Do YOU Believe In Miracles

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I sure as hell do!





That’s CHARLIE!!!!

I can’t believe it! I finally found my baby kitty!!!!!!

Ok, deep breath.

So, two days ago, some wonderful wonderful woman posted a picture on the New London Animal Control FB page with a pic of a black cat that was found about 5 blocks from me. At first they said it was a ‘she’ and that she had a flea collar. I thought; well, that’s not Charlie. But I kept looking at the pic and my heart SCREAMED at me; THAT’S CHARLIE YOU IDIOT! I said to my heart; Knock it off, you’re getting my hopes up. BUT I couldn’t help it. I posted a pic of Charlie and asked more questions like ‘is it actually a boy?’ and ‘Does it answer to ‘Charlie’? They didn’t know, they were at work, but they’d check when they got home. The whole day yesterday my nerves were on end. I started crying just thinking of the possibility that it was really Charlie!

I waited and waited and waited and checked my FB every 5 minutes after 4 o’clock and….silence. I almost cried. I got so disheartened. I figured it wasn’t a boy and it didn’t answer to ‘Charlie’ and the nice lady just didn’t know how to tell me that. THEN TODAY she IM’d me saying she’d be home around 2 and yes it was a boy. Yes it had a flea collar. Charlie didn’t have a flea collar when he went missing. He had one the day before that but came home without it and went missing the very next day. I figured maybe someone found him that night, thought he was homeless, and tried to give him a home.

The work day dragged so much! I thought I’d have a meltdown sitting there. Finally 2 o’clock came and I BOLTED OUT of work! I did :) I went right to her house, she took me inside, and there he was! I said; “Charlie? Hey, Charlie.” He came right to me! And he wouldn’t let go!!!!!

I brought him home. He sat on my lap the whole short trip and wouldn’t leave my side. I got him in the door and Becca was here she took one look at him and excitedly screamed; CHARLIE!

Harry, my oldest cat, took a look at him, didn’t hiss, and then LICKED him! No hiss no whine no hair standing up. Nothing. Missy kitty isn’t as pleased :)

After 8 months my Little Charlie is finally HOME! I can’t believe it. I’m crying!

He’s eating like a horse and exploring the house now.


The Fuzz

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First off I should probably tell you that I was born in 1966 so, unlike a lot of the younger generation, I grew up with a healthy suspicion of John E. Law. Back then the cops were ‘pigs’, ‘the heat’, and of course, ‘the fuzz’.

It looks like nothing has changed in 48 years.

What a bummer.

I take that back, something has changed; people are a lot more cowardly today than they were back then.

The 60s also brought you the Civil Rights Movement and the Equal Rights Movement and the March on Washington and…well, yeah, ya know, Make Love Not War…and all of that good stuff. I’m a hippie. I’ve never denied that and, in fact, I wear it that moniker proudly.

I watched the riots in Ferguson. I’m one of the first to say that going bat shit insane probably isn’t your best bet for getting your point across and having people take you seriously no matter who you are, what your cause is, or what race you belong to. Shedding innocent blood and making the innocent cry and lose their businesses is a definite no-no. I understand the outrage behind it and I sympathize. Believe me I do. That’s probably because I don’t see this and the recent happenings in NYC as a ‘race thing’. I see it as a Human Thing. I’m white…sue me if you want to, I don’t got nuttin’ so…have fun. Because of my 60s background I see it as an Us Against Them thing and I’m here to tell you that there are FAR TOO MANY outright PUSSIES with guns and some with badges running around this country. There has got to be a better way to screen those who wish to be Officers of the PEACE, there really does. I mean, do we just hand these badges out to anybody who wants one? When we do give someone a badge and a gun are we also giving them a License to Kill whomever they choose? That doesn’t seem right to me.

I know, I know, I have several readers who either are cops or cop family. Yes, I’m talking to them too but I’m not blaming them. I will say there is ONE…ONE cop in the entire world that I trust implicitly. That’s because I’ve known him since, well, forever. I know for a fact that he’s a Good Guy. I can’t say that about any other member of any other police force at this particular point in time.

