Weekend Dirty Dozen

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Weekend Dirty Dozen–The Heart of War

The gown went up, up and over her head to reveal the full body that he adored. Alena tossed the nightgown at him. Ares picked it up, pressed it to his face and broad bare chest as he inhaled deeply. It was warm from her, it smelled like her, all honeysuckle and desire.

Swaying and shimmying for him, Alena’s hands slid over her body as though she thrilled to her own touch. From the flat of her stomach, over the curve of her waist and to her naked breasts where she stopped to tweak a nipple and then wink at him, they ran over her like the hands of a lover. Up the sides of her neck and over her lips to blow him a kiss. Then they glided downward again, ever so slowly to touch and caress every alabaster inch from her heaving breasts, over her stomach and to the bald place between her legs where Alena reached between to tease her Lover ever harder. All the while, those hips rocked and swayed to Marvin’s tune. Inviting him to come take part in the soulful pleasure the man was singing about.

When the fingers that had been between her legs rose up and crossed her lips and her tongue flicked out to take a taste, Ares could not wait any longer, did not want to wait any longer. “Come here, woman, come do what you were going to do before our dance.”

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  1. Ares can never get enough of her! Love this story.🙂

  2. Great dozen, Lisa!🙂

  3. Ares? As in the god of war? Hmm, seems interesting.

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