The Week in Review

I made these and Becca put them up around the neighborhood


I put an ad on Craig’s List.

We’ve had 3 bites and I’ve had about the same number. So far…no Charlie. Last night a nice gentleman on Dart St. called in response to my ad on Craig’s List. He told me he thought Charlie had been hanging around his yard all day but he wanted to make sure Charlie is ALL black because he thought he saw a speck of white under this cat’s chin. Nope, he’s ALL black. But…this was the second siting in the same area so I hopped in the car and went over there. Sure enough, there was a black cat just about Charlie’s age and size. I didn’t see any white on him at all and the man’s wife agreed. I was positive it was Charlie but he did not seem happy to see me. I called it; “Charlie? Oh Charlie, come here, Charlie.” It ran away from me. Took off into the bushes. I almost cried figuring he just didn’t want anything to do with us anymore. I had been abandoned by my Charlie. :( We stayed out there for a while and looked and looked and called and banged cans together and it did not come back. We went inside where I was invited to sit down at the kitchen table for a few minutes to see if the cat would come back. Mind you, it’s kinda late (especially for Pooh-Bahs and they don’t know me from Adam) around 8:30, I felt a little funny but I sat down and sure enough within two minutes the cat came back. He looked in the window and meowed. I tried to get it to come in the door but it wouldn’t. It ran. I went outside and sat on the back steps. I called him; “Charlie”. He wandered around me but always out of arms reach. I was disheartened. Terribly sad. Then I noticed the gentleman might be right; there may indeed be the tiniest patch of white under the cat’s chin. It rolled over on the patio and I swore I saw another teeny tiny patch of white on its ‘lower extremities’. Charlie is ALL black, he doesn’t have a single speck of white on him. My eyes aren’t the best, I need new glasses, and it was dark. So I kept trying to get the cat to come to me.

The nice gentleman started throwing cat treats out the door to get the cat to come closer to me. Eventually it did and I grabbed it in a very ungraceful maneuver, I might add. It bit me! It curled it’s little not-as-soft body around my hand, dug in with its claws and bit me! Charlie would never do that. The wife was a little upset, she ran to get me band-aids and I ran some cold water over my injured hand. She told me the story of her brother’s cat who went missing for three months and then showed up one day. I’ve heard dozens of stories like that this week. I believe them because it happened to me once my most beloved of all time cat, Hercules, went missing for about a month and then there he was one day. But he only came back to say ‘good-bye’. I’ll tell you that story one day, maybe. I thanked them profusely for their willingness to help and for their kindness before going home without my kitty.


I really miss him and Harry knows it. For those of you uninitiated, Harry is my other cat. He’s 14 and has ruled the roost since the day he came home as a puff of black fur given to me by my friend Jenn. Harry is The Cat and he knows it. Harry had a long time roommate, Ozzie who I found abandoned as a kitten and bottle fed. Ozzie came first but Harry didn’t care. Harry did care that Ozzie was babied and would often shove Ozzie out of the way so he could be pet instead. Harry is a Pet-Me-Ho! If you have a free hand he sees no reason why it isn’t caressing him. Even though he’s had a gimpy back leg nearly all of his life ALL of the other cats know not to come into Harry’s yard. Not once has any of the neighbors cats strayed over. Every now and then an actual stray cat will make the mistake and Harry’s on them like white on rice. Bye-bye kitty.

That has gone for Ozzie, who I’m pretty sure Harry led Ozzie into the street to get run over. The same for poor little Maggie who met the same end. Now Charlie is inexplicably missing. On each occasion, Harry has, well, he’s faked sympathy is what he’s done. He cuddles more, offers more kisses, and acts like he’s trying to comfort you but…well….I’m not sure it’s genuine. Ever since Monday morning when Charlie didn’t come home hubby has blamed Harry. In fact, without even telling her anything, Rebecca said the same thing; Harry had something to do with it. You can see it in his face.

I didn’t want to agree, I mean, Harry is not an Italian cat after all (was that racist? Sorry, no offense intended) but, indeed you can see it. If you say anything like that around Harry, if you mention Charlie’s name, he looks up at you with the Stink-Eye, winks, and then yawns before turning away as if to say; That’s right, it was me, you’ll never prove it, but it was me. I’m NOT kidding. I think Don Gato knocked off Charlie so he could be the only cat again.