I sit here and I wonder what happened and where we went wrong but the answer is very plain and clear; 9/11. Up until that point most of us in my age group had gotten over our mistrust of cops and embraced The Law then the shit hit the fan and the country decided it was better to be ‘safe’ than ‘free’. We all lost. The terrorists won, don’t make any mistake about that they won hands down because we let them. We can’t go back.

Totally sucks.

When you lose hope and faith and your balls and decide you need to ‘take the world as it is’ it will never become the ‘world you want it to be’. Ever. Game Over. Sorry, Charlie, you lose. We lost a lot on 9/11 but we willingly gave up even more in the name of ‘security’. As They say ‘Freedom isn’t Free’ but what they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t just go for soldiers it goes for ALL of us. We ALL pay a price for Freedom…each one of us and it isn’t any more or less costly than the solider fighting on the front lines who today is fighting for the Freedom to gun people down in the streets and hide (like a little pussy) behind a tin badge. Cops like the ones in Ferguson and NYC and CA an OH are far better suited to being a Doomsday Prepper and drinking the day away while playing Pretend Soldier with all the rest of the Militia Members in their respective states than they are to being a cop, who by definition is someone who Protects and Serves. That doesn’t mean protecting his/her own ass and serving his/her own best interests. I was infuriated when Florida refused to convict George Zimmerman, heartbroken when Ferguson decided not to indict the rancid cop and my faith in this country was obliterated today by the lack of an indictment in NYC. Let’s not forget the Rodney King Riots which I supported and completely understood. It seems that not even with VIDEO EVIDENCE can one even indict a cop these days let alone get one to actually stand trial for their actions.

It’s pathetic. I thought that NO ONE is ABOVE the law…not even John E. Law him/her self but I was wrong.

Let’s not forget the “WalMart Cop” who shot a guy IN THE STORE for no reason whatsoever especially when you factor in that absolute fact that WalMart SELLS GUNS, a fact that the 911 caller was obviously oblivious too…and he should be held accountable too because there’s another pussy. Mr. Crawford could have been a customer checking out a gun BUT, of course, it was toy just like the jackass CA cop who shot a kid with a toy gun. As reports on that one go, he shot a and killed a 13 year-old boy ‘within 2 seconds’ of seeing the kid. For all he knew the kid was just trying to show/tell him he had a toy gun but the kid never got the chance and he never will.

I’ll say it again…PUSSIES…every last one of them. They don’t deserve their badge or their uniform and they surely don’t deserve the gun they carry and you and I pay for. They get off on these charges because they were scared. Again….PUSSY….COWARD…FAG (don’t confuse that with gay) and even, yes, RETARD. (don’t confuse that with people who have mental handicaps). Those jackoffs should get a fucking desk job or go work or for Daddy or in a warehouse or something because they can’t handle being a cop and sure as hell don’t deserve to even possess a firearm because…they’re a pussy, a big wet sloppy pussy. They should never have gotten beyond the entrance exam to the police academy.

But, hey, everyone has the right to own a gun, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re ‘mentally ill’ or just another asshole that can’t begin to handle the world in which they live. As far as the cops are concerned it’s Open Season on…anyone. You. Me. Your kid. Your father. Your mother. Anyone at all. Of course, it does help if you’re black, yes it does. It’s even almost ‘accepted’ in today’s society…mostly because some people are pissed off at our current President who happens to be bi-racial.

We have taken such giant strides backward since 9/11 that I don’t think we’ll ever be able to go forward again.

While there’s little to nothing that Little Ol’ Me can do about such things I think I’ll join the backward crowd. It’ll be a cold day in hell the next time I call a cop or rely on one to Do The Right Thing or to protect me or serve me and their community. They are NOT to be trusted to Do What’s Right outside of their own self-preservation. Yes, being a cop DOES MEAN that you may DIE in the Line of Duty and you should be prepared to do so before you take the entrance exam to the Police Academy. You should be prepared to die in the name of Justice. If you can’t do that then do the rest of us a favor, you know ‘Us’ the people who PAY YOU a favor, and get a different job. You’re not qualified to Serve and Protect you fuckin’ pussy.

To those of you sitting on grand juries who let the pussy-cop off….you’re no better. The absolute LEAST you could do is let the evidence go to trial so ALL of US can see it and weigh in. Protect those who are supposed to protect YOU but fail to do so if you want but understand that you’re just as much of a scumbag as that the one who SWORE to Serve and PROTECT others…not themselves.

