The Trouble I Can Get Into Now That I’m Unemployed

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Oh boy.

Ain’t technology grand? Yep, I’m likin’ it just a wee bit more today.

We got a good chunk of writing done as I watched DVDs and typed away but, as I was typing, I noticed a strange little icon on the DVD player. I moved my mouse over it. Screen Cap…read it.

Oh Happy Day!

Took a little while to learn how to use it properly but, after that, I had a lot of fun. The Big Guy is very pleased with himself to know that I ‘ve been looking at pictures of ‘him’ all day long….yeah, like he needs an ego stroke.

Everyone benefits from a little…stroking…now and then.

Yeah, well it sure got my juices going. I snagged 49 caps off one episode.😉

Oh…thank you Karen!!!

Ok, well now that we’ve got all of our circuits up and running I guess we should get back to work…or start ‘capping’ “Old Ares Had a Farm”….oh momma….that could be truly dangerous.🙂

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  1. that last one
    i say no more
    or wait
    more captions? hihi

    • LOL! You wait until I start capping “Old Ares Had a Farm”….he spends nearly the entire episode without a shirt…thud.

      Yeah, I LOVE that last cap….every time I lay my eyes I just wanna bite him…just like that.😉

      • now you found this “new” feature i expect regular “updates” hahaha😉
        we might be married but our eye wants something too *wide grin*

  2. 🙂 Glad you are still enjoying the DVD’s!!!

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