Weekend Dirty Dozen

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Weekend Dirty Dozen–Child of War A God is Born

“And I you,” she whispered back, reveling in the feel of him buried to the hilt inside of her, all stiff and warm, making her heart beat double time and beads of sweat break out all over.

While he was able to control himself and not thrust into her with the vigor he wanted, he wasn’t able to control the fact that his orgasm was about to burst forth at any moment. After all, it had been two weeks—two long frustrating weeks—and taking it in the hand four times a day was getting old. Before him, tempting him beyond delight, Alena reached up and moved the silver hair away from her neck, exposing it to him, waiting for him to open his mouth and clamp down. Irresistible in the way she just offered it to him, as though her jugular were nothing. So trusting. So willing. She couldn’t possibly belong to the Dark Kingdom; a Fae would never be so foolish knowing how easy it was for him to kill her in this most heated moment of passion. Unable to resist the gifts she offered, his mouth closed down around her neck. Around the hard cock inside her, the walls constricted and began to run with droplets of Grace. The harder he bit down, the harder she came, the more she came, unable to stop herself. Until the taste of blood rose in his mouth and Ares had to force himself from clamping down any harder as his cock throbbed and exploded inside of her.

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  1. Wow, very descriptive and erotic!

    Nice 12 Lisa

  2. Wow, I need a fan! great story!

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