A Relaxing Weekend

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1-Early Saturday morning someone was shot and killed four blocks over and one block down from my house. Although The Day stated nothing more than the event occurred and updates were to come and so did The New London Patch, people jumped to blame ‘the neighborhood’ (which ain’t half bad) and wondered if there was an ‘absentee landlord’ (of which we have more than our share) and to wonder whether or not ‘the apartment was legal’. And, yes, of course, ‘drugs’. There were no facts in evidence…at all. Other than someone was shot and killed and police were looking for clues. Sometimes sites like The Patch really let you understand just how petty and apathetic your neighbors are. Those were taken directly from the first three responses to the article. I joined in and said that someone was dead and their first thought was whether the apartment was legal? Way to go! I was ‘speaking’ to two people who consider themselves ‘politically connected’ or….whatever. One was the ex-City Clerk. Anyway, I guess others agreed with me. I try not to go back and join in any ‘conversations’ taking place. I just get in, say my .02, get out, lurk for a bit, go away. I find that’s best. Otherwise you REALLY risk falling into this abyss from there seems to be no escape. Everyone reverts back to their High School Days & Ways.


While it can be fun to watch others descend so quickly it’s also rather nauseating so…No thanks. I’ll pass.

I really do find it utterly pathetic that, not only are these someones first thoughts, but those same someones feel the need to post them to a website rather than keeping them internal because, publicly, they’re sorta in bad taste. Yes/No? I mean we all have our opinions and our reactions but most of us know enough to censor ourselves at such a time at least until more facts come to light.

2-I filed for Unemployment and….I’M A PERSON! Woot! The website actually recognized me and instead of sitting there for twenty minutes on a phone I no longer have (more on that in a minute), I logged in, checked the boxes, hit submit…it did ask me if I was sure about the above! Checked ‘yes’, hit ‘submit’…all done. Now if I could just get a CHECK that’d be swell. Nope, still have not seen a payment. However, I did find where I can have it direct deposited so, once they START, I think I’ll do that.

3-I started Thanksgiving Dinner shopping. Got a 21.50 pound turkey for $12.50! I know I don’t really have the room to have it sit in the freezer for two weeks but it was just too good to pass up! Besides, we may have Cousin, his son Buddy and his girlfriend, and Kimmie. So we could end up with a nice little gathering for the holiday which would be nice. Cousin has volunteered to bring many dishes which will help a lot. I got the turkey and broth and cranberry sauce. Two 5lbs bags of potatoes should keep until then and so should the 2 3lbs bags of onions. Don’t know if the yams I brought will last that long…if they start going bad I’ll just have to eat them…LOL. So, got a good start on that and the rest of the weekly groceries of course.

4-My phone is gone. I busted it. I confess I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time and it felt very good to open its little blue lid and wring its little blue neck like a chicken. Yep…it did. I tore out the board and smashed it in half. Gave it to Becca. She brought it back to me saying this wasn’t the way she’d left it! I said no but for all of the good it’s done me over the last two weeks she might as well keep it…just like that. I’m tired of paying HER phone bill! She steals it constantly, if I leave it in my purse or on the table she sneaks off with it and then goes away ‘forgetting’ she has it with her. I haven’t had the damn thing more than 24 hours since I lost my job. Yesterday was the last straw. She swore she just took off with it again and didn’t come home. I called her…well, I called me, no answer. Finally I get a text she’s off to Groton and needs the phone to call for a ride home she’ll give it back when she gets home.

I got up at 1:30 this morning. Lights were still on downstairs. There was no Becca and no phone. I made a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk. I ate it while hubby continued playing Skyrim. I went back to sleep and dreamed about ripping the heads of kittens all night long.

Yuck. But it seemed oddly…satisfying.

Got up this morning, went downstairs to make coffee…oh look..MY PHONE…with two cells left on the charge. I grabbed it and busted it. Hubby was SHOCKED he just stood there saying; “No, no, no, wait!”

Nothing doing. My contract’s up, buddy! Like I said, I’m sick of paying HER phone bill. I have that stupid thing if someone wants to reach ME or if I need help or something. When I go to use it…it’s never there. So, when you stop and think about it; what freakin’ good is it doin’ me?

I know what it is and why she thinks she can always take off with it and I shouldn’t be mad; it used to be her phone. The two phones I received from AT&T DIED within a month…two at the most…of me receiving them. They REFUSED to send me a third or give me a refund. Becca had this old throw-n-go hanging around from AT&T, my SIM card fit so that’s what I’ve been using basically since my contract began. Hate AT&T (more on that in a bit too). That’s over now. Now THAT phone is TOAST. It will never work again. Yes, I did rescue the battery and SIM card before laying down my Wrath of Destruction upon it.😉

What number are we up to now? Oh yeah…

5-AT&T. Unhappy hubby. Looked at me with that scowl. I was proud of myself and for, oh I don’t know, all of an hour or so I was off the AT&T teat. Then I had to get a new phone. I went to att.com and they were oh so happy to see me and help me get a free phone. An agent even popped up in a chat box to assist me. Too bad she couldn’t spell worth shit. Seriously…she couldn’t. Ok. Fine. Whatever. I asked about the pricing plans and was given a link that didn’t work. I specifically asked if AT&T offered anything like other companies with their 2 lines unlimited, talk, text, and web, 49.99 each line. I like that deal. I really do. AT&T? Nothing like that, not that I could find anyway. Very disappointing.

I looked at phones online, leaving the Customer Service Representative behind. They’re really pushing the iPhone and while I do think Steve Job was a genius may he rest in peace, I’m not into sucking off the Apple Juice. BUT, I thought, IF I could get a really good deal on an iPhone 4 hubby could have it and I’d take him. HA! Nothing doing! You want that puppy…pony up bitches.

I’m sick of my little flip phone and if I’m going to upgrade then I want something that’s well an upgrade. (I know ANYTHING is an UPGRADE from that, people laughed at me all the time…well, when I had it with me, that is.) After cruising specifically for touch screens…I’ve become very used to them after messing around with hubby’s iPhone…I found a phone, a Samsung, with a 4.5 star rating from nearly 1500 customers. Not bad. I checked the specs and it will do everything I want and even has a 5 megapixel camera which was important to me the others seemed to only have 2 megapixels. I paid $0.01 for a $450.00 phone…I got stuck in AT&T Prison for another two years too and had to buy a $15.00/month data plan to go with the phone. They still do not throw text in with the “data plan”…isn’t that f’d up? I think that’s a total rip off! We’ll wait and see if we need to pay the other $15.00/month for “unlimited texting”.

Highway robbery, I tell ya. Maybe as we’re destroying the world here in “Rising Son” along with the DMVs we’ll make a special point of hitting the AT&T headquarters…THAT could be FUN!

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  1. i can see that happening, raven popping down into the real world and have some big major teenage tantrum, and guess what it happens to be at the AT&T headquarters hihi oh yeah, blow that one up baby!

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