Election Day in New London

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Yep, it’s that time of year again…Election Day! Woot!

Yeah, I know…it’s more like; Oh crap, not again.🙂

But remember….

So I got up, on time…I still keep doing that even though I’m Unemployed. Did the dishes, did the laundry, checked email, FaceBook (reminded everyone over there to go vote too so don’t think you’re getting picked on here), checked site stats, took Nikki fora urine test–new job on the horizon (Yeah, another one.) While I was out I figured I’d go vote.

I pulled up to Harbor School and, from the look of it on the outside one might have thought the polls were packed. People dressed up in their candidate’s color-of-choice, holding up big signs (Mostly say ‘hooray for our side’). Inside….the line was….well…non-existent is a good word here. Yeah, it was pretty much non-existent. Got in, voted, got out. Mostly.

I really hate the new fill-in-the-dot voting system. I really miss the voting booth. Oh well, Time Marches On, right? I got my ‘ballot’ and went to the ‘booth’ and took off my glasses so I could read the damn thing. This getting older thing is hell!😉 There were no less than six candidates running for Mayor of the Craptastic City of New London, Connecticut. Yeah…six. Like choosing between Dumb and Dumber isn’t hard enough. Oh joy. So we had 1 Republican, 2 Democrats and 3 ‘others’. There was a write in spot and I was sooooo close…oh, seriously, you have NO idea how close I was to

She still looks like the best candidate to me!

My brain said; Don’t throw your vote away, not even to make such an excellent point.

My heart said; Vote for Marty Olsen!

He’s quite the character around town and I like him but he’s got little to no chance of winning so once more the brain said;

Don’t throw your vote away.

Big mournful sigh.

I filled in Rob Pero’s circle.

Crushed the delicate sensibilities in my little liberal heart it did. But, as I’ve said all along, he’s the only person running that I know for SURE has his own heart in the right place. I don’t really know any of the other people, I don’t think any of them have any real qualifications for running a city let alone one in this kind of mess. So Rob got my vote with a; do a good job, do a good job, do a good job.

Then it was time to vote for our beloved City Council. I voted for any Independent. I did not vote for any Republican or Democrat. If there wasn’t an Independent/Write-In/Green Party person to vote for….I didn’t vote in that category.

Needless to say good old Officer Nolan did NOT get my vote. I hate that guy. I don’t even know why he’s a cop. One would be lead to believe it’s because he’s interested in helping the youth of our city but when my daughter needed him because she was being harassed and bullied at New London High School to the extent I had a very hard time getting to her to go to school and stay there…where was Officer Nolan? Oh yeah, telling me that Becca should ‘buck up and it happens to everyone’. The bastard refused to intercede in any manner whatsoever along with that asshole Mr. Svencer. I pointed out the ‘policy’ on ‘bullying’ to both of them and they agreed there was a ‘violation’ but there ‘wasn’t anything they could do about it’. When I wanted to press charges against the snotty little bitch….ooops, oh no, ma’am we can’t give you her home address so you can have her arrested for bullying and harassing your daughter, that would be a violation of her privacy.

Yeah. Right.

Any-hoo…… That lovely experience cased me to NOT cast one single vote for the most fucked up Board of Education…EVER. No joke! If you think the above is bad, check this out. The Great State of Connecticut actually had to TELL our lovely Board of Education to sit the hell down, shut the hell up, stop bickering and get to the business of EDUCATION. How do you like that? Pretty fucked up, huh? Since I no longer have children in this joke of a school system I by-passed those greasy bastards altogether. Trust me, if I could my super-duper awesomest impression of Benedict Arnold on the New London Public School System I would do so with a smile so wide it would never come off my face.

Last question on today’s ballot; Should the City of New London sell a portion of Riverside Park to the United States Government?

This has been a hot-button issue. There are

asking voters to “save” Riverside Park.

Yeah. Right.

I don’t know who in their right mind would be interested in “saving” that crack infested dog patch BUT I do know many people who weren’t interested in selling a huge chunk of it to the USCGA for 2.9 million so they could put 45 million worth of new equipment on it. Fuck that noise. New London is somewhere around 49% non-taxable so we don’t need to sell property to someone, like the Government, who isn’t going to pay TAXES on it YEARLY. Find us a better buyer, at a better price, watch that puppy sell like lemonade in August! We’ll jump to get rid of that hunk of shit faster than you can say ‘Jack Sprat’. Yeah, that’s another area of town I’d like to see ‘Arnoldized’ like the school system. It’s never been of much value, it will never be of much value to the city, and fixing it? Puh-lease. I’m sick of throwing good money after bad on projects like that.

People wanted to “save” it because they wanted “open space” and, for some really odd reason, due to a really cute fluffy little website, they seem to think “open space” will somehow be good for our economy. Whatever. I may be a Hippie but I’m not an idiot. I want jobs. I want houses that owners live in and pay taxes on. I’m sick of absentee landlords and crackheads.

Those who want to ‘save’ it have the balls to compare selling this piece of shit land to the government to what happened in Fort Trumbull. Excuse me? I don’t see that anyone’s going to have their HOME wisked out from under their feet here. There are no homes in Riverside Park. Then they compared it to Ocean Beach and told everyone how the organization Save Our Beach, a community ‘action’ group, stepped up and ‘saved’ it.


I HATE Save Our Beach or SOB….such an apt anacronym for that group. They did nothing for the beach other than to toss it in a time warp back to the 40’s or something. That beach is so far from what it could and should be that’s it a crying shame. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, every time I go to the beach I just want to cry at the mess SOB has made out of it.

Riverside Park is a huge piece of overgrown, heroine needle, used condom infested bit of emptiness that, until someone said they wanted to buy it, went completely unnoticed, uncared about, and untended. This is a ‘park’ that, up until a very short time ago, you would NEVER let your kid wander around ALONE. Hell, you’d be afraid to go there. I’m told that it’s been ‘cleaned up’ by the neighborhood but knowing that area of town it won’t last long.

So….Dear City of New London: Kindly find us a good buyer for Riverside Park, we’ll sell. Kindly find us a good developer for Fort Trumbull so we can get some tax flow coming back to the City. No, we don’t want ‘upscale condos’ there. If you’re going to do that then you should give Right of First Refusal on said condos to those who once OWNED HOMES THERE.
Sincerely yours,
PS Whoever you are, New Mayor…good fuckin’ luck! You’re gonna need it!

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