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Sweet Saturday Sample-Dream Weaver

The reporters had been turned with their backs to the entrance while they hassled someone who was out of sight and Liz thought it might be possible to sneak around them but then suddenly someone noticed her and the crowd started not only to buzz but to swarm. Half of them stayed positioned near the end of the walkway while half of them came up to Lizzie to shove microphones in her face.

“Why was Michael Gray leaving your motel room at 10 o’clock this morning, Miss Love?” Someone asked.

“Did he spend the night?”

“Are you having an affair?”

Lizzie didn’t want to say anything but she felt she should. “Michael only stopped by to bring me coffee this morning and so we could go over the script for the day’s shooting. You’re making too much out of things.”

In his hospital room, Michael flicked on the TV to see how the sharks were doing. On one 24/7 news channel was the already released tape of Michael being run down by the Masked Panty Raider. It showed so many things he could hardly take them all in at once. He watched his own body fly through the air, land on the hood of the car and then roll off. He saw Lizzie jump over the railing, run across the parking lot and drop to her knees next to him. Then she stood up, jumped over him and stood there screaming at the Masked Panty Raider, her arms flailing out at her sides with her back to the camera as she dared the driver of the Barracuda to come and get her. Michael, head pounding and ribs aching sat up to look at the picture. “What the hell did she think she was doing?” He asked the screen. Suddenly the picture went off and switched back to the studio.

“We have Ellen Green standing by at the hospital where Michael Gray is currently being treated for the wounds he sustained when he was mowed down by the Masked Panty Raider in the parking lot of the Sands Motel earlier today. We’ve all seen the very dramatic footage of that incident, shocking. Ellen, what do you have for us?” The anchorman asked.

“Oh, Christ.” Michael thought they were going to simply televise Lizzie exiting the hospital but something told him that wasn’t all he was about to see. There was Lizzie looking very disheveled in her blood stained shirt and hospital pj bottoms. She was stumbling and Raul seemed to be holding her up. He’d noticed her hobbling a little when she came into and then went out of his room. She must have done something to her ankle when she jumped over the rail.

“Pardon me, Miss Love,” someone said, “but your bare ass has been all over the news.” They cracked. “Why were you…ah…drinking coffee was it?…without your pants or your underwear on?”

“I’d like the answer to that!” A female voice shouted out.

The throng of reporters suddenly parted like the Red Sea to reveal Gabriella Phideaux on the end of the walkway. She stood there in her designer blue jeans and oh so cute designer top, Prada heels with her hair done up as though she were about to walk the Red Carpet instead of visiting her husband on his sick bed. To the reporters surrounding them like a bunch of vultures this was just the juiciest story in the history of the world of Hollywood gossip and the encounter was about to be caught on tape and shown to the planet. As the Red Carpet parted like the Red Sea and a hush fell over everything. Even the reporters shut up so they could hear and capture everything the two women had to say to each other. The only thing missing was for some man in a black and white striped shirt to tell them to ‘come out fighting’ and then the ding! Of a starting bell.

“Well what have you got to say for yourself?” Gabby shrieked as she stomped toward Liz and her entourage. “What have you dragged my husband into? We have a family you know! We have children who need their father!” She put her hands on her hips. “You hussy!”
At this point Lizzie felt it best to stop feeding the sharks so she closed her mouth as tightly as possible and began to walk forward past Gabby without answering her. The bodyguards, Raul and Boston moved with her.

“You’re not going to ignore me you little slut!” Gabby shouted as the cameras rolled and flash bulbs went off. The reporters tried to get as close as possible to capture every syllable. “You’ve been after my husband for YEARS!”

Lizzie, head still high and jaw tightly jaw, didn’t even look at Gabby as the troupe passed by her. This infuriated the woman to no end. Before Lizzie could get past her Gabby reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair. “You bitch!” She shouted as the momentum pulled Lizzie past Davis and his protection. “He’s mine! You can’t have him!”

In his hospital bed, Michael groaned and covered his face with one hand only to peek through the fingers at the television powerless to stop this fiasco.

Lizzie pushed Gabby’s hand away from her and turned to start walking again. The men around her didn’t want to get fully involved, as both participants in this little Main Event were women. Gabby backhanded Lizzie hard across the left side of her face. Lizzie’s head reeled back with an audible snap and she came close to losing her already precarious balance. The place between her left temple and cheek felt as though it were on fire. Her head coming back up she put a hand to her jaw but still she tried not to give in even though all she really wanted to do was to let this degrade into the catfight the press was clamoring for. She’d taken enough shit from Scott and the goddamn Masked Panty Raider to last her a lifetime she wasn’t in the mood to stand here and let this squawking hateful little chicken-shit of a woman take pot shots at her. For the last time she turned to walk away. When Gabby grabbed her again to turn her around Lizzie picked up her bad foot, wheeled on the other heel, balled up her fist and swung, she did not forget the ‘follow through’. She connected with the smaller woman’s jaw sending Gabby crashing to the ground and knocking her out with one punch in front the cameras. Her loud mouth temporarily shut as she lay there in a small heap of designer duds.

“Holy Sh–! Did you see that, Ellen?” The anchorman shouted with glee. “Elizabeth Love just laid out Gabriella Phideaux. What a right hook!”

The reporters didn’t know which woman to photograph, the one on the ground or the one hovering over her with blood in her eyes.
“Come on, mommie.” Raul whispered in her ear. “Let’s go, huh?” That look in her eyes made Raul afraid Liz was really going to attack Gabby in front of all of these people and their transmitting cameras.

Wanting nothing more than to stand over the unconscious woman and kick her several times as hard as she could and then stomp on her! Lizzie took in a deep breath, put arm around Raul for support as she put her bad foot back on the ground, and the entourage pushed the rest of the way through the crowd. Reporters swarmed in shouting questions, light bulbs flashed brighter than the California sun and there were enough microphones to make it look like a diplomatic summit meeting. Lizzie didn’t do as much as look back at Gabby lying on the sidewalk.

“Go Lizzie,” Michael cheered quietly from his sick bed unable to believe what he’d just seen. “Oh man she’s gonna be pissed when she gets in here.

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  1. Guess the press got what they were looking for this time. Nice excerpt.

  2. That woman had a lot of spunk. Can’t help but respect a female who knows how to handle herself.

  3. Can’t believe she really hit her! Can’t blame her, but, holy cow! She’s in so much trouble… Great excerpt!

  4. mirriamsmyth

    LMAO I remember this scene! Haha Hysterical to read but oh-so-satisfying to read too!

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