Little Things Annoy A Lot

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Whatever happened to telephone etiquette? How about just plain ol’ manners?

This nearly never fails; hubby and I are all snug and warm in our bed–after a really fantastic round, I might add!–we’re cuddled and crusin’ with our snoozin’ and I hit what has to be Optimum Comfort…I mean comfort so deep it’s like a thick down blanket wrapped all around me and I never want to move and then….

Someone bangs on the bedroom door, the outside door, screaming erupts OR my personal favorite–the phone rings.

That’s what happened last night.

Long about 11:30 as Dream Land was whisking me away for a blissful night the friggin’ phone rang. I didn’t want to get it, I wanted to ignore it, but it’s late so maybe someone needs help.

Ok, force open eyes, grope for phone, look at screen to see a number I don’t recognize; who the hell is that? Whatever, the phone’s new, I lost all of my old ‘contacts’ so it could be someone important….or not.

Me: “Hello?”

Them: “Yeah, hi.”

This is not a voice I recognize and then the line falls silent. Me: “Hello?”

Them: “Yeah, hello. Who the hell is this?”

Me: “Who are you?”

Them: “Who is this?!

Ok, well, since you asked so nicely; Me: “I’m the person who the owns the phone…who the fuck are you?”

Silence and then click.


I was so perfectly comfortable only to be disturbed by some jackass who didn’t seem to know who they were calling. I had troubles getting back to sleep the rest of the night. If I find that little sucker I’m gonna choke him until he falls asleep then throw a bucket of cold water on him and say; “Who is this?”

That crap happens a lot. Thankfully it usually happens during the day and not when I’m sleeping. The kicker is they really seem to expect that I’m going to tell them who I am. Hey! Buddy! YOU called ME, remember? You’re supposed to KNOW who I AM since YOU made the call. Well, ya know, unless they just don’t have anything better to do than punch random numbers into a phone and bug the crap outta people. Which could be the case, I know. I know.

It used to be that if you woke somebody up in the middle of the night because you dialed a wrong number you did something totally unheard of today; you apologized to a total stranger. You might have even felt badly for waking them. You did not demand to know who you just called because that’s plain stupid.

Years and years ago, our home telephone number was ONE number off from the main number of Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. We’d get calls at ALL hours of the day and night. There wasn’t a week that went by that we weren’t woken from a sound sleep by the piercing shrill of a ringing phone. One of us would run to get it before it woke Nikki and find some panicked person on the other end trying to reach the hospital. Most times I or hubby would tell them they had the wrong number, they needed to dial 442 and not 443. We’d do this nicely because, obviously, they have enough troubles at the moment. Do you know half the time they wouldn’t BELIEVE us? They thought the hospital operator just didn’t want to put them through. Seriously. We’d have to HANG UP on them just to get them to place the call again. If our line rang again right away it was pick it up quick and hang it up. We’d do it as many times as we had to until they got the number right and actually reached the hospital.

That was the only time I considered being awoken in the middle of the night to be ‘acceptable’. Needless to say, however, we did beg the phone company to change the number for us. After several months they finally did.

A lack of telephone manners doesn’t stop with the above, although the latter is understandable. It’s the same damn thing with the mortgage company; I’m late, they call and it’s always the same old Song and Dance, my favorite part of which; Is the best number to call you still 860-blah blah blah?”

To which I always answer; “Did you JUST call me at that number?”

They stutter. They stammer. Finally mumble something along the lines of “Yea.”

At the point I remind them that it appears the number still works. Any other questions, bright eyes? No. Awesome!

Just remember, before you start placing that after 11pm call; Someone Else’s Sleep in a Terrible Thing to Waste. So get the number right, if you just can’t remember it there’s always 411 or or, ya know, you could just wait until after the sun comes up if you’re not bleedin’ out your eyeballs or sumthin’.

Who’s this? Is NOT acceptable when you’ve placed the call. Especially if you have not yet identified yourself.

Whatever happened to Emily Post? I miss her these days.

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  1. Oh ya, manners! I’ve heard of those. Legend has it they vanished around the the 1870’s. LOL!

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