Six Sentence Sunday

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Greetings! Welcome to my post for Six Sentence Sunday!
The following is taken from “Child of War-A God is Born” book #2 in the “OF WAR” Series of Paranormal Thrillers & Romance. I hope you enjoy!

Alena turned her eyes to the beach just as their fingers met and she saw the loveliest surprise; a feast fit for a king spread out upon a long rustic wood table with torches burning at either end. A small ways away from it was burning a large bonfire in the sand, surrounded by blankets on top of which sat thick fluffy pillows. Not far from the fire was a massive brass bed set in the sand with a white gauze canopy that hung to the ground on all sides. The blanket and pillows a romantic white eyelet pattern with the whole bed was covered in rose petals. Looking at it made her tingly in places that hadn’t tingled in a long time. “Nice bed, expecting something?”

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  1. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed reading it very much. You have an excellent blog here.

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  2. expecting something? Great line

  3. Great description, and I love the ‘expecting something?’ line!😀

  4. Beautiful description! Makes me wish I was there, and love the “expecting something” line!

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