The other day, as we went to FYE to get “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” from out of nowhere hubby suggested we go to the shelter and get a DOG! A dog! We haven’t had a dog in over a decade. We had a German Shepard/Chow, Dallas, when Harry and Ozzie were young cats…that dog’s another blog all by herself.

That’ll teach Harry. I’ll get the biggest dog I can find and bring him home. Let’s see if survives. If the dog goes missing or suddenly turns up dead I know it’s Harry. Evil cat.

No, he’s not evil he’s just Alpha. I love Harry he’s just…Ares in disguise is what he is. That’s a good way to put it when you consider the character of both cat and God.

A dog. Hummmm. A dog. Yep, that could fix his little red wagon alright. ;)

Of course the week has been taken up by the Hunt for Charlie, I’ve done no writing at all. I have done a ton of promo stuff. I set up a small Cover Reveal Blog Tour for “Kingdoms” so look for it April 16th. There’s 7 blogs each with their own excerpt and a prize, of course there’s a giveaway. I started work on setting up a Blog Tour for the Release. My friend Ronda has been the backbone of that little job, in fact it was her idea. Thank you Ronda! She made a lovely banner–which I can’t show you until April 17th cuz it’s got the cover on it–and she’s using her vast network of contacts to help sign up host sites. So hopefully, come July, we’ll have a big to-do and yes another prize. Yeah, and I had a guest post to do for a big spot coming up in May on the Indy Book Fairy and I had to order books/swag for another event coming up in May….you’ll have the chance to win all 4 novels signed plus an ‘I Fell in Love With Ares’ t-shirt and coffee mug on Bitten by Books. I even managed to line up two sites that are going to review the WHOLE series by the release date for “Kingdoms”. Woot!

I have, however, managed to keep up with my exercise…mostly. I managed to do my 3 days on the elliptical and play with the Wii a few nights. I picked up more Ginseng when I went shopping along with a supply of; B-12, Cinnamon, stronger Acidolphilus, my Pepcid–can’t live without that anymore!–and something called Hair, Skin, and Nails which is mostly Vitamin E, C, and Biotin. Can you tell Stop & Shop was having a BIG SALE on this stuff this week??? LOL And, since it’s just the two of us now, I even managed to buy a nice supply of healthy foods. We’ve each cut out sugar from our coffee and have returned to drinking water instead of soda. Though not always, gotta have some treats, can’t eat hay all day I’m not a horse. I even bought Great Grains Cereal–let’s hope it tastes good. I almost bought the Kashi but I’m not ready for twigs just yet. Not supermodel material yet but I’m not a size 10 anymore either! Woot!

I suppose I should crack open “Kingdoms” and see if we can get anything moving along. We’d been doing so good! Really had a nice groove going hopefully we can get it back.

If you see Charlie let me know!

Alpha Male Madness Hop

Alpha Male Madness Hop

Greetings and Welcome to my post for the Alpha Male Madness Hop!

I adore an Alpha Male…don’t you? If he’s a Badass too, well then, that’s the proverbial icing on the cake–beefcake that is. Yes, ever since I was a young girl it was the Badass Alpha that got my attention. I don’t think I ever even considered dating ‘the nice guy’, well, not for very long anyway. I brought home one black leather jacket with a wallet chained to its jeans after another. Yes, oh yes, I did. That didn’t make my mother very happy LOL! But they made my heart thunder and my body tingle. I loved their ferocity. It didn’t take long to discover that most of them were also loyal to the bone–it took a while but once you were part of the inner circle they would go to the mat for you if they had to. And passionate in oh so many delightful ways. Usually they were also the absolute picture of Tall, Dark, and Handsome in a Brooding sort of way.

In that light, I’d like to introduce you to the biggest baddest Alpha Male–and Warrior– the world has ever known: Ares God of War. He’s moody, grumpy, arrogant, a bit pushy, ravenously sexual, fiercely protective of those important to him, and, did I mention, he happens to be built like a Greek God? Tall, dark, handsome, and sensually dominant, Ares will capture your heart and have you cheering him on as he falls in love with Magdalena MacLeod a stubborn half-fey half-human woman with a passion that rocks the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic Moors.

