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CreateSpace kicked the cover; fonts weren’t embedded and it was ‘too small’. So……

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As you can see I went with most of the suggestions. I liked the black I think it adds a touch of pop to it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the white cover but I don’t think it’s standing out well on the Internet. So, what do you think of my last attempt? Do I have to fade ‘it’ more?

The last round of books showed up yesterday. I’ll get them out by or on Monday.

Something else showed up yesterday… my new fancy phone showed up. Oooooooo….pretty.

I spent about an hour trying to get the back cover off of it just to put the battery in it! The directions were not clear. It just said; put on center to open back. So I pushed and I pushed and I pushed and….nothing. Nikki tried. Nothing. Damn! I gave up for a while then found instructions in the booklet to go to for more info on my phone. Well, pushing and pushing on the center as directed was absolutely useless! If the directions said; push on botton panel to slide compartment forward….that would have done it! Anyway, I figured it out…sort of. I put the battery in backwards then couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working! Nikki fixed that while she shook her head.πŸ™‚

Then I was off and cruising on my new phone! Nice touch screen. I like it. I downloaded Apps…must have those it’s a Law or something. First one to be installed was IMDB now hubby and I can race to find the answers to our movie and television queries. Also got The Stoner’s Handbook. This thing is hilarious! If you love Toby and you have one of these fancy phones you really must download it. It’s chock full of all kinds of goodies including munchie recipes! LOL Also got Daily Horoscope and Tarot, Dream Dictionary App, my Daily Briefing (little news app). Then it was on to games; 7 Words which is very fun, Dropword also fun, Brain Age….my brain is 20 years old! LOL The stupid thing congratulated me on how well my brain works! Oh, if it only knew all of the braincells I’ve burnt out over the years! Also got The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, a little find the hidden objects game. Yes, of course, I also got Angry Birds. Weird little game. Also got Tetris, my favorite for passing the time. But it’s rather difficult on a touch screen. I’ll figure it out.

It came with a wonderful mini version of Office! Not that I’ll use it or the WordPress App that I downloaded very much. I am ‘all thumbs’ (and not in a good way) when it comes to using the keyboard. I never seen to hit the right key always the one next to it. I also downloaded a cool “live wallpaper”, a thunderstorm. Lightning and pouring rain on the background and it moves, kinda cool.

Yes, I put a damn password on it so Becca can’t steal it. It won’t do her any good to walk off with a phone she can’t access!

The things takes video and pics. The camera is AWESOME it even has many of the features of my PowerShot! So now even when I forget to bring the camera along I’ll still have a good one with me.πŸ™‚

The City of New London got some good news (for a change)! Seems the deal to sell part of Riverside Park to the US Government is off. 1-there was a “time is of the essence” clause in the contract which expired on 11/14 AND 2- the recount showed the citizens did NOT approve the sale in the first place. It was still terribly close.

Off to see what the day brings.

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