I Hope I Don’t Owe Someone A Coke

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That’s what we say; “Owe ya a Coke” if two people say the same thing at the same time. We say that so we don’t ‘jinx’ whatever we’ve just said. So with that in mind….

I got the strangest email this morning!

It came through Multiply so I almost just deleted it as junk mail but the subject read; The Heart of War-Book-2012. So I thought I’d take a peek before hitting ‘delete’. Supposedly, a producer/director would like to discuss putting “The Heart of War” on his schedule for 2012!

Yeah, ok….I did have a slight heart attack at reading those words. Yes, yes, I did. BUT then I recovered and I went to Google and I typed in his name; Kent Osborne. I figured if nothing came back it’s totally bogus. Well you can Google it for yourself and see what you get but I was rather pleased. He has nice credentials although they’re mostly for kid-stuff some of its rather big kid stuff. Other stuff is adult oriented. A lot of stuff for USA.

I know. I know. It could still be bogus. It could be some jackass using this guy’s name. I know. But…..

What the hell?

I wrote back a nice little note thanking him for getting in touch with me and letting him know that, yes, I would like to explore this further with him. I also told him the series would have 4 books when finished and that “Child” was already out.

Don’t anyone get overly excited but….wouldn’t that be just fuckin’ AWESOME?

Yeah, Cokes for everyone!

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  1. OMG That would be awesome and I want to be on the invite list for the red carpet premier!

  2. i think i just had a small orgasm in my pants for you Sis.
    I hope this is real deal and you get lots of loot!!!

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