A Cat Burglar in New London

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Charlie. All black. Young male cat.

I came across pictures of him as a baby kitten–the day I brought him home–on my computer the other day. I nearly cried. I still miss that guy. I really do. If you were here when it happened you know what I think happened to him. If not, PM me…maybe I’ll tell you. Other than that…I have no hard evidence of anything and shall do my best to refrain from casting overt aspersions on anyone within the context of this blog post.


Luna. Tortie. Older female cat. Skittish.

Yep, Miss Luna did not come home this morning. To say that’s ‘unusual’ for her would be a gross understatement. If she’s left out overnight she’s right there at the back door when we wander down the stairs in the morning.

I have owned cats for over 40 years. Roughly 37 of those years right here in this house, off and on. I have never seen or experienced anything like this. Never. Cats ‘go missing’ now and again. They do. Two in three months? In the city? But, more often than not, they die and leave a corpse behind….maybe it’s not a pleasant sight as was the case with my Little Maggie in March of this year when some son of a bitch ran her down in the middle of the street. Didn’t even stop.

Over the course of those same months I have come across no less than six Missing Cat Posters between my house and ‘the corner store’…roughly 1 city block. Six. Up until Miss Luna went missing today they had ALL been BLACK. Some were all black and others were black & white but there weren’t any gray ones or white ones or tigers. Black. Like Charlie and Little Maggie.

That’s really just the cats that had owners who loved them enough and wanted them back enough to make up a flyer letting people know they were missing. I can only imagine how many others may not have been given the same courtesy by their owners. In the Digital Age I have noticed many more Missing Cat posting in my FB feed and on Craigslist. Many right here in my little one to three block radius.

Does that sound weird to you?

I ask myself that question a lot over these last few months and tried to tell myself not to let my Writer’s Mind get the best of me. I hear there’s coyote in the area. I’m to believe coyote have eaten all of the black cats. That sounds off to me. Wouldn’t you think that, at night, the black cat would have the best chance of escaping the coyote? You know as opposed to the orange or white cat?

Do you remember I posted about the gentleman who comes to ‘pet the cats’ some times? Most of you on FB were split between ‘he’s an animal lover’ and ‘that dude is weird’. You weren’t much help. ;)

I mean, I found this guy SITTING ON MY STEPS as I went to work (that’s the second time I caught him) petting my cats like he owed them and the joint. A few days before that he was sitting on the sidewalk doing the same thing. He stops his car to do this.

Honestly, I think that’s damn weird behavior.

Just two days ago as I was looking at the FB page for New London Animal Control looking to see if there were any adoptable dogs I might be interested in I came across this photo


I did a double-take and thought; Oh no, it can’t be.

But it is. That’s my Luna. Someone was wondering if she was a stray even though she’s fat as a house, soft as a rabbit, and has a collar. I recognized that house instantly. No one had to say where that picture was taken. Nope. I posted the cat’s name and that she’s mine and what street she lives on then I asked if they’d seen Charlie. They posted back glad to know the cat wasn’t a stray and that, yes, they’d seen the flyers and they thought they’d seen him but they were wrong. I posted back that the fact he’s still gone breaks my heart. Silence to that.

Yes, there’s a nasty little short story in here somewhere, I can see that. My question is, has been, and feels like it will always be; Is it odd enough to call the police? Am I nuts?

Other people agree there has been an abundance of Missing Cats this year. I’m not nuts on that score. (Go me!)

I honestly believe someone is going around stealing cats from the neighborhood. Why they’re doing this I can’t say. But with all my being I believe they ARE doing it and that’s the important part. Whether they’re a budding psychopath or a hoarder there’s something wrong with them that needs to be addressed before it gets way out of hand. Know what I mean, Vern?

I know I should walk right up the street, knock on my neighbor’s door, and put it right out there to him. He’s a New London cop and someone I’ve known my life. If he thinks I’m crazy chances are I am. But I don’t want to bother him with something that’s nothing and, yeah, I don’t want my long-time friend to look me in the eye and say; You finally lost it.Is that something the police would even be interested in? I know we have ‘real’ crime in this city but if someone will do something like that to an animal they’ll do it to a human being. More than my aching heart, that’s what really worries me. The possible Long Term Effects of this peculiar situation.

Now it’s your turn to weigh-in if you’re of a mind to do so. Am I nuts? Or is something possibly going on here? And, if so, who am I gonna call?

Opinions, suggestions, comments…the floor is yours.

