other towns to start sending checks. Why should I pay to educate kids that don’t live here? It’s not like there’s a plethora of magnet schools outside New London where we could send our kids. There’s a couple but certainly nothing like what we have with every single school in the city being a magnet school. Personally, I think the State should pick up the tab for the whole thing. If you don’t have a headache already you can try this article Can Connecticut Afford School Choice but you want to take a Tylenol or something now to prevent the headache you’ll surely have after reading the article.

I don’t understand why past leaders were so incredibly short-sighted in thinking this was a good idea in the first place. Then again these are/were the same people who enjoyed flushing money down the toilet on beautification/fountains/art/murals instead of infrastructure. These are the people who spend millions of dollars building the “Waterfront Park” (a long slab of concrete along the shore in downtown) because that was going to attract people to the city. If the view wasn’t of Pfizer and EB that might have worked but still probably not. Let’s not forget the recent allocation out of the blue of a million dollars for Riverside Park. Money we were told we didn’t have when it came to things like sidewalks, yes I’m still waiting for mine. 50 years and I’m still waiting even though the City Charter says sidewalks are to be replaced every 25 years.

Yes, I even voted against the so-called sidewalk money because it’s not going to be used to fix anything it’s actually being allocated to raise our credit score so that we have a ‘cushion’ that they’ll spend on some other egghead project that will have nothing to do with fixing the problems this city faces but it sure will be as pretty as it is unnecessary. You can bet your bottom dollar on that one. By now I’m just waiting for someone to trip, fall, and breaking their damn neck on the sidewalk outside my house. I will be able to show a clear 50 year pattern of knowing and open neglect by the city in relation to that sidewalk and I hope the person who falls sues them for every dime…every last little penny in their coffers. We’ll see how much they like their fountains and murals then.

BUT, the good news is….someone who I really don’t care for too much posted that she was considering actively soliciting non-profits to buy her property. Hey, my neighborhood is zoned for business and I have a 1/4 acre of land that would make an awesome parking lot. In fact, it will fit right in with the new decor of the community given to us by L&M and their parking lot. That means my neighbors (who I’d hate to do this to, I really would) would be unable to complain since the City already allowed precedent to be set. They’d just have to live with whatever non-profit moves in. Goodwill, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, methadone clinic…whatever.

After I sell my house to the highest non-profit bidder, I think I’ll look in to the territories. You know Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Philipines. That way I can still say I’m an American without having to consider myself an Amurican. Get it? Other than that Canada looks nice. Sweden. Switzerland. New Zealand is freakin’ gorgeous! I’d like to give that a shot. Truly I would not mind that at all. Besides, it would be good for me to get out and see the world.

All the Gods know I’ve had my fill of this crappy corner of it. There’s got to be bigger and better out there somewhere.

The World’s Gone Mad…What Else Is New?

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I’m here to bitch. That’s true. I’m going to rant and let some of it hang it in one area and ALL of it hang out in others :) Get your favorite beverage and join me or click out.

SO…I’m driving into work listening to the news when the Ebola Crisis crosses my ear again. If I have to hear about this one more time (which I will!) I’m going to pitch a hissy fit the likes of which GOD has never seen. I’m driving and the ‘news’ tells me about someone who has fever but has tested negative for Ebola however they’re gonna keep this person under quarantine anyway.

I think: Here we go. This is gonna be fun.

It’s the end of October so Cough, Cold and Flu season is right around the corner. L&M Hospital is at the top of my street. Yeah, Aunty Moon’s best advice this winter is if you get a cold or the flu do NOT see a doctor. Do NOT go to the ER. You WILL be quarantined for ‘the public good’. (Like there’s anything you can really to do stop a pandemic that’s truly after your ass a/k/a Cap’n Tripps or something like that.) You’re best bet is come up with a vaccine (in which there is little money most of the time) so drop the erectile dysfunction crap and the happy pills crap and get cracking on something meaningful or we’re all fucked.

Kinda like Congress but that’s a blog for another time.

I lived through the AIDS Crisis, hell, when I was younger than today no one ever heard of AIDS it wasn’t a ‘thing’. The worst that could happen to you from having unprotected sex was herpes or pregnancy. Everything else you could cure with a cheap shot of penicillin or similar. Yeah, I admit, those were good times. ;)

When AIDS became a ‘thing’ and it started slowly…very slowly…I remember Them wanting to create AIDS Colonies…you know like Lepers. I remember Them trying to ‘halt travel’ from places like Africa until They found out it was a Gay Disease. It took quite a while AFTER that to for Them to realize it was a HUMAN Disease but…whatever. That’s not what we’re here for right now. Long story short…you got a cold this winter do NOT subject yourself to the ER or you may find yourself in a tent in a parking lot with no heat no running water and no toilet. So, ya know, just suffer at home. It’ll be cheaper anyway they’re just going to recommend rest and Robitussin.

