It’s Official–I Hate EBooks

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I’ve been futzin’ around with freakin’ SmashWords all morning! “Child” was rejected from the ‘premium catalog’ because it doesn’t have a linked table of chapters. Ok, ummmm, it’s fiction a linked table of contents isn’t exactly necessary but….ok. I checked out their complaints and was told that there was no ‘link’ for Chapter Ten or for Chapters 23-29 although ‘meatgrinder’ (SmashWord’s conversion program) is supposed to make a Table of Contents automatically so long as chapters are labeled ‘Chapter X Y Z’

They are. All of them start with the word ‘chapter’ so what’s the deal? I went over the whole file and discovered a space was missing between each chapter number and title for the pages in question. I fixed that. Reuploaded.

You don’t have a linked table of contents….chapter 10 and chapters 23 to end.


Open the stupid ‘Style Guide’ and get completely confused. This should work. It’s exactly what the darn thing says it wants but….no.

Ok. Fine. I go back and, by hand, I put in links and bookmarks and construct a Table of Contents….exactly the way the ‘Style Guide’ says to do it.


You don’t have a linked table of contents….chapter 10 and chapters 23 to end.


Open the file, click every new bookmark…all work just as they’re supposed to.

Convert to Adobe to check it out. Yep. It works. BUT Adobe’s not picking up the Table of Contents either although it’s displaying and working just fine. Download Adobe App….Adobe Digital Reader. Yep, still works. Yep, still not displaying correctly. It’s supposed to automatically show up on the sidebar but it’s not there.

I screwed around with it for about an hour or more and finally gave up. I reuploaded and resubmitted to the ‘premium catalog’ in spite of the error message. We’ll see how that goes. Then I figured, while I was there, I’d download the Kindle edition through SmashWords just to check it out and see how it’s displaying and whether or not the ToC I made works. Other than Adobe, Kindle is the only free app I have for ebooks. I usually check them online after upload at Nook or wherever.

Holy Crap! No wonder people think my books are so “long”! Have you ever looked at a ‘book’ through one of these e-readers? It only displays (somewhere around) 1/4 of a page at a time. I kept trying to ‘scroll down’ but had to ‘flip pages’ instead. So people are now tricked into believing a 1/4 of a page is really a whole page….damn, I wonder what “War and Peace” looks like on one of these things.

Oh well…whatever. It WORKED that’s the important part. All links are intact and working perfectly. I don’t know what SmashWord’s problem is but….screw ’em. If they don’t accept “Child” into the ‘premium catalog’ I’ll get into iBooks through All Romance E-Books instead.

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