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My second week of Unemployment is coming to a close…no check. Harumph. I’ll call and do the double-tap again on Sunday. I figure calling is best since the website won’t acknowledge that I even exist.

Hubby and I went out to dinner last night. We tried the Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s been there quite a while but, since people kept telling me that I couldn’t get my steak done medium-rare or medium we had been avoiding it. It was time for this Old Lady to get out of the house for a little while, don’t wanna go stir-crazy, that would be bad. Been there done that. Yeah, really, not something I’d like to repeat. So we went. It was very tasty and our waitress was absolutely delightful. I had shrimp cocktail, the shrimp was good but the sauce wasn’t real cocktail sauce. It was ok. A little too spicy. Hubby had stuffed mushrooms…good thing I left the bedroom window open last night😉 Then we each had the Outlaw Rib-Eye which was very tasty and it was cooked medium. We had the mac & cheese….OMG! Can I get this by the pound to go??? SO wonderfully delicious! Yes, I can see myself simply shoving forkfuls of it into my mouth in my pjs by the fire watching TV. The service was excellent I can’t remember ever being taken care of so well. She got a 20.00 tip, that’s how good she was!

Came home, sacked out, watched ‘Bones’ and ‘Blondie’. Damn. Why did they have to put ‘Bones’ on opposite ‘Person of Interest’? Kinda sucks. But I have to watch and find out what’s going on with my favorite TV pair. ‘Blondies’ been driving me crazy, which is why I watch it I think. Ever since the first time I saw him I thought; he’s British, why don’t they let him use his own voice.

Then I thought; why the hell would I know that? I don’t even know who he is.

But the thought has never left my mind, in fact to me everything about him screams; I’M A BRIT and once in a while I think I hear him slip up on the accent. I went to IMDB and looked him up. Nope, I never saw him before ‘The Mentalist’ but yes he should have a different accent. So chalk one up for Aunty Moon.🙂

I can’t decide if he’s handsome or not because he’s blond. I have decided he’s easy on the eyes and am leaving it at that. Other than being blond he’s too short for me but I like the character a lot.

I have been doing some writing…no fears my friends, we are moving along with “Rising Son” in fact we’re up to Chapter Four. Short chapters but that’s ok with me. Do you know someone’s been looking for REVIEWS of “Rising Son” and “Spoils of War” they hit the crap out of the blog and a few hits on the site yesterday. Nothing like giving me some time to WRITE those stories, hey? LOL Oh well, I guess it means at least one person out there is interested in the outcome of our little saga.🙂

Right now we’re ending the world. Shame. And difficult. I hate apocalyptic stuff. I really do. We’re not doing it the way we had agreed on originally…of course not. The daily news is too good not to draw from here. So instead of nuclear war which would be short and simple for moi the world is descending into chaos due to global financial crisis. Anarchy ensues and well, everything just falls apart. THEN we’ll get a few nukes or maybe our version of Captain Tripps which is really what I’m hoping for. A little Ode to the Master.

Oh well, it’s better than what we were getting yesterday. Had a little scene with Apollo and Raven and went; holy shit! Not yet dude! We can’t slam ’em over the head with THAT in the first inning!

People hate us enough already.

So we just did a little hinting and foreshadowing of what may be coming between Apollo and Raven.

I’m never very good with that sort of stuff but, well, we’re probably going to get some anyway. Be forewarned. Things may get…intimate…between Uncle and Nephew at some point.

I’d rather work on ending the world! LOL

It’s Veteran’s Day so hubby has a long weekend. He’s bought a new game Skyrim for us to play. A new FRPG. He promises its much like WOW which I still miss. I’d be more than willing to pay 50.00 a year to play WOW I think that’s a fair price when you consider you have to keep buying new games for the ‘upgrades’. $170.00 is steep. So I imagine we’ll get immersed in that pretty soon. I promise to do in short bouts and not let it get in the way of the story too much. Actually, I’m hoping it will provide a little fodder for the story. We’ll get a little of it in “Rising Son” but “Spoils of War” will have us dealing with dragons and demons and all kinds of ghoulie things like that. So this should help.🙂


I went grocery shopping last Friday and was out of my probiotics. I’d been out for quite a while and things were starting to get quite irritating. I felt sooo not sexy and, well, just like a beached whale. I hate that. The last stuff I bought didn’t seem very good, I was not satisfied. I wanted something different.

I stood there in one of the Health & Beauty Aisles at Stop & Shop and realized HALF an aisle was dedicated solely to products to move your bowels. HALF. Geez. This must be a very common problem. You can have pills or powders. Probiotics or harsh chemicals. Fiber? Just mix it into a drink. You can pay 3.00 or 30.00. You can have something that softens or something that brings on cramps.

I zoned out, confused by the plethora of options before me designed to help me poop. I just stood there looking at all of the packages wondering if the American diet was really that poor we had to have some 40 products to help us with our digestion. Finally I decided against the probiotics, my problem was too immediate to wait two weeks for them to kick in. Ex-Lax? No, it doesn’t really help and it just makes my tummy hurt.

I looked way down to the bottom shelf where Stop & Shop tends to keep the things Grandma used for many problems. I found Mineral Oil, 3.99. Cheapest product on the shelf to be sure. Colorless. Odorless. Tasteless. Or so the label proclaimed. I threw it in the cart and finished my shopping. Last Friday night I opened the bottle as I got into bed and drank down a big swallow.

No color. No taste. No odor. But thick as hell. Ick.

The label said; take only at bed time. Bowel movement should occur within 6-8 hours.

Three hours later….oh boy! It was somewhere around 1 o’clock in the morning when I was awoken by the undeniable call of Mother Nature. I sat there on the toilet so long I fell back asleep! The best part was it kept working throughout the next day and it didn’t give me major cramps–no cramps at all actually–it didn’t give me that nasty sense of urgency just an; oh, ok, time to go.

I’ve been taking it all week. My tummy feels soooo GOOD! I don’t feel like a beached whale, I’ve got a lot of pep in my step, and my hips wiggle again on their own when I walk. I highly recommend it over ALL of the other products I’ve tried for this problem.

I guess Grandma knew what she was talking about.🙂

All right back to destroying the world and then a little game.

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  1. you played WOW too? *grins* i broke that habit this year after having played it since two months after the release.
    i don’t miss it really, do miss some people, but that is about it.

    and yay for grandma hihi

    • WOW was one the best FRPGs we ever played and we’ve played TONS of them over the last 26-27 years! LOL My BIL got us hooked on it and I really loved it but I was not in love with the price. Yeah, who knew grandma was such a wise woman?! hahahaha

  2. Guess what my oldest is doing right now? Playing his much coveted copy (that he paid for himself) of Skyrim on the XBox. Don’t think I’m going to see much of him all weekend.

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