THEN Yahoo presents me with this


Yeah, you’re seeing that right and don’t worry My Fellow Amuricans….it’s for sale right here too in Green Backs. Go get you one if you want it although its not as sexy.

Either way I’ll pass.

I have to admit I love the radio station I listen to. Do you know the Ricola commercial? You know, they’re standing up there in the Alps blowing their Alphorns, one of them has a tickle in his throat, the other one gives him a Ricola, he’s all better and at the end they chime…Reee-Ko-la. That’s the way my AM station introduces Ebola News…..EEEEE-Bo-la. Makes me laugh every time.

On to other things….I get home from work and grocery shopping (always a joy!) and I get the mail to discover I may be have been caught up in the Home Depot Hack.

Oh bother.

The bank is going to issue me and hubby new debit cards because of this.

Oh Rapture.

I haven’t noticed any strange charges or weird occurrences so this is strictly a Preventative Measure BUT the freakin’ cards always come in an envelope that looks like pure junk mail and 9 out of 10 times I throw them out unopened. Bad habit, I know. True just the same. If I pluck something from my mailbox that looks like crap it simply hit the trash without being opened. What can I say? I enjoy making people waste the postage, paper, toner, and employee pay. It’s true. I do.

I check my FB to see that for the SECOND time this week someone has tried to hack my account.


Those of you who follow me and are friends with me on my personal FB page know I don’t post anything that could be considered ‘offense’. I don’t even post much (anymore) about things that could be considered ‘private’ and the things that could be considered ‘personal’ are on my PERSONAL FB page for a reason! Even they’re few and far between since I acquired this job of mine and the hicks that come with it. Fuckin’ dumbasses. Talk about the people who Can’t See the Forest for the Trees…they are the most prime example of that I could ever come up with. Ever. Any-hoo, China and India love to hack FB accounts for some unknown reason. I mean if you ‘hack’ my FB account you’re not going to get anything so why bother? So I suppose it could be China or India and hey! It IS Halloween so there’s no reason it can’t be The Fatman and Boy Blunder either. WTFever. All I know is I jumped through several FB hoops to lock the thing down as hard as possible. Now, whenever someone tries to hack my account I’ll get an instant text message alerting me to that fact.



I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes (another joyous task!) I’m cleaning the nasty cat dishes and I hear laughter. It’s very loud. As though it’s right outside my door. People are talking. They’re laughing. I wonder if I have company. SO I go to the door and I see little boys THROWING ROCKS AT MY CAT! A younger brother, by the looks of things who really knows these days, about 7-9 and an older brother about 10-12 and the older brother was egging the younger one on!

Needless to say it took absolutely every ounce of restraint I had not to throw open the front door and beat their little asses. Cuz, you know, that’s exactly what would have happened to me at that age and I would have had it coming. If any one of the mothers on this street had looked out their front door or window to see me THROWING ROCKS AT ANY LIVING CREATURE they would have flown out that door with a broom, beat me ass in the middle of the street, and dragged me home to my mother by my ear lobe. MY MOTHER would have COMMENDED HER before she laid into me. Again, I would have DESERVED every bit of it because I would have been showing a TOTAL DISREGARD for another living being. That would have made me a little brat at the point in time.

Please keep in mind Harry is almost 15 years old, half blind in one eye, and has a blind leg. Let’s not forget he was SITTING AT THE END OF MY DRIVEWAY!

THIS is 2014 and adults are no longer to allowed to nip Juvenile Delinquents in the bud when they see them.

SO…I shouted through the front door; “HEY! Don’t THROW ROCKS at MY CAT!”

They grunted and rolled their eyes.

I opened the door; “You little shit! Go home to your mother!”

They started at me in disbelief.

“You got NO RESPECT! Get out of here!” I shouted.

You have NO idea what I actually WANTED to say or how hard I choked it down. Really. None. Let’s just say the next time I run into my Godfather I’ll have to thank him for selling the house to a lowlife landlord who rents to lowlife tenants who are severely bringing down MY PROPERTY VALUE. If his MOTHER had any idea what happened to her house after she died she’d haunt him until the end of his life and then some. She’d be right to do so!

That little shit older brother had the nerve to turn to me and say; “Please don’t talk to him like that.”

Seriously? Gimme a break you little fuckwad.

I was SHOCKED and choked down what was rising on my tongue as I looked him square in the eye and said; “You’re a jackass. Get out of here.”

I have half a mind to call a cop and have the little shits ‘arrested’. At least have whoever is looking after them notified of their misdeeds but I have the strange feeling they won’t give a shit.

Let’s just hope come Friday night those two Delinquents in Training don’t knock on my door. I’ll have no problem denying them candy and telling whomever is with them (if there’s anyone at all) exactly why.

My cats are in for the night and probably the entire weekend. They won’t like that but it’s better than letting them free where those two fucktards are allowed to THROW ROCKS unchecked.

Geez, I hope tomorrow is a brighter day or I may be the one gathering up a pile of rocks and judging angles from which to chuck them.


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