Six Sentence Sunday

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Six Sentences from Child of War-A God is Born Book #2 in the “OF WAR” series by Lisa Beth Darling.

Ares lay in his bed with his Wife in his arms, his hand resting lightly on her burgeoning belly and feeling nothing but a strong boy within. He searched for signs of madness and disease but came up empty. Still, it was hard to deny that his Son was killing his Wife, just in his effort to make it into this world. The boy was taking everything he could from his Mother and demanding more. “You won’t take my Wife from me, Boy,” Ares swore in the dark as though the baby growing within her could hear him. “No man will ever do that, not even you.”

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  1. mirriamsmyth

    That’s an intense promise but I don’t blame him for saying. He loves her too much to let her go so easily. Love your six🙂

  2. I love Ares strength and conviction here. Well written🙂

  3. Alix Cameron

    Great work. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. That is a very powerful scene.

  5. Another awesome six.

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