Weekend Dirty Dozen

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Greetings! Welcome to my post for the Weekend Dirty Dozen. I hope you will enjoy these 12 sentences from Child of War-A God is Born book #2 in the OF WAR Series

“I love it here,” she called back to him as she reached down to grasp the hem of the slip and slide it upward over her head. She cast it to the sand at her feet and ran naked into the sea.

“You’re going to give Poseidon a hard-on,” Ares cracked as he watched her dive under the water and turn summersaults. Her feet planted on the back of her head with her hands grasping her ankles she turned over endlessly in the water, one second her firm ass popped out of the water for the briefest instant and then it was those lovely firm breasts, their nipples hard as pebbles with droplets clinging to them. “Me too, for that matter.” Not wasting time with stripping, he just snapped his fingers and the black leather surrounding him disappeared just before he ran after her into the warm blue waters. Cutting a long clean line through the water, Ares swam over to where Alena was tumbling, waited for her to surface and then caught her in his strong arms.

Swiping a hand down her face to clear away the salt water, she looked up at him and gave him a genuine smile. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Ares ran his hand over her wet hair, down the side of her face and cupped her chin. “So nice to see you again, my Wife, I missed you.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his she whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed you, too.” She nuzzled her face into the nape of his neck, pressing her bare breasts to his soft hairy chest and feeling his heart beat with hers.

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Child of War-A God is Born Book #2 in the “OF WAR” Series is now ON SALE on NOOK for $0.99! Price is in effect until 12/15/2011. KINDLE This book is a KINDLE SPECIAL and is ON SALE for $0.99 but I don’t know how long the price lasts since I didn’t sign up for this! LOL So if you have a KINDLE and you want it CHEAP hit that link and grab it while the grabbing is good!

PAPERBACKS of each novel are now $5.00 OFF Amazon’s (and others) cover price when purchased Moon Mistress Publishing. Order paperbacks by 12/15/2011 for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas and the Winter Holidays.

Limited Edition Signed Hard Covers of Child of War-A God is Born are still available. Due to troubles with the distributor I am unable to guarantee delivery for the holidays but books ordered before 12/15/2011 will arrive in time for the New Year.

CHECKS are now being accepted by the publisher for all hard copy orders.

Thank you for coming by today! Please Return to the Weekend Dirty Dozen and visit the other wonderfully talented authors!

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