Inspiration is Where You Find It

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And I’m thinking it can be dangerous! LOL

For a long time I’ve wanted to try something. Ever since I got Win7 and learned how to put things side-by-side on the screen I’ve wondered if I could open WORD and play a DVD. Today I gave it a shot.

Oh man!

1-it works beautifully. I’m sitting here typing away watching “Old Ares Had a Farm”

2-I could do this for a very long time! Yeah, that’s the dangerous part. I’m thinking I could burn all of my Ares episodes onto one DVD and have it play continuously as I write.😮

Oh well the ah….juices…are flowing so time to finish off the mayhem in the Mortal World, at least for a little while. I think later today (hopefully) I’ll post everything I have…it’s not much don’t get too excited…so you can read it and see how we’re…coming…along.😉

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