I Never Said I Was a Genius

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Nope, I never did. In fact, if you’ve hung around here long enough you already know that and the fact that I often own up to being an idiot.

Let’s do that again…shall we?

Lost my job 10/28 and haven’t received an Unemployment check yet. Ok, we now know there are no ‘checks’ and one either gets a debit card the State puts money on every week or one can have the payment Direct Deposited into their banking account. Earlier this week, I posted I received a letter telling me my debit card would arrive in 3-6 days. I also posted I went right over to the Unemployment site and signed up for Direct Deposit.

A few days ago the debit card showed up. I figured it was an error…things crossed ‘in the mail’ and I… threw it out…unopened.

I’ve been checking the bank balance but…no deposit has been made.

(I hear you laughing already!)

Gee, that’s odd, huh? I started getting a little pissy over it but, it is the Great State of Connecticut after all and I’ve seen people go 3-4 weeks before getting their first Unemployment ‘check’….I guess we should use ‘payment’ instead of ‘check’.

Even though we had an awesome round, I had a hard time sleeping last night I kept wondering where my money is. Woke up this morning, looked up at hubby and said: “Ya know, that stupid debit card came in the mail the other day. Do you think there’s any money on it?”

Hubby gave me that; I love you, Pooh-Bah look he always does when I’ve said something rather dumb. It kinda looks like this…..

Then he said: “I don’t know, did you check it out?”

“Nah, I tossed it out ’cause I signed up for the Direct Deposit thing so the money should just go into our account, I figured it was useless.”

The expression of; you’re cute but not so bright deepened on his face. To something like this….

“Tossed it out? Pooh-bah, I can’t believe you did that. What were you thinking?”

Obviously…I wasn’t. “Well, it’s ok, I still got it. It’s in the trash in my office.”

Big sigh from hubby.

So I climbed out of bed, came down to the office, picked the envelope out of the trash, opened it, called the number, activated it, and pressed for Account Balance; You have $292.56 in your account.


Awwwwwww……crap. I am such an idiot!😉

Yeah, I know, I might as well have taken 3 100 dollar bills and tossed ’em into the garbage. I know. I know. But I rescued it, that’s the important part. LOL

I took it up to the corner store and bought some stuff then stopped at the corner bank to take out some cash and soon discovered I was right about the; how do you pay your bills with this stupid thing….thing. The bank charged me almost $4.00 to take out $60.00! If one was just going to use it for groceries and gas and things like that I guess it’s ok but if you have to pay a bill (there’s no checking attached to this thing) how do you manage it? Pay online? I guess. Kinda dumb, they shouldn’t charge someone who’s unemployed to get their unemployment money out of the bank. That’s just not right. It’s not like there’s a Chase Bank around here anywhere…that’s what the debit card says on it ‘Chase’.

All’s well that ends well I guess.🙂

THIS week’s payment should go directly into the bank account, we’ll see.

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  1. Kayla & Randy Wray

    The hubby says there is a trick to get out of. Paying that much just go. To walmart and use card to get fifty cent peice of csndy then when you pay click you want money back

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