My 1st Day on the Line

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Well it’s Sunday! This is the day I file for my Unemployment Check. This is also the very first time I have ever done so. I have been told repeatedly that this is a quick and simple process and it’s done online. I’m not exactly a newbie at this online thing so…ok.

Last week I created my account with Unemployment online. Then I had to wait until Wednesday to finalize my Initial Claim because I didn’t have the Employer Reference Number. Did that. Two days ago I got my packet in the mail. I was told that I can expect the big $168.00/week. Wow, man, how pathetic is that? I don’t know if this even more pathetic or not (depends on your POV I guess) but that’s only $93.00 less/week than my take-home pay. It’s almost as though the State of Connecticut feels sorry for me. I say that because I’ve known a lot of people (us included) who had to live on Unemployment for a stretch of time and saw a $200.00/week reduction in their income…or more. So, yeah, it’s almost as though the Great State of Connecticut is trying to tell me; you’ve been fucked hard and long enough, here, have this.


Any-hoo…I got up, jumped online, read the instructions, signed into my account.

User ID and Password Not Recongized

Huh? Ok, try again. Still a little sleepy maybe. In put User ID and Password.

User ID and Password Not Recongized

What the…? Ok, ok. I’m old so I keep these things in a .txt file. Open the file find the site copy/paste UserID and Password, which, coincidentally was exactly the same way I’d been typing it.

User ID and Password Not Recongized

Ok. Click ‘Forgot Password’

Enter UserID

Type UserID

UserID Not recongized

WTF??? Ok, ok, ok, calm down. It’s just a stupid website. Go back. Hit ‘forgot UserID’

Enter User Email Address

In put my email address

User Email Address Not Found


Search Account By SSN?

Sure…why the fuck not? Input SSN.

Invalid SSN


Ok, ok, ok. Calm down. Don’t kick the machine. It’s not the computer’s fault. Search site. Find TeleBenefits Line. Call TeleBenefits Line. Get automated crap.

“Please input your Social Security Number.”

Punch in SSN…hey! It works!

“Please input your PIN.”

Punch in PIN. Damn! Two for two!

Listen to long drawn out crap. Wait. Listen. Wait.

“To file for extended benefits please hit 2 now.”

Hit 2.

“Are you or were you available and able to work full or part time last week? Press 1 for yes and 2 for no.”

Press 1. Nothing. Hear a gong. What’s with the gong? I dunno. By the time that thought goes through my head…it hangs up on me!

Call back. Go through all of the above again. Get to the first question. Press 1. Hear a gong. Press 1 again. It hangs up on me!


Call back. Put phone on speaker so my fat fingers don’t accidentally hit a wrong key. Go through all of the above again. Press 1…Press 1 again just to be sure. No gong.

Then it asked me; “You stated you were able and available for full or part time work last week. Is that correct?”


It did that for EVERY question.

I pressed 1 or 2 TWICE and it’s asked every question TWICE.

Holy crap! Who comes up with this shit? Who snuck in the double-tap thing and didn’t bother to tell anyone?

Oh well, come Wednesday or so the big $168.00 check will show up.🙂

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