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First up, my old back is feeling better today. I got lots of advice over on FaceBook. I guess that means I’m not alone in this getting older thing which kinda sucks that my friends have to through it too but kinda good, I guess, since it means we’re all still here! LOL I took it easy, sat up straight, found the last hot patch I had and put it on my back. Oh that feels so good! I love those things! I actually slept right through the night which is always a good thing. So maybe we’ll get back to writing for a while today if I can keep sitting here. If I do it too long I’ll turn into a Looney-Tune Cartoon…Wile E. Coyote or something…you know, what I’m talking about. The scenes where he has to straighten himself up as though he’s using a car jack…yeah, I feel a lot like that most of the time.πŸ™‚

Anyway, I dropped the price on “The Heart of War” over on Kindle to $0.99 and bitched about it yesterday BUT…sales DOUBLED OVERNIGHT! How do you like THAT one? We went from being #105,000+ to being #18,393 in a matter of hours. Not too shabby, hey? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; it’s a long way to the Kindle Hot 100 but we are a little (a lot) closer now. So…go buy a book bitches! They’re less than a small coffee! Can’t beat that deal with a stick, I tell ya.πŸ˜‰

Of course, it didn’t hurt that I pumped it like a $5.00 whore over on FaceBook. I joined new groups right and left and posted all over that sucker. Did the same today with Yahoo! Mailing Lists. I’ve kept to four or five over the last year cuz they’re kind of a pain in the ass but today I ‘broadened my horizons’ joined several more and blasted out the Holiday Special news about the ebooks and paperbacks. I’m hoping some people will go for the paperbacks (hey, $10.95 for “Child” is a steal!) that way immediate cash flow will get put directly into my pocket rather than waiting for Amazon to pay off on this ‘winfall’ in two or three months.

Since that hit yesterday I’ve gotten oodles of hits on the site for;
Child of War pdf free
Child of War free pdf
Gods are born adobe free
Lisa Beth Darling free download of war series

And so on and so on and so on.

THAT is exactly why I did not release “Child” to the masses in .pdf/Adobe format right off the bat! They never try looking for ‘free’ Kindle/Nook/Sony/Palm/iBook versions…ever. Come just after Christmas or the start of the New Year I’ll make it available that way on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks but not before. Until then….PAY for the Adobe version and it can only be obtained from moi through the site. That way I can keep track of everyone who buys it in case it does show up as a free download somewhere on the Internet.

I hate to be a royal bitch that way but I’ve had more people come crawling to me begging for a free copy than I can shake a stick at. All claiming to be ‘loyal fans’ and ‘long time readers’. If you’re so loyal and long time…how come you can’t part with the $2.99? I swear each one of them believes they are the ONLY person to come to me with their hand out. They’re not! If I gave this to everyone who emailed me and asked/begged me for it, I’d have no chance of making any money off of it AT ALL.

Most of their excuses/reasons seem revolve around ‘not having a credit card’. Me either! Guess what? Your DEBIT CARD works just fine! Use that, PayPal, Amazon, B&N, BAM, and I will love you for it. No, you don’t actually have to have a PayPal account in order to use it.

OR they could write me a CHECK for a paperback. Just sayin’…that’s an option.

I’ve also gotten; ‘I just can’t afford it, won’t you PLEASE let me have it?’ Really? You can’t afford $2.99??? I know times are hard, I’m Unemployed, remember? But I could still swing $2.99 for something I really wanted and was just ‘dying to read!’. Personally, I think that’s an extremely fair price for an ebook by anyone, even an ‘unknown indie’ like me.

Maybe they just don’t think that my time and efforts are worth anything.

I dunno.

I do know, I have not given it to a single person who came asking for it and I won’t do it. I gave my stories away for free for years and that’s over with now. If people can’t understand that…it’s their problem not mine. There are less than 5 e-book giveaways coming up before the end of the year and none of them are associated with this blog. Yes, that means I will not be advertising them anywhere. If those who won’t pony up happen to come across them and enter…even win…then good for them. If not…oh well. At least someone new gets a shot.

Ok, I’ll stop bitchin’ now it’s just that sometimes people’s cheapness gets me down. Outside of family–my Cousin in particular–I have never asked anyone if they would just give me the fruits of their artistic efforts and talents. Why? Because it’s wrong, that’s why. If one pays for their work Artists don’t Starve. So if you like somebody’s work; tell them and buy something from them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, stoppin’ the bitchin’ I know!πŸ™‚

So…GO…NOW! Show An Author You Care & Spend a Buck on an E-Book. Let’s see if we can’t break into the top 10,000…hehehe. Wouldn’t that be great? Or, ya know, you could just click ‘like’ or ‘agree with the tags’ or leave a nice little review or something too.πŸ˜‰

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