Mysterious Ways-Any Betas Out There?

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It’s been a hell of a few days and I feel like I’m half-way through one long marathon.

We’ve cut the crap out of this story. We really have. I’ve never made any secret that the entire “Sister Christian” series (and The Doc series) are re-writes from my old fandom days. No, I am sooo not following in ‘those’ footsteps as I would never even consider submitting either series to a major house for publication to the Public at Large simply because of the way they began Life. Random House would have to pucker up hard for “Sister Christian”. Real hard. Although, I might like to see Mason and Hannah picked up by a small press that could really get behind them. No matter its beginnings, I have *always* adored this story. In some small part of me lies the hope that this will be what lives past my years on this earth.

Anyway, we cut out a bunch. Most I’m saving for the next story where it will be truly integral to the remainder of the plot. Some….I dunno…maybe we should put it back. Maybe it was just weighing us down and giving me that ‘jumbled’ feeling the whole time. Whatever. Spaulding (a/k/a Wilson) is no longer a ‘love interest’ for Hannah. Everything that happened between the two will now either happen with Nick or be chopped. Yes, that includes their one-night stand. Sorry. I’m also trying to ditch most references to DOTG where Nick is concerned while still keeping a small nod, a little homage, to it for those ‘in the know’.

It just seemed to move the story along faster for Today’s Audience. :P

So….I’m at the part where we’re ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and this where I intended to cut the guts out of the story (except that came earlier than expected). It’s killing me. It’s giving me a headache. I thought I could get rid of most of this but I can’t. I never understood why the Muse insisted with an iron fist on “Alice in Wonderland”, “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane), “The Velveteen Rabbit” and tons of other rabbit references. I did it simply because it was what the story–The Muse–demanded of me, even though I was totally lost.

Now…I can only read a few paragraphs at a time before I start finding it difficult to sit in my seat without screaming; “What the fuck are we doing????”

I did manage to change a small thing within those chapters and that seems to be making them a bit better. I did manage to get all the way through them…though I had to skip around quite a bit to quell my anxiety….in the end, I thought them ok. Maybe.

Now it’s your turn.

If YOU would like to read the first half of “Mysterious Ways” AND
1- <strong>I know you, we’ve been in contact often over the years either here or in the RW
2- You have the time right now
3- You swear upon pain of penalty of death you will never share it with anyone

I could really use a few new pairs of eyes on this. You don’t have to edit, please don’t edit. Just read and if you find any blanks show them to me then fill them in with what you’d like to see. If you find the whole Down the Rabbit Hole thing is making your eyes cross, for the love of all the Gods, let me know! I think I can cut the few paragraphs that include ‘Tweedle-Dee’ and ‘Tweedle-Dumb’ but, other than that, I’m afraid to say that I think it works. :(


If you’re out there, you fit the criteria of being a true friend (RW or Internet), and you want to read this–hopefully you’ve read the first stories as well, yes that helps a great deal–the contact me. I could use your assistance.

Sneak Peek-Mysterious Ways

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Wow! What a difference a day makes, huh? I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through this little re-write. No, it’s nowhere near done just yet. We’ll go back over the whole thing once we reach The End. To my surprise, it’s not quite as jumbled as I remembered it being and that’s always nice. :)

I thought I’d give anyone out there who may be interested a tiny peek into what we’re up to.


“Sure,” Hannah answered. “Go on.” She knew Scott had more important things to do than sit here holding her hand while she held Rick’s. Watching him walk out the door, she held Rick’s limp hand to her cheek. Without thought or warning, she began quietly singing to him, “If you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall. Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call.”

Hannah stopped when she realized the words were coming out of her mouth. She looked up to the ceiling and began to pray to God to make Rick better. As if in answer to her prayer, that glorious light returned. It was so bright she nearly had to hold her hand to eyes to shield them. “Please, God, please, tell me what to do,” she whispered to the light.

The white rabbit walked out of the shining yellow light. This time it was as huge as a person! Dressed in a pinstriped suit, it stood on its hind legs and twitched its whiskery nose at her. It seemed to smile but then it fell to the ground dead. Hannah had to hold back the scream even as she started singing again; “Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.” Then the lightly slowly dissipated and the rabbit along with it until she was alone again in the room with her very sick brother.

“I know you don’t believe,” she whispered as her heart beat a mile a minute, “but I do. I know you’re sick. I’m going to make you better.” She promised. “I won’t lose you. I can’t lose you.” Hannah stood up, bent over the bed and kissed his forehead. Not wanting him to be alone and not knowing how to find the elusive white rabbit Hannah sat there with him, holding his hand, soothing his fevered brow. He was flushed and sweaty, he mumbled a little bit in his sleep but she couldn’t make it out. “God wants me to save you and that’s what I’m going to do no matter what, I will do it, Rick. I will.”

Mysterious Ways

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First off, I guess I should say I feel very vindicated today. I do! If you’re a Yahoo! “news” reader you know what I’m talking about, you saw it no less than three different times in your “news” feed today. Yes, some people work their asses off to get noticed and sell a few books and others are part of the Good Ol’ Boys network and have a preordained ‘in’ with major publishing houses. But, you know, no need to believe me, try IMDB. Enough said.

Any-hoo, we’ve been working and chugging along with “Mysterious Ways”. I think it’s coming out very well and, if this keeps up, I suspect it will be ready for beta reading in little over a month although I have no plans to release it before July/August. Yes, I’m thinking about sticking to the original schedule with “Hannah’s Heart” coming out around Thanksgiving but that’s all up in the air and there’s no rush. We’re just going to travel down our merry little path in fits and starts at our own pace. The series is starting to sell a few copies which is nice. I checked my Kindle ‘sales’ the other day and, at first, thought I must have hit the wrong button. But I didn’t. I really have sold that many books this month :) No, not a millionaire yet…LOL

Shameless plugs coming…..

Prices go back to the normal $2.99 on May 6th in case you didn’t get the missive. So, if you’re interested in this series or The Doc series or some of my other stories you might want to check out Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, blah blah blah, before that.


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