If you like your reading adult, dark, gritty, and riveting you just might get completely lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption.

The entire OF WAR Series contains scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, they are intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY and NOT recommended for the Faint of Heart.


Child of War-Rising Son Book #4 in the OF WAR Series

Child of War-Rising Son
Book #4 in the OF WAR Series

E-book copy of Child of War-Rising Son book #4 in the OF WAR Series.

18+ ONLY

1-Contest is open INTERNATIONALLY
2-Leave a comment below telling me what you love best about an Alpha Male. You do NOT have to put your email address in the post, you will be asked for it when you leave your comment and only I will be able to see it.
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5-The Winner will have 48 hours to contact me and claim their prize.


Christmas Eve on Olympus

Christmas Eve on Olympus

E-books of this fluffy/funny and very HOT vignette are available to you formatted for; Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Sony, Kobo or Adobe.

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kingdoms of war release tour
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Alpha Male Madness Hop

Little Charlie

I love my cats…every cat I’ve ever had I’ve loved with all my heart even if they were a little pissy. Cats can be like that sometimes. Not that long ago I had Little Maggie…but not for long. Some thoughtless dick ran her down in the street and didn’t even stop. She was just a baby not even a year old yet. She was a stray. She was scared of people but really starting to open up to hubby and me.

Now my little Charlie is gone.

He didn’t come home Monday night and he’s still missing. That’s not like him. At all. He didn’t stray too far from the house and always came when hubby or I called him. He’s a really sweet and cool little cat, like Maggie, he was just developing his own personality. He was very solid…dense…and soft. He jumped up on the bed every morning for our Wake Up Call then he’d lick our faces and purr like a motorboat. He was a little brat too always stealing Harry’s food. We were just really starting to look forward to 15 or 20 years of having Charlie around.


I’ve driven around and called and called and called his name but there’s no sign of him. I’ve posted on Facebook, on my page and in a New London Group or two but there’s no sign of him. People have been very supportive and worried…I chose my friends wisely. They tell me not to worry, remind me that it’s Catting Season, and they share stories of their own Cat That Came Back to bolster me. I have my own story or two like that and I try to hold out hope but Red was right; Hope IS a Dangerous Thing.

I try to content myself with the fact that I didn’t come across any Kitty Corpses…that would just break my heart to pieces to see him like that. I guess I should be grateful for small divine favors.

We have lots of wildlife around here and not all of it is friendly; raccoons, foxes, coyotes and wolves. I don’t give a shit what nobody tells you…the wolf has returned to Connecticut. I have seen them with my own eyes. Those were not coyotes. They were not dogs. It’s possible Charlie inadvertently picked a fight with the wrong animal. He could have gotten hit by a train–the tracks are right behind the house. If any of those things happened, while it would still be heartbreaking, I could live with it. I could understand it as being part of Life.

He had a collar but a few days ago he came home without it. It was a break-away collar and I was going to get him a new one this week. I’m terrified somebody picked him up and made off with him. While I have many nice friends on FB and in my life we all know that nice people are few and far between. People do bad things to little black kitties. It’s true. That’s why I take them in so they don’t get hurt by stupid mean people. That thought is driving me crazy! It keeps nagging at me and won’t let go. He’s just so damn sweet and trusting. It would kill me if someone was mean to him.

I keep praying and trying to communicate but, for once, Someone is strangely silent. He’s just staring at me with a look in his eyes that tells me he’s keeping his mouth shut for fear of getting his throat cut. Needless to say I didn’t even turn on this computer yesterday. I just looked for Charlie and cried. He was supposed to go for his appointment on Friday and this worry would have been over. He wouldn’t have strayed far from home after that. The same with Little Maggie, she was supposed to go for hers just a few days after that bastard ran her down.

The coincidence is nagging at me.

Now I have to stop crying so I can go to work and sit behind the desk and try to be nice. The whole time I’ll just be thinking I should be looking for Charlie and wanting him to come home.

If you’re here in New London with me and you see a young all black (absolutely ALL black) cat with short fur, a round belly, copper eyes, and just about the softest thing you’ve ever touched called out “Charlie” and see if he answers. If you’re not near me, could you light a candle or something and just ask whatever deity you believe in to watch over Charlie?

I’d appreciate it.


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