Seeking Assistance for a Bad Back

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The holiday weekend was really great and relaxing, among keeping up with the blog hops, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, I actually did get some writing done. I also suffered most of the weekend with my crummy back so I’ve been looking into ways to make it feel a bit better.

This is the best I’ve come up with so far

What do you think? How much do you suppose one of those runs? Right about now that’s looking REALLY GOOD to me! Before I run right out and steal one from a museum or something I thought I’d seek your advice on the subject. For a day or two a heating pad and good old muscle rub did the trick but last night I couldn’t get comfortable or sleep for anything. It was awful and today I have a splitting headache, my tummy’s upset, and I’ve been playing Angry Birds in the bathroom a lot. BTW, Angry Birds is really helpful in the bathroom, you should try it!🙂

Anyway, the hops are over, my giveaways are done so now that I don’t have to deal with that hub-bub anymore may I can relax and my back will do that same. One can always hope, right? The good news is, between the Black Friday Book Bonanza and the Gratitude Giveaway I actually received 100 entries! Woot! Hey, man, that’s not too shabby.

Since today is CYBER MONDAY…. The Heart of War is just $0.99 on KINDLE ONLY through 12/23. Click the link, spend a buck, make sure this author keeps eating, will ya? LOL

I so totally hate selling my stuff–or trying to sell my stuff–at the rock bottom price of $0.99. Personally, I think it cheapens my work and everyone elses. Let’s face it, if an author/publisher doesn’t think their work is worth more than $0.99, why should anyone else? We all know the sad economics here too; the more you feed the ‘hungry masses’ at that price…the less they’re willing to pay in the future. I wish ebook sellers would either get rid of the $0.99 thing OR make books UNDER 40,000 words available at such a price. For a full length novel that’s just not a fair price BUT we all have to do it now and again in the name of Sales and the Almighty Dollar.

Oh well, at least I didn’t run out there and blow a wad in the stores over the weekend. Other people can go battle those crowds if they want a $200.00 blu-ray player for $20.00 but not me. And…HEY! The store is STILL making a bit of cash on that $180.00 off price so….perhaps they’d like to lower it ALL YEAR ‘ROUND and see if THEY sell more. Just a thought. The news showed me people getting pepper sprayed by other shoppers, people in brawls, hair pulling, a grandfather trying to protect his grandson…geez! Then they told me it was banner Black Friday with each shopper spending just over $300.00. Yeah, I’ll stay home, order online, no crowd, no pushing, no shoving, no yelling. Ahhhhhh….much better.

So while you’re popping around Amazon today and thinking of getting a brandy-dandy new Kindle for someone…remember…the Kindle is crap without at least one book on it! So….buy “Heart of War” for that special someone on your list. They are worth the extra $0.99…right? hahahaha

I’m off to see if I can find a slight-used but-in-good-condition Rack anywhere….who the hell knows what kind of deals I’ll find online today? Then again, the shipping on that sucker could be steep.🙂

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  1. Hey Lisa, If you haven’t found & bought a rack yet, here are my words of wisdom about your back. My mom has degenerative disc disease & two of her vertibra are basically rubbing bone on bone with no cushion, so if she moves just wrong, she gets horrible pain & can’t stand up straight. She’s been to physical therapists & they all say, cold, not heat, since her pain is from a nerve getting pinched, which causes it to swell. Heat does feel good, but it dosen’t really help the nerve get back to normal size, cold however does. Mom has at least 2 ice packs, one of which is in the freezer all the time, so that she can swap them out as they warm up. She sits in her recliner with the cold pack wedged against her lower back all day, then goes to bed. Each day, she is able to stand up straighter & walk better. Usually after 3 days, she is back to feeling pretty normal. This is all fresh in my mind because she was cooking on Friday morning & twisted to throw something in the trash, when she heard a pop. She was pretty much confined to her chair on Friday & Saturday, but moving better on Sunday. This morning, she actually got up & went to volunteer at the church, so basically 3 days & she’s all good again.

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