Weekend Dirty Dozen-Child of War A God is Born

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Welcome to the Weekend Dirty Dozen

5 Stars- Bitten by Paranormal Romance
“Brilliant and creatively written!”

5 Stars– Rage, Sex, & Teddy Bears
“Wow, just Wow….You HAVE to read this book!!!”.

4 Lips (Stars)– Satin’s Bookish Corner
“It was filled with action right from the start. It gets you gripped.”

4.5 Stars– Book Savvy Babe
“Lisa Beth Darling skillfully continues to create emotional depth and enthrall readers in Child of War, a saga filled with action, powerful gods, and shocking surprises.”

12 Hot Sentence from Child of War-A God is Born

Alena tugged at the Bonds. “Let me go.”

Ares’ fingertips traced along the curve of her breast down the flat of her stomach. “Never. I will never, ever let you go.” Moving in swiftly he went for the nape of her neck with his teeth again as he pinned down her arms with his hands and mounted her. Instantly she was his again, under his control, his command, and the night was still young.

When Ares penetrated her, the tears welled in her eyes once more as she stared up at him and the glittering night around them. Just having him inside of her again was almost enough to make her cum. “Say it again,” she whispered.

“Always you and I, “Ares promised once more,”always like this.”

Tied to the bed and no longer caring about the restraints, Alena’s legs spread wide for him and Ares pushed the rest of his hot rod into her with a satisfied groan of pleasure.

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  1. Love it. Very sensual.

  2. Very hot, well done!🙂

  3. very very hot. I can’t wait to read this one.

  4. Mhmm… very well written and love the style…the emotion and the emotional- great WDD Lisa

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