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That’s what I’m supposed to be living anyway now that I am officially Unemployed. And, nope, I do NOT miss the office one single bit. The Crazy People and the crappy way the place is run…you can keep it. The next time I go to work for someone remind me to ask them if they’re actually interested in MAKING MONEY or if they have an aversion to it. If the company doesn’t MAKE MONEY then the employees suffer and that’s just not fair. If Kathy wanted to do all pro bono work and donate all of her time to the insane, the self-entitled, and the downright obnoxious individuals of the world then that’s what she should have done…from home, with no office support. I suppose when you can afford to do the things they do it all becomes a blur. It really does seem the richer you become and the more luxury items you get and the more countries you visit the more you see yourself as ‘the common man’ and the more you think you need. It’s pathetic. She walks out the door on her way to IRELAND and I don’t even get a handshake out of her. At first I felt really bad about having to remove the software from the office computer but not anymore. If she can afford several trips to Europe and not bat an eyelash at snubbing me then…..why should I give a damn? It’s not as though she can’t afford to buy her own software, she just didn’t want to. It was easier to let the more financially challenged secretary pick up all of the technological slack. Cheaper too!

So anyway, I finished filing my Unemployment Claim this morning. I called bright and early. I went through the automated crap and answered 20 questions. Then I was told my wait time to finish and speak to a representative was 10 minutes….43 minutes later a representative finally came on the line! It’s a good thing I found the damn speaker on the phone or it would have been chained to my ear all that time. I talked to her for all of two minutes! Geez. Anyway, I get to file on Sunday. I had them take taxes out of it because I don’t want to end up paying the greedy bastard Uncle Sam at the end of the year. It’s bad enough that on our $52,000/year we paid $4,500.00 just in federal taxes….yeah and Exxon pays crap and Bank of America got a HUGE bail out AND a massive REFUND but us poor schlubs get to pay out the ass. I hate them so very very much.

I admit, while I don’t miss the crappy low-pay no-chance-for-advancement job I do miss having an actual reason to get out of bed in the morning but I’m expecting that to change now that I’ve gotten all of my business out of the way. Ares is calling…bellowing is more like it…so I did crack “Rising Son” yesterday and started fooling around with a few things.

All of the hops have ended and all of the winner’s books have been ordered and are on their way to them. MOST of the winners were very excited and that warms my heart but a few of them just want a free book. They couldn’t even be bothered to say ‘thank you’ they just sent their addresses for mailing. One of them has entered the contest on my site nearly 50 times! You’d think I could get a ‘this is great thank you’ out of her but….no. Oh well. It’s over. That’s what matters. There’s just the autographed books to get out to winners now. I’ve ordered them and they should be here in two weeks or so.

The upcoming Christmas themed hops probably will NOT have “Child” or “Heart” as giveaways. I may do “Dream Weaver” for those or just some swag. We’ll see how it goes. BUT, after the last of the hop winners receives their books (November 14th so sayeth Amazon) I think we’ll pop the ebooks and let them go a few days early. I just want those winners to be able to have their prizes before that happens.

I’ve signed up for the Weekend Dirty Dozen again this week, going to showcase “Heart” this time. I’ll hit up Sweet Saturday Samples too. I actually got to stay in for Six Sentence Sunday last week but the hits weren’t worth it. The other two hops are much better at bringing in hits to the blog.

I completed another interview today for the 21st for Sam’s Awesomeness that interview will have a “Heart” giveaway and should contain a review for both books. Things look good so far so hopefully the reviews will be kind. I think I have to do a guest post for Bitten by Paranormal Romance for the 9th but I’ll check my records and see if I haven’t done it already.

I was nominated for Blogger of the Year! How do you like that? I didn’t even know there was such a contest until The Book Boost notified me that I was a finalist. Check it out . I was nominated for a guest post I had over there earlier this year on Getting Older and for the constant zaniness of this blog! My day over there will be January 3, 2012 (geez, 2012 already?!) and voting opens the end of January. So I’m sure I’ll be nudging you at that time…if it’s allowed, of course. Don’t want another SFA episode getting kicked for ‘campaigning’.

I managed to do that Character Interview for Paranormal Haven. It’s a quick off-the-cuff thing. They nudged me Friday night and I hunkered over the laptop to bang out anything. It’s kind of ok. Have a peek A Conversation with Ares and Raven They were also kind enough to review “Child” you can read the review here 3.5 stars was disappointing but it’s a half a star better than when I was first notified. The review itself is awesome, reading it you’d think it would get at least 4 stars….blood droplets, actually over there. Oh well. People are really upset with “their” dear Ares for cheating on Alena. I still don’t see where it’s such a huge hairy deal but….that’s life, I suppose. They’re still running their “Child” signed hard cover giveaway until November 6th so if you want to get in on that click here

That’s it for today I guess. Ares is about to start stomping his biker-booted feet if I don’t crack that file. Nobody wants that.😉

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  1. you left him alone for too long my darling. ares wants to dominate you all over again😉 with raven a close second!

  2. he kept on banging on my door, but i was strong, i didn’t cave it. told him he had to safe up all that passion for when you were finally a free woman😉 he sulked for a few days but when i sent him away this weekend he was thrilled.

    (we can dream right? hihi)

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