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We had a very lovely Halloween, my friend Cris called up out of the blue and asked what we were doing and could she come over. Sure, why not? I hadn’t seen her since March although we’re furiously trying to beat each other in Words with Friends and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader over on FaceBook. It was funny because I’d been thinking about her a lot this past week; Halloween was always a special holiday with us and Donna. She came over, we ate, talked, passed out candy, and amazed and startled some of the kids with our smoke and laser show last night. That was oodles of fun! They’d come approaching the door and she or hubby would run to press the button and emit the fog while I showed up with the candy.

We had actually had a good number of kids last night almost all of whom dressed up for the evening. I always love that.

Over this past week, the thing that’s made me think of Cris the most is AMC, they were running Fear Fest 24/7 horror movies. Last week, Friday I think it was, they ran “Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell”. I wasn’t going to watch it but Donna’s voice popped up in my head telling me it was tradition and since she wasn’t here anymore I had to watch for both of us…and for Cris. So I sat through it, OMG it was bloody awful! Just TERRIBLE! I never would have thought that I would be happy to see ‘Jason’ come on the screen but after all of the body jumping he does in this flick it was very nice to see him near the end. What a dumbass movie! Thus I was reminded of another reason the three of us went to sooooo many horror movies during our early teenage years; they’re frickin’ funny, man! Ok, you have to have a dark sense of humor to enjoy them on that level and the three of us do…did..whatever.

I was also introduced to another absolutely ridiculous horror movie entitled “Slither”. What a riot.

Caught up on all of the “Halloween” movies including “H20” which I hadn’t seen. Rebecca kept asking who ‘the guy in the mask’ was and if it was “Halloween” how come it didn’t look like that craptastic Rob Zombie version we went to see?


That’s all right, I suppose. Hubby did that Halloween gig at the USCGA and he ran “A Nightmare on Elm Street”….most of the kids didn’t know what it was! Shame on their parents! Shame, shame, shame!🙂

That’s what I’m up against when it comes to my books; people who don’t even know ‘Freddie’ so they can’t relate. It’s a bummer.

Wanna know a BIGGER bummer?

I was cruising around channels the other night looking for a good horror flick to watch and I stopped on one channel. It looked like a horror flick….us aficionados always know one on first sight, or we think we do anyway. I must have gotten ten minutes into it, thinking I’d never seen it before and it looked interesting when a certain sparkly vampire walked on-screen. Oh! Jesus H. Christ! I got conned into watching ten minutes of frickin’ “Twilight”! I must be getting old if that thing fooled me for even half a second.😉


That’s all right, I got up this morning…I’m trying not to sleep in late even though I’m unemployed and Pooh-Bahs love to sleep!…and GMA informed me that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced! A 15 MILLION DOLLAR wedding and the marriage lasted 72 days. She hopes everyone can understand the ‘difficult decision’ she’s had to make. Isn’t there some rule that if the wedding lasts less than six months you can get your gift back???? And people wonder why we have an Us and Them attitude in this country. Really?

Then again, it was all business. Wasn’t it? GMA also informed me that while the wedding cost 15 million, E! paid 18 million to televise the whole travesty and they sold the wedding photos for 1 million so……they MADE 4 MILLION DOLLARS off the whole deal! How the fuck do you like THAT ONE? Threw a huge party, excess to the max, press coverage up the ass, 72 days later it’s cya-honey, collect 4 Million Dollars, Pass Go, Collect 200.00 and buy Boardwalk!

All over some stupid spoiled woman whose only claim to fame is that her Daddy once got OJ Simpson off murder charges. That’s it. As screwed up as his face is now, at least her step-father actually earned his mediocre fame. Bruce Jenner was a national hero and an Olympic Athlete, he was all over the Wheaties box when I was a kid.

If that’s not scary enough for you…I don’t know what is.

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