Six Sentences from Child of War-A God is Born

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Six Sentences from Child of War-A God is Born Book #2 in the “OF WAR” series by Lisa Beth Darling.

Looking back down into her frightened face as he scooped her up into his arms, he watched her teardrops freeze to her cheeks and become sorrowful icicles clinging to her lashes. “We’re going home. I’ll have you warm and safe in our bed in ten minutes.”

Carefully making his way down the steps with Alena in his arms, her breath began hitching in her chest as she tried to talk. “Ey—I t-ol-d you th-ey h-h-h-ate me,” she gasped, one hand holding her belly where Raven kicked and rolled, the other looped around his neck, pulling her face closer to the nape of his neck and the warmth he offered.

Now they both understood just how deep that hatred ran.

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  1. mirriamsmyth

    Poor Alena. Nothing worse than spiteful, hateful in-laws.

  2. How very sad. I love the “sorrowful icicles.” Very nice six.

  3. Wow-powerful writing.

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