Sweet Saturday

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It had been almost two weeks since they last made love, and Raven let his strong objections regarding his Father’s intrusion be known. When it was over and he pulled out of her, there was blood on his still hard cock and she soon doubled over in pain. It had been a tough two weeks and Ares, accustomed to engaging in sexual pleasures at least twice a day, was becoming frustrated. Yet he remained, by and large, faithful to his Wife. Ares hadn’t done anything he would consider cheating or a breaking of his vow, certainly not. However, the women in the house, Onya, Iris, and Arianna, not having a man to fulfill their needs had taken to having a three-way relationship. One or two nights, as Alena slept, he’d gone into their room and watched them as they crawled all over each other’s naked supple bodies and he tossed off. They didn’t touch him and he did not touch them. He had no desire to touch them, he only wanted the visual aid they offered and the scents that hung heavy in the air around them. “You know we shouldn’t, we should wait.” But the rising tent in the blankets belied his weak protest.
“Oh, yes, definitely,” Alena cooed as she reached down under the blanket and grasped his hot hardening cock, “we should wait, I see that.”

A deep moan escaped Ares’ throat as her hand started gliding up and down along the shaft. “Alena,” Ares pushed her hand away only to have it come back. “Would you stop, woman? I’m trying to be good here.”

Sliding up his flank, big belly and all pressed against him, she continued her pumping as she whispered in his ear, “You’re always good.”

Even though her sultry breath against his tender neck made him quiver, Ares held onto his weak position. “No. Raven…”
Taking the hand trying to pry hers away from his throbbing cock and placing it on her belly, she continued whispering in his ear, “Is sleeping. See?” Raven had been quiet since they arrived at the Fortress, only lightly tumbling around and not fidgeting. “It’s all right.”


“What? You don’t desire me anymore?”

Ares propped himself on his elbow and pushed her down on the mattress again. “Oh shut up, woman.” He kissed her again and her arms wrapped around him.

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