As The Stomach Turns & A Few Movies

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It’s official, I thought it was before but I guess now there’s no denying it; I can’t eat whatever I want anymore. :(

Not even my daily dose of Pepcid was enough to ward off the attack of the two foot hot dog. In the Pepcid’s defense, I think my favorite two foot hot dog place changed dog suppliers. We went out and split one on Thursday night. Not long after that it was Friday afternoon. I got up for work on Friday, I intended to go to work even though I felt like crap and ejecting the remains of the hot dog didn’t help very much. I weaved an unsteady path back to my bed, crawled in, I think at some point hubby came in and kissed me then it was 10 o’clock. I didn’t feel alive but I was awake…sorta. Not sure how awake since I found myself watching “Supernatural” …and liking it. At some point, I slithered off the bed, drew a cold bath, slithered back into bed, watched more “Supernatural” then took my bath. It raised me enough to slither down stairs lay on the couch and watch more “Supernatural”. Weird. Maybe I just didn’t have the strength to change the channel, I dunno. I do know everything ached head to toe and my tummy burned, churned, and did flip-flops while I sweat for a while. No fun. Hubby brought me lunch, I picked at the turkey grinder without much interest. He left. I went back to sleep and woke up 3 hours later when he came home for the night.

I woke up Saturday feeling much better. I kept my morning routine of pills down to the Pepcid, pro-biotics, and raspberry ketones thinking maybe the addition of the pure green coffee pills was throwing off my very hard earned and well-enjoyed daily routine. I finally got that down; eat what I want, poop every morning. To some of you that’s disgusting to me that’s heaven. So this little set-back was very unwelcome.

I did some web work on Saturday while it rained all day and made the graphics all match nice-nice. I did a lot of sitting on the couch watching hubby play “Skyrim”, I try to play but it’s a very long and involved game with that wacky view and…my ‘Y’ Axis is inherently off. It’s very difficult for me to use the controls properly although I do manage to jump in every now and then to slaughter some bad guy. :)

Saturday afternoon I dragged myself down to Family Dollar for some waffle mix as hubby wanted waffles and I thought maybe that would be good to my still unsure tummy. Aunt Jemima this time much fluffier than the Krusteaz but not as flavorful. They cooked faster. I burned the first one, like since first using the thing. I ate a quarter of it. It was tasty but I didn’t trust my tummy. I finally relieved myself of that hot dog and went back to some web work. About 4 o’clock I became antsy, bored, and hungry, I wanted Chinese Food.

We went to FYE and looked around the crappy New Releases impatiently waiting for September 9th when “The Winter Soldier” comes to DVD. He picked up “300: Rise of an Empire”. I picked up and put down more movies than I can count but finally settled on used copies of “Olympus Has Fallen”, “Die Hard”, and “Die Hard with a Vengeance”. We drove to a new Chinese…scratch that…Asian place because we are becoming unhappy with the our favorite one that we have patronized for 30 years. That’s heartbreaking it really is.

New place…no good. Nope I am not a fan of Golden City. They put funky stuff in the food like cinnamon and nutmeg. Who puts nutmeg in an eggroll? Ok fine I don’t shit about Traditional Asian Cooking. I have come to the conclusion that I like ‘American Chinese Food’. It hurt my tummy. Just when it was feeling better. I burped up coconut chicken all night. :(

Slept until 10 o’clock this morning which was very nice. Feeling kinda sorta ok but not great. Waiting to relieve myself of the last of the Chinese food and then maybe I’ll be better. Had weird dreams about running down some kid with my car. I seemed happy about this. I have no idea why. It was very strange.

Now to the movies:

300: Rise of an Empire
I hated the first one. I still hate the first one. I’ll always hate it. I hate War Movies (go on laugh…The Big Guy gets a massive kick out of it every time!) When hubby picked this up knowing how much I hate “300” I nearly said something but he loves this shit and he’s my husband, this is a partnership, on we go.

If you liked “300” you’ll like this. It’s the same schmaltzy BS with overly done effects that totally take away any shred of value the thing has. Well except for the sex scene. I can honestly say that’s the best part about this movie and it totally reminded me of someone near and dear to my heart. ;) It also reminded me of those great fuck-me scenes we used to get in 70s ‘R’ rated movies and made me long for them to return. (But better.)

As for the rest of it, I just sat there staring at it watching the meter on the Blu-Ray player tick off along with the time and making my best guess as to when it would end. I was pretty much on target with the time…thank the Gods! Yes and wondering again and again and again why all of the ‘Greeks’ seemed to have British accents, why they didn’t look Greek at all and why the Persians didn’t look anywhere near Persians and why they sounded Mexican. Weird. But then again, this movie is much like “Titanic”…the fuckin’ boat sinks, ok? Athens still stands today and where’s Persia? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s gone. So….guess who won. Do we really need to watch this to know that?

You decide.

