Even Local Politics Can Get Dirty–Norris Vs. Guinan

***November 29, 2012–Geez, man, aren’t you ever going to get tired of coming into this page? Why don’t you just print it and frame it? Save us both the troubles. Thanks, Lisa.***

Let’s have a look at my favorite little local race, shall we?

Good Old Chuck Norris seems to have been able to get a Letter to the Editor into the “Norwich Bulletin” touting how great and wonderful he is…TWO WEEKS after letters were supposed to be over and done with and in the Sunday Edition–yes, yesterday–just before the election so no one–like my boss–can give a response except online. Oh boy! More on that in a sec. Here’s Chucky’s letter and if you still don’t think he’s a bit of a narcissist well…

I’ve lived in Norwich nearly my entire life, and for more than 15 years, I’ve dedicated my professional life to representing people of this area. I’ve spent much of my time in the courtroom handling all types of litigation, cases including friendly adoptions and hard-fought battles. In all matters, I’ve worked as hard as possible on behalf of the people who hired me.

I’ve spent the last 11 years serving on the Norwich Board of Education, Ethics Commission and Charter Revision Commission. Unlike the courtroom, these organizations allowed me the opportunity to learn the value of compromise and consensus.

As probate judge, I promise to be accessible and available to the residents living in this region. My experience and knowledge provide me with the skills necessary to fulfill my commitment to the voters. For more information, please go to http://www.chucknorrisforprobatejudge.com. Thank you for your support on Nov. 2.

Chuck Norris is the Republican candidate for Norwich District probate judge.

Now I had been under the impression that Candidates are supposed to PAY for AD SPACE but there it is. Free! Far be it for me to point fingers at Friends of Chucky who work for the “Norwich Bulletin” but then again, I probably don’t have to because you’re intelligent. Here’s the best part. These people are so ignorant and narcissistic that anyone who posts a response in opposition like this one:

I thought the same thing myself. Since the Norwich Bulletin had its deadline for letters on Oct. 14, it is rather questionable that they waited until the Sunday before the election, over two weeks past the deadline, to run this one.
A confidant candidate doesn’t need to toot their own horn. That is just one of the many reasons Kathy Guinan will be getting my vote!

Garners highly inappropriate responses like these written by Chucky’s WIFE–oh man, I can say ‘bitch’ can you?

Karma = simply put., negative people attract negative karma, the message means nothing more, nothing less,
Neither I or my husband would use an alias to make negative comments about others. Should you wish to make public negative comments about other people, have the decency to use your real name.
‘Skylar’/Atty ___________


Skylar’ aka, attorney _______, –Why don’t you use your real name, so everyone understands that you are helping a friend.

Jesus H. Christ! Is she serious? What friggin’ GRADE are we in here? BTW, did she run a spell-check on that at all? We can see there’s no grammar check but, geez. I think she was trying to make some type of thinly veiled threat in the first one but it’s difficult to tell. If you’re going to defend your husband who is running for office at least try to make some sense, will ya? The term ‘babbling idiot’ does come to mind.

So…come (thank you Gods!) TOMORROW if you live in the “Norwich Probate District”: VOTE KATHY GUINAN–the Candidate who ISN’T full of herself! VOTE KATHY GUINAN! The Candidate who actually got out there and met people. The Candidate who’s run a clean campaign. VOTE KATHY GUINAN! The Candidate who hasn’t screwed up the scenery with football stadium sized signs parked and left all over the district. The Candidate who HAS PROBATE EXPERIENCE–(Chucky has little to none.) VOTE KATHY GUINAN! The Compassionate Candidate. The one with a heart AND a brain! VOTE KATHY GUINAN! The Dedicated Candidate who WILL NOT keep her practice open and be a “part time” judge to an entire district.

Oh yeah, and if they don’t like this blog….cuz ya know a little birdie told me they were unhappy…I got one thing to say…

Hey Chucky and Crew–if you don’t like me and my blog….TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET BABY…SUCK IT!

Then you go cry and your wife can write about it. Oh well, yah, ok…in her case she can TRY to write about it.🙂

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