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Today we’re over on I’m A Book Shark with a list of Top Ten Famous (and Infamous) Love Affairs. Post includes an e-book giveaway of “The Heart of War”. Check out the list and then tell me who some of your favorites are.

For some reason KINDLE has decided to sell “Child of War-A God is Born” for $0.99. I thought I had screwed up when I was posting the link earlier but, turns out, I’m some sort of “Kindle Special” but I have no idea how long it lasts. So if you want this book and you’ve got a Kindle you should run over right now and Buy It

I heard about the GoodReads Awards. So I tossed “Child” in for several “Best of 2011” categories. If you have a GoodReads Account–and if you don’t, you should, they’re FREE–please sign in and ‘vote’ on the following links. I don’t expect to win anything, although it would be very nice, however it might help with my book sales and visibility. You do want me to sell a few books…don’t you?😉

Best Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novel 2011

Best Series 2011

Judge a Book by Its Cover “Heart of War” book cover nominated

Best Books 2011

If you’re kind hearted enough to vote for me in any category….thank you so very much!!!

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