I won’t give this a rating because, as I said, I hate War Movies to begin with. But, I’m getting better…maybe. I did buy “Platoon” for my husband for Father’s Day. If there’s one movie that I would give anything to wipe off the face of the Earth it’s that one. I hate it with a passion that burns hotter than the sun. I do. Yet I bought it for him because he loves it and it goes well with “Full Metal Jacket”. I calm myself by telling myself these are ‘Classics’ now and therefore have a place on our shelf. I actually sat through the parts I hate MOST about the flick one day. I was done writing. I walked into the living room and I sat down. I ended up a bit proud of myself for not running out of the room shrieking and The Big Guy was awed by my determination to face those scenes and the fears held within them. I figure now I never have to watch them again. I was right, I hate it, no doubt now. Like “Angel Heart” I never have to see it again.

I still can’t watch a Tom Beringer movie. Nope. Every time I see him I want to stab him in the head to this day. That’s really good acting or I may have a slight problem somewhere along the line. ;)

Olympus Has Fallen
I bought this one because I’d heard that between this one and “White House Down” it was the better movie. Not necessarily the better story you understand this is kind of like “Armageddon” vs. “Deep Impact”. “Deep Impact” was the more realistic one but “Armageddon” wins the day because it has those awesome effects and Bruce Willis. I’m no Gerard Butler fan (see “300”) but I do love Morgan Freeman, ah, Red, my man.

Good flick. Really a very good flick. Beat the shit out “300: Rise of Empire” that’s for sure. Rather than being over done and detracting from the flicks the effects are very good. In fact they’re terrifying. When the Washington Monument tumbles you believe it and you feel 9/11 all over again. It was stupefying. Butler does a really good job with the part I totally bought him and I like Aaron Eckart although I don’t know if I’d vote for him for President.

As I sat there watching them blow up the White House (something all of us has secretly wanted to do at one time or another) I actually looked at the damn thing and thought; Hey, that kind looks like…

Before I could finish I actually HEARD his head and palm slap against each other as he groaned; Don’t you dare say ‘it looks like a Greek temple’

Well, it does, don’cha think?

Oh my GODS! You’re JUST noticing this???? (long sigh) Watch the damn movie. (grumble grumble grumble)

By little qualms with the film are: I think one would notice THAT MANY Asian people hanging out around the White House and think; Hummmm….maybe something’s up. And, I’d kill the President. Seriously. I would have told the bad guy I’d wipe North Korea off the map in 5 minutes if he didn’t drag his skinny ass out of that bunker. I mean, c’mon, it’s the President you get a new one every four-to-eight years anyway. Chances would be that I didn’t vote for whomever he was. So…no big loss. ;)

But it is an action-packed thrill ride to be sure. I love a big budget action flick. I do.

(Yes, I see the irony on all counts. You don’t need to point it out to me.)

If you love one too this is definitely worth the watch. Aunty Moon gives it a B+

A Little of Dis and Whole Lotta Dat

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I’m a little peeved. Ok? So, ya know, just go away if you don’t want to hear me rant, whine, and opine. Come back on a happier day. That’s fine with me.

Well, let’s see, first off the CV joint is gone in my car. Thankfully I wasn’t left on the side of the road! I noticed that annoying cranking/clicking sound on Thursday(?), hoped I was wrong on Monday, realized I wasn’t on Tuesday, and came clean with hubby this morning. This is never good. Delivering bad news doesn’t seem to be a strong point with me. However, since I have enough money to pay someone to fix it without borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, I gathered up my Big Girl Panties and laid it on him this morning.

We can’t complain. Really. We bought the car for $1,000.00 in October and it’s been a really good car ever since. Totally awesome even if it’s not my T-Bird (big sigh–on FB I keep in touch with the gentleman who bought it and turned it into all I ever dreamed, at least I can live vicariously through him and his totally cool burn out videos with my Black Bitch). I took full responsibility and told him he wouldn’t have to work on it I’d have it fixed on my own…no problem.

I brought it to our favorite garage this afternoon after work and Miss Rebecca along with her boyfriend Hector were kind enough to follow me from work to the garage and then bring me home. I told them to just meet me there I’d make it to Mugovero’s but they insisted on following in case I broke down on the side of the road. Every one but me worries about the fact that I love Justice and couldn’t give a flying fig less about the Law therefore I do not have a….Oh, yeah, this isn’t a password protected post, never mind. Just know that “Justice” and “Law” are not synonyms. Hell, they’re hardly even related.

Any-hoo…I made it to Mugovero’s, dropped off the car, told them what’s wrong with it (Gods know we’ve had enough CV joints go over the years to be able to ‘self-diagnose!’). I told them to call me when they discovered I was right, tell me how much, and btw, I’d probably like to have them do a tune-up and oil change on it. $1,000.00. October. Yeah. It’s time for those things :)

OK…fine. That’s taken care of. Yeah! Woot!

