Closing Out My First Year

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It was a year ago, November 10th, that I officially became an ‘author’ and made my debut on Kindle/Nook and all of those happy sites. Yeah, it only took me two years after I wrote “Dream Weaver” to figure out all of that stuff! hahahaha Not to mention starting the grinding of the Promo Wheel, which I knew absolutely nothing about until around the beginning of this year.

So I figured it was time to go around to all of those sites, add up the numbers, and see how I made out here in my very first year.

The mark of a ‘best selling self-published book’ is 500 copies sold. “Heart of War” sold 258! Just a tad over half way there….not too shabby.

All in all, including the writings of our dear old friend “Ebony Clarke”, I’m ending the year with 935 copies sold!

Again…not too darn shabby.

“She” sells more of those stupid $0.99-1.99 short sex stories than “I” ever dreamed of. Then again, people are notoriously cheap and they may like the ‘mystique’ she has behind her since she’s never done any interview or anything like that. “She” hasn’t come out with anything new in a while so “her” sales are dropping off a little bit. I guess “Ebony” will have to finish “Obsession” and put it on the market…or something like that. Maybe “I” will finish it and sell it cheap, see how that goes.

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  1. Lisa, I wish you much success in your writing career and publishing.
    You are a talent that more of the world needs to know about! Can’t wait to read more of CW and January is so far away!

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