Aunty Moon’s Version of the Weekend Dirty Dozen

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Oh…you would NOT believe the dreams I had last night. They’re still making me shudder. (Big Evil Grin) I haven’t dreamed since…I don’t know when. But ‘someone’ was pleased with himself–and me–last night.


So I’ve spent a good portion of today repeating the events of yesterday and dreamin’ away as I ‘capped’ “Old Ares Had a Farm”. When I finished I had…752 screen caps.🙂


Yeppers, it took a while to go through alllll of them. Oh such ‘hard’ and laborious work. I don’t know how I do it.😉

Narrowing the list down to 12 was quite difficult so there may be two posts here. This one contains the caps I found to be the most…intriguing. The next will contain the funny ones. Click the pics to see full size and to save, I love to share so g’head and grab ’em.

Here we go!

Now don’t anybody out there take this the wrong way…got it? BUT, I have been told by several people on many occasions that it may be a good thing that our friend died when he did. Otherwise, if I’d had to chance to come across him, I would have f’d him to death!

Very possible.

Very possible indeed.😉

(Smile….it’s good for you!)

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  1. Glad to still be helping out.

    BTW – I got my book today! Can’t wait to have a quiet moment to start reading it.

  2. 9/10/11 do they come in popsicle version like the ones from 007? like this :

    i’ll be ordering me a dozen too then hihi

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