Sex & The Middle Aged Woman

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This post originally appeared on The Two Faces of Erotica on October 4, 2011.

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Sex & The…Middle-Aged Woman?
by Lisa Beth Darling

First off, c’mon, give it up for the Old Lady in the picture. She’s 45 today and that shot was taken two days ago—by my husband of 25 years! Nope, that’s not quite the smooth svelte body of my youth but it ain’t half bad. I don’t think, your mileage may vary on that one.

Anyway, we went to the Garlic Festival in Mystic, CT this past weekend and had a wonderful time wandering around in the late summer sun tasting all kinds of goodies; garlic chicken Panini, garlic sausage, garlic chips, cannolis (no garlic!), and fresh made breads. It was a picture perfect New England Day. After gorging ourselves on treats and picking up a few things to take home, we cruised over to one of our favorite graveyards for a bit of Old Toby and to enjoy the view. I love to take photographs so I intended to take pictures of the headstones while we were there. As we pulled out Toby, I looked over and saw the sign. I laughed. Hubby laughed. I took a picture of it.

You don’t know how many hundreds upon hundreds of times we’ve sat in that graveyard with our good friend Toby enjoying the scenic view of the Mystic River. This isn’t one of our favorite graveyards for sex it’s too public. We have other area graveyards we frequent for midday weekend romps in the out of doors. Saturday, as we got acquainted with Toby, hubby turned to me and said; “Go over by the sign, lift up your shirt and I’ll take your picture.”

So I did. He got off several shots. Oh, the joys of owning a digital camera! I LOVE it! Even though I’m 45 he still looks at me as though I’m 17, I love that too. He’ll always be 19 in my eyes, even when he’s 80, he’ll still be the young badass with the motorcycle I met one night at Ocean Beach Park. The one who took my heart away with just three simple words; “Who’s your friend?” He was talking about me, I looked up at him, that was it. I knew the instant I saw him that I met my Life Mate and there was no going back.

Through two daughters, fifteen cats, two hamsters, three guinea pigs, two dogs, four fish, one bird, five apartments, one house, job losses, job gains, births, deaths, marriages, a hundred threats of divorce and twenty-five years later…we’re still here. Together. And they said it wouldn’t last when we walked down the aisle.

And, twenty-five years later—well, it’s actually 27 that we’ve been together—we’re still walking around arm-in-arm, love to hold hands, we’re still cuddling on the couch. Hell, we’re still screwing on the couch! Love the corner of the couch it has gotten much good use over the years. Still chasing each other around the house and laughing.

I’ve started going through The Change and hubby is getting older, sex is different now than it was when we were in our teens. We’re not going it seven (or more) times a week any longer. We’ve cut back to three or four. That old saying about ‘what I used to do all night now takes me all night to do’ is true to some extent. What the saying doesn’t tell you is that there are soooo many upsides to it. Taking all night to do what used to take you five minutes is a very enjoyable experience. I highly recommend it though possibly not in conjunction with the corner of the couch, that’s more of a Right-Here-Right-Now type of a thing.

While it’s true that neither of us is as nimble as we used to be—leg cramps at inopportune moments are such a pain in the ass!—and we may require a little warm up rather than jumping right in, we still manage to go at it with as much passion and zeal as we did when we younger.

Maybe even more.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting.

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