New London Elections-The Aftermath

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Well it’s all over but the shouting…in most cases anyway.

New London’s new Mayor is Daryl Finizio. Congrats, dude! No, I didn’t vote for you…sorry. I did want to vote for your dog, or whoever’s dog that was. Does that count?🙂

Yeah, he’s the “New Kid in Town” and that loud-mouth jerk, Buscetto actually came in second! Oh this city is soooo f’d up. Rob came in third. It warmed my heart to see Marty Olsen got about 100 votes. Good for him! Hang in there, Marty. It seems it’s time for “change” again here in Good Ol’ New London so this guy got voted in; he’s a newcomer with, ya know ‘no political ties’ (cough…choke.) Ok, whatever. I understand the concept of wanting ‘new blood’ and all but the problem with it is once an Outsider gets elected it’s up to those on the Inside to actually let him in and do the job he was elected to do. It could happen since……

We seem to have elected a nearly all Democratic City Council, even that asshole Officer Nolan. Can’t wait to watch him crash and burn. That should be fun. 1 Republican made it. Sorry, dude, looks like you’ve got an uphill battle ahead of you.

Board of Education….ah….who gives a crap? I’m just wondering how long it will take the State to tell the ‘new’ Board of Ed to sit down, shut up, get to WORK. We did have THE LOWEST TEST SCORES in the entire state after all. I’ve been tellin’ you nice folks for years just how much the ‘education system’ in this town sucks rotten eggs and now I have irrefutable proof.

Riverside Park…..New London Day (what I can read of it anyway–I’m saving my last 3 ‘premium articles’ in case World War III breaks out or something) says it’s still too close to call. The New London Patch says it passed by a whopping 13 votes! One of them being my husband’s….grrrrrr. Love ya, honey.

OK, I looked for pics but couldn’t find any that would actually give you a real impression of Riverside Park but I did find this video on YouTube. The videographer sucks but you’ll get the idea.

As you can see…it’s a mess! There wasn’t anyone there on the lovely Autumn day last year. The place has ‘potential’ coming out of its pores but, like Ocean Beach, no one gives a shit.

Since I can’t give you a link to The Day’s site (you might have to pay or something to read it) here’s the link to the article on the New London Patch. If you go you’ll be able to see they’re bitching already. You gotta read this idiot ‘Ken’s’ BS posts….he’s one of the people who wanted “open space” and kept shoving that rather cute but ineffective website down everyone’s throats. I don’t know who this guy is, how long he’s lived here, or where he came from but his head is so far up his ass it’s about to pop out of his chest. I love his assertion that Riverside Park “always in a condition that people wanted to visit.” And, it was never a place where teachers had to go down the day before to pick up needles, etc.” That is such CRAP! I LIVED there! It was NEVER a place that….civilized people…would go to for any thing other than a bit of necking and that would be before twilight.

Every time I read one of his posts I just wanted to walk up to him and ask him; how goddamn stupid do you think everyone in this city is?

As you can see in the video, Riverside Park has an absolutely gorgeous view of the Thames River. I’m pretty sure you can also see what a shambles its in and has been for pretty much all of my 45 years living in New London, CT. Coincidentally, it’s the place where I kissed my hubby for the very first time. (In fact that spot is the opening shot in this video) So, yeah, it’s kinda special to me but not special enough to lie my ass off about it. But it’s liars and dreams like Ken and fringe elements like Kathleen Mitchell that got the ‘yes’ vote–the exact opposite of what they wanted. I hope they’re happy with themselves for encouraging New London to SPITE the hell out of them while damaging their own wallets severely. If they presented a clear, concise, and somewhere near coherent argument for keeping that shit sty things might have gone differently for them. I know even I had a moment of hesitancy voting ‘no’ because I was afraid of being lumped in with people like them. Strange, huh? I no longer have a desire to be part of the Lunatic Fringe.

If they’d pounded the sensible argument and not the emotional one they would have had better results. If they kept telling people what a rotten deal this is for the City instead of crying about “open space” and “save the park for the kids” while lying through their teeth trying to convince an entire city this hunk of land is worth “saving” and ‘has never been’ a place for nefarious activities. THEN they could have had a lock on it. At least temporarily which would have given them enough time to DO something other than whine. They could have shown the City that they can take care of the place, that the neighborhood has changed and is now responsible enough to have a ‘gem’ like Riverside without it being a hang out for gangs, ruffians, drug dealers, hookers, and other low forms of life that inhabit this city.


Now they’re even going so far as to say that ‘no one understood the question on the ballot’. OK, maybe outrageously STUPID people couldn’t understand it..or find it. Morons. For once, the question was RIGHT ON TOP and it was actually written in easy to understand terms; Should the City of New London sell a portion of Riverside Park to the USCG? I’m almost positive that’s exactly the way it read. I remember thinking; wow, someone finally put a question in ENGLISH instead of Legalese…how nice! Those complaining on those two non-issues should probably be deemed too incompetent to vote.

So….a big chunk of the park is now going to be sold to the USCGA with absolutely positively NO benefit to the City of New London beyond the rather paltry 2.9 million they’re paying for the land. I don’t care how much the USCG whines about how much it “needs” the space and how much it “contributes to the community” that’s crap on both counts. They don’t contribute anything MEANINGFUL to this City nor do they DO anything MEANINGFUL for this City. They’re just like any other Government Installation they sit there on their fat asses telling everyone else what to do while telling the world just how great they are….oh yeah…and sucking your cash away. They don’t bring a lot of jobs to this area, that’s crap. The new buildings, beyond construction, won’t bring any meaningful number of jobs either. We’ll never see another dime from them after the payment for the land.

New London sold out…again…for a lousy handful of magick beans that won’t even sprout let alone lead us to the Giant and his Golden Harp.

Way to go!

I hear there’s a HUGE chunk of land for option/sale in the Fort Trumbull district. Perhaps the Government would like to buy that too? Obviously New London is a really cheap date, I’m sure they could get the whole kit n kaboodle for another handful of magick beans.

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