Sick or Old…Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

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I feel like crap today. I didn’t sleep much at all last night, couldn’t regulate my body temperature to save my soul. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up absolutely DRENCHED in sweat and feeling as though I was standing next to a volcano. Then there’s all the time I got up and got sick last night. It was awful. One time I almost didn’t make the garbage can. I didn’t even eat anything spicy/weird or whatever. No one else seems sick to their stomach. I guess it’s just age…oh joy.

Top that off with…I am enjoying my new phone WAY too much! I can’t stop playing these stupid little games, mostly the word games, so…when I did try to sleep, all I saw was little cubes with letters in them as my thumb tried to make words out of them. Yeah, not touching the phone today. LOL

As usual, my saving grace is my hubby. We have to be destined to be together because every time I get sick the only thing that makes me feels better is his arms around me. You can keep all of the medicines in the world that’s the only one I need. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how things are with you and your relationship (if you have one) but I’m serious, he puts his arms around me and it all goes away. I can have the nastiest headache in the world he puts his hand on my forehead and poof it’s gone. Well, at least for as long as his hand rests there.đŸ™‚

I slept on the couch for a while this morning. Since becoming Unemployed I have tried very hard NOT to watch Daytime TV cuz man…it BITES! While resting on the couch I was treated to Anderson Cooper’s new show, I woke up long enough to listen to them discuss how to get your grown children to leave the house. They weren’t much help. The family/relationship “coach” they had on totally blew. How does one get a ‘job’ as a relationship “coach” anyway? Obviously there’s no training or licensing involved in the process. While I like Anderson Cooper as a newsman I really can’t stand it when he tries to play the ‘common man’. Dude! Your mother is Gloria Vanderbilt! You are NOT the common man.

Next up; The Wendy Williams Show. I admit, the only thing I know about this woman is what I see on “The Soup” they love to make fun of her. While she’s not the best looking woman I’ve ever seen…although she does top Lady Gaga…I found her to be kinda funny and, while not perfect, she does seem genuine. She also informed me–as has a great number of other people–that once you hit 40 your metabolism grinds to a halt. Gee, thanks. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to exercise.

Excuse me? Is THAT what you call it?

Oh shut up! Not everyone can look like YOU.

Ok, while he would like me to stand up and do curls and lift weights I tend to do it sitting in bed. I have 3 and 5 pound hand weights to work these slightly-less-than-toned arms and I found my old Thigh Master which I have also been using. Even though I do not get up to use them I still manage to get my heart rate up and it feels pretty good. I have tried it standing up a few times but…

She gets dizzy

Yeah? So?

Jack LaLane here thinks it’s all so easy.

Anyway, after Wendy Williams I found enough energy to drag my sick ass off the couch, make some coffee, and sit here in the office to find the winner of the “Save a Turkey: Gobble a Book Blog Hop”. Congrats to Sherry! I don’t know how long I will be able to sit here, my body aches head to toe and my tummy feels funny. Ick. I sooo don’t want to be sick for Thanksgiving, that would totally blow. At least the horrible ‘sweats’ have stopped, now I’m just frickin’ freezin’.

Barring any World News or catastrophes I think I’m taking the rest of this week off from Ye Olde Blog. Or at least until Friday.đŸ˜‰

Have a Happy Thanksgiving All!

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  1. LorettaLynn

    I had the flu for a week and everyone else in the house was fine.I was sweating and hot and cold all at the same time. it was just nasty. I hope you feel better soon, it sucks being sick.

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