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No way. No how. Never.

Quit being such a cheapass son of a bitch. Wake up. Realize that other people’s time and effort are worth *something* and if you really enjoyed the story, want to see how the polished version came out, and find out the ending… buy yourself an ebook copy for under $5.00! Get one on Smashwords, NookBook, Kindle, Diesel, 1PlaceforRomance, BookMato, 1EroticaEbooks and a few others. It’s easy to find and cheap to own. Is it really going to kill the family budget for the YEAR if you kick $3.00 my way for a story you’re DYING to know the ending of?

Phew…I feel better.

I didn’t make this post just to be a bitch. Search engines will index this post and the next time anyone types the above keywords/phrases or something akin to them they will get this page and not my site automatically. Hopefully, whoever they are, they will get the point.

They’re up to around 500 hits on my site starting very early this morning and late last night. They have tried every single link where “The Heart of War” had once been available on the site; free chapters, free downloadable chapters, the pages where it was coded and online (yeah, not there anymore, babe…bummer, huh?) You got it…every last one. So they’ve been around the site quite a while, wouldn’t you say?

The book is no longer available for download through my site. No more $1.98 copies. The files associated therewith have also disappeared. Yeah, they tried to find them too. Maybe get in through an open back door and download for free. hahahahahahaha there are no open or even slightly ajar backdoors on my site.

They clicked out for each ebook version probably hoping I’d put different previews on each and they could sort of ‘read’ it that way. Sorry, Charlie. Previews are mostly limited to what had already been available online.

Five Hundred Hits. Five-Frickin’-Hundred.

I’m starting to feel that if it weren’t for me, this person would have no life at all.

Sad, huh?

If you’re over 40 and know what “Hee-Haw” was…sing with me, loud for those in Australia to hear;

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all…gloom, despair, and agony on me.”

Lisa Beth Darling is the author of

The Heart of War
Adult paranormal romance

5 Stars-Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Paromantasy
4.5 Stars-Book Savvy Babe, TBR Pile
4 Stars-Bitten by Books, Paranormal Haven, Literal Addiction Paranormal Book Club, The Pen & Muse, Satin’s Bookish Corner

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  1. does make me chuckle how desperate some people get. if they would just play nice and friendly they would get a lot further.

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