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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the final cover for “Child of War-Rising Son”. It’s almost like the last one but there have been a few subtle changes made. Yes, I know it needs a little more ‘work’ before it passes ‘muster’ but I think…not too much.

Yes, we did manage to write a whole chapter yesterday! WOOT! Oh that felt sooo good!

We gutted what we had, futzed with it, changed it, rearranged it, wrote a bunch of new stuff and put it up under a new password. We won’t be doing a chapter-by-chapter upload here…or anywhere else…I just wanted to be able to show some of you nice folks that we really are buckling down and this is really going to happen. We might even have managed to get the naysayers back on Ares’ side in the very first chapter. Don’t count on it staying that way for too long but…hey, anything’s possible at this point. LOL

But if not…well…just listen to the tune….fuck ’em.😉

We’re doing this OUR way and if some don’t like it they know where they can put their lips.

Got a promo going over on Romancing the Book new interview and a paperback giveaway of “Child”. Seems to be a problem leaving comments. If you go you may have to comment twice to get it to go through.

Did the grocery shopping this morning and paid the last bit of bills. All caught up for the moment. Haven’t heard a peep out of my old boss. I think she knows better than to call cuz I could turn out to be expensive. That and, well, I just let Becca have my phone this week. She’ll never answer for a call from my old job! LOL

We’re getting in a groove and I think we may be very successful at this Unemployment thing. Prospects are looking good anyway.

Forward, ever forward.

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  1. Great job on the cover. Awesome choice for Raven, thats exactly what I picture Raven looking like!

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