A Conversation with Ares & Raven

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This guest post originally appeared on Paranormal Haven on November 1, 2011.

Guest Post from author Lisa Beth Darling
Posted by Paranormal Haven at Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Conversation with Ares and Raven

Last year I had the privilege of sitting down with Ares God of War for an interview. Today we’re back on that same secluded Greek isle to speak with Ares and his Son, Raven. When I arrived the island there is no one there to greet me other than the thickening clouds in the sky and the whitecaps beginning to form on the sea. I stood on the shore for quite a while watching the storm roll in but fat droplets of rain began to falling and still not a soul in sight, l I left the beach and wandered up to the cave hoping to find my host sitting by his customary fire. Like the beach the cave is empty. Already the rain is falling harder and lightning is striking across the sky so I decide to sit down and wait. The cave is cold and damp; as I wait I build a fire in the massive marble hearth with its wild animals and hunters with bows drawn.

I wait nearly an hour before Lord Ares and Raven arrive. When they do it is clear they’ve been arguing each is red in the face, their nostrils flare, and their eyes feel like well-honed daggers stabbing through my stare.

I can’t believe the sight of Raven. He’s nearly a dead ringer or his Father except for the gray streak in his midnight hair and his eyes; those haunting eyes, the iris’ stormy and gray as the sea but the pupils glow amber. They make me nervous and not in good way as Ares’s stare did last year. His spine is ramrod straight and his step is hard with purpose. His young jaw seems permanently clenched as the muscles in his neck strain a bit. Even though he has yet to speak it is easy to see that he is angry young man. A ticking time just waiting for a place and a reason to go off.

Lisa: Nice to see you again, Lord Ares, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today.

Ares: You call, I come. (The God of War settles his brawny 7 foot frame onto his Throne of Bones crosswise with his long lean legs dangling over one arm. With a large hand and a raised eyebrow he motions toward the burning hearth.) I see you’ve made yourself at home.

Lisa: Would you rather I waited on the beach in the storm?

Before Lord Ares can speak, Raven interrupts.

Raven: Yes

Ares shoots his Son a harsh glance before turning his eyes to me.

Ares: No. (He looks at his Son again) She is a guest in my home, Raven, show a little respect.

He certainly doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood better tread lightly. The last time I was here Ares was very relaxed and even playful but today there doesn’t seem to be any joy left in him.

Lisa: Raven, I can’t believe how…big…you are. The last time I saw you, you were still in your mother’s belly.

Raven: I am an Olympian; we grow up quick and strong. Although I’m told I’m very advanced for my age.

Indeed he is. By Mortal standards he should be crawling around crying for his bottle but before stands a boy on the verge of manhood.

Lisa: You’re part Fey as well—

Raven: I am an Olympian! (He folds his arms over his budding chest and takes a deep sniff of air through his nostrils)

Seems I’ve hit a nerve.

Lisa: I see, yes, of course you’re an Olympian, your Father is an Olympian so that makes you one as well.

Raven snorts a laugh and unfolds his arms as he tosses his head, the long wavy hair cascading about his shoulders wisps away from his young handsome face.

Raven: I’m glad someone can see that and you’re a Mortal. Maybe your kind isn’t so stupid after all.

Lisa: Ahhh, thanks. Don’t the others see as one of Them?

Raven: No! Well some do but the ones that count don’t and I’m sick of it. Just because my mother had muddled blood isn’t my fault.

Lisa: Of course not. Speaking of your mother; where is Alena today?

Raven takes a glance back at his Father and Ares clears his throat.

Ares: Alena is…sleeping…on Olympus.

The tone of his deep voice makes my blood run cold. I don’t think she’s merely sleeping.

Lisa: Is she alright? I did enjoy meeting her very much the last time I was here.

Ares: I said she’s sleeping. (He leans forward on the throne, his long torso stretching toward me until we’re eye to eye.)

It seems the temperature in the room has suddenly dropped ten degrees. Goose bumps break out on my skin as a shiver skips down my spine as the daring gleam in his eye seems to pierce through my body to my very core. Unlike the last time I was here, the mood in Lord Ares’ cave is somber and bleak.

Lisa: Ok then, sleeping. I hope she’s very…refreshed…when she wakes.

Ares: Me too.

When he eases back on his throne the daring glint in his onyx eyes fades as his thoughts seem to turn away from here. But to where? Olympus, perhaps?

Lisa: So, Raven, tell me, how do you like living on Olympus?

Raven: I’ve never lived anywhere else.

Lisa: No? Oh well, of course not, but I mean, you know; what do you for fun up there among the Gods? I’m sure everyone would love to know how you pass the time.

Now, as he cocks his head to the side and stares at me while lightly sucking on his bottom lip, he looks so very much like his Father but there was no menace in Ares’ stare as there is in Raven’s and it makes my blood run cold.

Raven: Fun? Well, I used to spar with my mother but then she…fell asleep. That was fun. She was very spirited and I loved beating her. (He starts taking a few steps towards me) I hunted with my Father we made good kills. (A few more steps closer) But lately my thoughts are turning to different manly desires.

I can feel his breath hot against my cheek. The gleam in those serpent like eyes paralyzes me like a deer in the headlights I’m caught and can’t move to save my life.

Raven: What do you know of these things? Can you teach me? Show me?

A show falls over us blocking out the light and the heat from the blazing hearth and then a loud thudding sound is heard as Ares’ hand lands on Raven’s shoulder.

Ares: Get away from her, boy, like your mother this one’s mine.

Raven: Another slave, Father? How like you. Can’t you share this one?
The hand on Raven’s shoulder spins him around on his heels breaking the power of his gaze and returning my instincts to run. This boy is dangerous, capable of anything.

Ares: You should go now; I think our little interview is over.

I see no reason to argue as I shut off my recorder and prepare to go out into the storm. Raven’s stare snares me for one last moment and I feel his anger bolt through my body from the top of my head straight down to the soles of my feet. I fear he’s angry with the wrong person and soon that anger will consume both of them. That is, if Lord Ares can’t get a handle on his Son first.

Perhaps, when Alena awakens from her ‘sleep’ she’ll be able to intervene and help Raven understand that, whatever is happening, he is just a pawn in a much larger game.

Lisa: Bye.

Ares: See you again soon. Go.

Although the wind is already blowing a gale and the rain is falling in sheets, I fear this only the start of what is coming. This storm. Is only the beginning. When it finally passes he majority of us, we, the mere Mortals of this world, won’t survive the wrath of the Gods.

Or that of Raven, Child of War.

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