Everybody Live Through Black Friday

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Obviously…I did. I wasn’t crazy enough to run out there and battle the crowds and, so I hear, neither were a lot of other people. Not only are we all broke I think a lot of us are just sick to death of being TOLD we HAVE TO RUN OUT THERE and BUY CRAP! I mean, ya know, if we don’t then it must mean we don’t love the people in our lives…right?😉

Anyway, we had a very small but nice Thanksgiving. Cousin was the only guest we had but that didn’t stop me from cooking for two days…three days if you count the yummy-yummy turkey pot pie I made last night. Oh Gods! I LOVE pot pie….it’s nearly the perfect comfort food. Ahhhh.

I got to play around with the camera on the new phone. It is very cool!

Here’s our little table before all of the food got placed upon it.

Then I noticed some of the ‘features’ and started playing around with them. One of them read; Vintage. I could have ‘warm’, ‘cool’, and a few others. So….

Man, we used to bitch when our pics came out like that! I never realized how much I missed them until I took those two shots.🙂

While Cousin was here I gave him my last on-hand copy of “Child of War-A God is Born” and he seemed very happy to get it. Mr. Fussy Designer loved the white cover. Me too. I spent some time going back over it yesterday and today.

What do you think? I put it up yesterday–for ebooks and on the site, I just did paperbacks earlier today–and it seems to be attracting some attention.

The Black Friday Book Bonanza Blog Hop is going very well for me. I’m surprised by the amount of comments I’ve garnered and how nice some of them are. The Gratitude Giveaway is also going better than I expected. Both seem to be translating into sales, that’s always nice.


Just in time for Christmas and the Winter Holidays “Child of War-A God is Born” paperbacks are now $10.95 that’s $5.00 OFF Amazon (and others) cover price! Order through the site before 12/12 for guaranteed delivery for the holidays.

Paperbacks of “The Heart of War” are now also on sale for the holidays. Order now for $12.95 that’s $5.00 OFF Amazon (and others) cover price!Order through the site before 12/12 for guaranteed delivery for the holidays. http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/heartofwar/paperbacks.html

CHECKS are now being accepted for ALL hard copy books. Please fill out the form on the site so the shipping price can be calculated before sending your bank, business, or personal check.

E-BOOKS for “Child of War-A God is Born” have been reduced to $2.99 for the season and are available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks and others. ADOBE/PDF versions of “Child” are ONLY available through http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/childofwar/order.html

FAN GEAR-is also available and can be delivered in time for the holidays if
ordered by 12/10 http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/collections.html Includes t-shirts, mugs, and more. Also includes signed book sets. HARD COVERS must be ordered by 12/05 in time for holiday delivery.

(END SHAMELESS PLUG…hey man! I’m Unemployed! I need to make some money here!!!!)

Speaking of Unemployment…I actually checked the Direct Deposit thing. I’m supposed to get $168.00/wk but I opted to have taxes taken out for it….$22.00/wk!!!! Holy Crap! Oh well, perhaps I can look forward to RECEIVING a check from Uncle Sam come April rather than SENDING him one!🙂

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