To Officer Wilson in Ferguson…you should resign! I don’t feel sorry for you…you’re just another pussy with a badge and a gun. To Officer Gardner in NYC, I hope you choke on your next meal and no one is there to help you because, why should they? You used an ILLEGAL choke hold to KILL someone who’s only offense was selling loose cigarettes, if that much. That’s hardly a Capital Crime.

If you’re a cop like that, someone terrified of the world around you and oh so willing to take someone’s life just to save your own sorry skin when you’re unable to take a risk and discover the real circumstances of any supposed crime…hang yourself (yes, I mean it) or at the very least quit your current job and let a brave and honest person take over for you. You’ll be doing the world a favor because no one needs pussies like you. No one. Cowards all of you from cop to Grand Jury. You’re just a big, wet, disease infected pussy and you should be put down and out of everyone’s else’s misery because you’re no good. Not at all. No one needs frightened little babies like you. COWARD! If you can’t grow up then check out in whatever manner seems best for you.

Bezos the Clown

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Yes, every day that goes by I’m happier and happier with my decision to leave Kindle. I most certainly am.

I blogged the other day that I made two sales through my site for signed Kindle editions of my ebooks and I was very pleased with that, I still am. Those files went directly to the purchaser’s Kindle account like a breeze. She was so happy that she bought another book today. I did the same thing that I did with the other two…not one thing different. Not one! I sent the file directly to her Kindle account.

It bounced…TWICE! Here’s the email I received from Kindle Support:
Dear Customer,

The following document, sent at 02:15 PM on Tue, Dec 02, 2014 GMT could not be delivered to the Kindle you specified:

The Kindle Personal Document Service can convert and deliver the following types of documents:
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
HTML (.htm, .html)
Text (.txt) documents
Archived documents (zip , x-zip) and compressed archived documents
Mobi book

Images that are of type JPEGs (.jpg), GIFs (.gif), Bitmaps (.bmp), and PNG images (.png).
Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents are delivered without conversion to Kindle DX, Second Generation and Latest Generation Kindles.

Adobe PDF (.pdf) can be converted to Kindle format and delivered on an experimental basis.

If the document that failed belonged to one of the above document types, please ensure the document is not password protected or encrypted. Note that the Latest Generation Kindles support password protected PDFs.

Helpful tips for personal document attachments:

The file size of each attached personal document should be less than 50MB (before compression in a ZIP file)
The email submitted should not contain more than 25 attached personal documents

You can learn more about transferring personal documents to your Kindle in our help pages:

If you would like immediate assistance, please contact customer support at +1-866-321-8851 (US customers) or +1-206-266-0927 (International Customers).

Amazon Kindle Support

I read it and read it and read it and came back with the same answer both times; There’s Nothing Wrong With This File! It fits absolutely everything above and there’s no Earthly reason it should bounce. So I tried something different. See, Amazon/Kindle hits this blog all of the time! I mean ALL the time. They also hit my site quite frequently to make sure I’m being a little girl and abiding by all of their fucked up rules. Nook doesn’t do that. Smashwords doesn’t do that. Kobo doesn’t do that. iBooks doesn’t do that….in fact not one other e-book retailer I’m affiliated with does anything like that. Nope. None. Just Bezos the Clown he likes to throw his weight around believing that he’s so damn important but all he ends up proving is that he’s a whiny little bully who is also a Dick of the Limpest Order.

I sent the exact same file to the exact same Kindle account from a different email address of mine taking out one single word from the body of the email; “purchased”. Know what? Yep, it went through like a breeze. The word “purchasing” was definitely in the first email with the first two books that I sent on Sunday. So……..

Looky here, Jeffy, I have a million addresses. I do. Have fun keeping up with all of them because there’s plenty more where they came from and they’re free. I’m not afraid of you so if you want to dance with me we’ll dance. I’ll do a tap dance all over your bald head that would make Fred Astaire green with envy. If you weren’t such a little jerk we wouldn’t have these problems but you are and so we do. Whenever you decide to treat your authors fairly and with some level of respect I’ll be happy to return my books to your site so you can have a tiny cut of my work and efforts. Until then, pucker up, baldie, you know where you can put your cold thin lips you tyrannical bastard.


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