Comparison Shopping–I hope you haven’t had breakfast yet

OK, so the other day I put up the new header graphic and it started a little discussion on my FaceBook Page. One that I just could not agree with. I’ve changed the header graphic (the other was too dark) but the image in the front of that lovely chest is the same. It’s that image which started the discussion on…Man Boobs. Here’s the new graphic

Romance in the Dark

I don’t know what your definition of Man Boobs is but the above is not mine. Let’s discuss, shall we? A few visual aids will help us along.

Quick–Man or Woman?


Here we see the Classically Defined Male Physique

For those of you who don’t know, when the male chest presents as above, those are called pectoral muscles–not man boobs.

Again–for review

Notice the flabby way they just sort of hang there begging for a good bra.

Now–again, for review

Generally speaking, when the front is so well defined the rear ain’t bad either

Now, of course, there are some men in the world who start off with stellar bods and end up…well…with Man Boobs, as in this case

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Then again, there is too much of a good thing

However, that doesn’t apply in the following case where I think there’s probably just the right amount

So, for the last time, class….

Yes, quite right! EVIL!

But these…..just wanna lick it like a lollipop!

Any questions?

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    bah HE-HOOTERS = LOVE!!!

  2. how did i miss this post? LOL it had me laughing. but i agree with last pick, got more lollipops?😉

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