Since my boss was out of the office most of the day and I’m really past my deadline, I did one of the things I told myself I WOULD NEVER DO at work (due to a dumbass clause in their ‘personnel manual’ that can be misconstrued in a very unfavorable manner in my direction…I know you’re still out there Hicksville and you’re still hicks don’t ever forget that…)I did edits at work. In between answering the phones, updating their website, posting dues payments, and dealing with a few…ah…people…who came to my window, I did some edits on my book. I did SIX PAGES worth of Chelle’s rather picayune edits. Oh, please don’t get me wrong here I know those edits make my work stronger/better. But, we’re talking about things like; exchanging s/he for he/she, adding ‘ing’ while removing ‘ed’, adding an ‘s’, adding ‘an’, and shit like that. Mind numbing Dear God I WANT a an Editor to Do This SHIT for Me type of work, you dig? Six pages. I kept ‘saving’ every few steps and going along.

I came home. I found the next thing we’re going to discuss that pissed me off today. I plugged in my flash drive. I got ready to do more mind-numbing edits and…it ain’t there. Nope. The freakin’ file isn’t THERE! I was ‘saving’ a ‘temporary file’ to the office hard drive the whole time. Since I ran a CCleaner before I left I’m not sure the file will be there tomorrow. I may have to start all over again.

Oh freakin’ just shoot me!

This stuff actually makes me jump around in my seat and come to the verge of tears as I do it because it’s so goddamn boring! (I wish I was kidding there but I’m not.) I yell, I whimper, I curse The Big Guy. It sucks. I’m a Creative Person the ‘little things’ bore me to tears. I can’t help it. It’s just who I am.

If I can’t find it on the office computer tomorrow…check my FB page for updates. If you don’t see any for a day or two, it’s cuz hubby doesn’t have my PW and can’t post that I have; 1-disappeared and 2-calling hours before the pyre lighting. You might want to check legacy.com for ‘lisa gorman’.

After that, I got a FB message from a friend/relative who was being NICE. She was! I know she was! She wanted to help me. It seems the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) posted a new .pdf on adoptees and how they’re welcome to join.

IF they can trace their birth parent’s lineage to a “patriot”.


I thought I was over this crap but the second I read it…well…it went right up my ass sideways.

I can trace my ‘lineage’ back to at least 10 ‘patriots’ and 20 nearly original residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, more than 10 ancestors connected to the Salem Witch Trials and even to King Henry II through his Lover Rosamund.

Still can’t join the DAR. Well, I could IF I traced my birth parents’ lineage.

That’s what the .pdf said; Adoptees Welcome IF They Can Trace Their Biological Lineage



What a bunch of outdated, exclusionary, slightly not-with-it, morons.

Worse than that…I thought I was over this shit. Turns out I’m not!


My birthparents are INSANE. I NEVER want to have anything to do with them AGAIN. EVER! They could hardly tell me who their grandparents were. Why the fuck would I have any desire to trace THEIR ancestors? As far as I’m concerned they are NOT MY ancestors.

I wrote the post maker a nasty FB email. Well, not too nasty. You judge.

On one hand I understand your point about adopted children but the other, and far more realistically, it’s totally bogus. Most adoptees never search for their birth parents because 1-their records are closed 2-searching is expensive and time consuming, and 3-they don’t want to know who their birth family is.

I’m the only one in my family to trace our lines–funny when you consider that I’m the adopted one, right? My family’s lineage traces back to no less than 10 Revolutionary War Patriots and 20 residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Many of which actually adopted children. How weird is that!

My adoptive family is my family and let’s face it, with the vast majority of records closed, if no one tells you that they’re adopted they’re in your little club. So the best method to take, if one cares about joining the DAR, is to lie. That’s exactly what you’re encouraging…lying. Thanks for being so open minded and big hearted. It amounts to absolute zero but I guess it helps make you feel better.

Ciao, Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

Too mean?

I dunno.

I do know it totally blindsided me when I received the first FB message from a friend who wanted to help me.

Yeah, I’d still choke the bitch if I could. Birth Mother not my FB friend.

I gotta work on that. I really do. I like my brother he’s cool. BM is crazy. BF can’t piss without her permission–or so it seems to me. I want to keep my brother and ditch the rest forever. Working on it. Maybe one day, like New York City, I’ll actually get there.

Ok, let’s keep going.


There’s a weird guy who, a few days a week, stops in front of my house, parks his car, and gets out so he can pet my cats.

No joke.

I searched for advice among my FB friends today but it was split between ‘he’s a wacko’ and ‘maybe he just likes cats’.

Damn. I’m torn between those too! That’s why I was looking for advice. If you’d like to weigh-in please feel free.

I mean, you know, there are still ‘Missing Cat’ posters going up in my neighborhood and most of them are still black cats….oh Charlie! I wonder if this guy has something to do with it. I don’t like to wonder too loudly cuz maybe he doesn’t. Animal Control says its ‘just coyotes’ but I’m still not totally buying that.


That’s been my day so far.

Let’s hope for a wee bit better come tomorrow.


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