Seeing RED or Do NOT Work At My Old Job They SUCK

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OK, so I had to go to, what’s basically, Unemployment Orientation today. It was supposed to take 3 hours but the very nice gentleman in charge had us out in an hour and a half. While I was there he informed me that I had been taken advantage of FOR YEARS and RIPPED OFF to a majorly major degree the whole time I worked for Attorney Kathy Guinan and Attorney Richard Gruskin at good old Gruskin & Gruskin. That’s right…they BLOW!

He was doing his little thing, going along, popped a website which shows you the ‘average’ you should be making at any job within the State of Connecticut. He typed in ‘secretary/administrative assistant’ and came back with a figure of $16.33/hour! $16.33! I made $11.50. So I said; “That’s with a degree, right?”

He said: “That’s WITHOUT a degree, with a degree is this figure here….” he pointed to $20.38/hour! Then he smacked me right in the fact with; “It should probably be a little higher IN A LAW OFFICE.”


I got ripped off for $150.00 A WEEK just over the LAST YEAR alone. Do you know how many thousands upon thousands of dollars that they DIDN’T pay me and SHOULD HAVE over the last 8-10 years???? Just THIS YEAR ALONE they ripped me off for $7,800.00!!! Just this year!

I’m so pissed I can’t even see straight. Well, now I know exactly why ‘the rich get richer’ and that all these years all those people have been correct. They get richer and stay rich because 1-they refuse to share anything with anyone other than themselves 2-they love licking the sweat off the back of the little guy.

Hubby told me for years that they were purposefully ripping me off and I didn’t believe him. I kept saying ‘it’s a small office’ and yada yada yada. I made one excuse after another as to why I NEVER received a YEARLY RAISE or ANY meaningful benefits whatsoever. I kept the job because it made me feel like I was ‘useful’ and ‘helping people’. What a fuckin’ crock! All I was helping to do was to help my cheap bosses keep money in their own pockets! Let me say, this is a woman who DONATES between $1,000-$1,5000 a YEAR to a fuckin’ GOLF TOURNAMENT. Well, hell, why not, right? That’s a TAX WRITE OFF whereas paying your employee a FAIR WAGE just isn’t worth any type of ‘ROI’ at all.

I felt horrible about removing software…MY software…that THEY WERE TOO CHEAP TO PAY FOR TO RUN THEIR BUSINESS…from their computer. Well, if I knew now what I knew then, not only would I have pulled out the RAM and Video Card they never paid for, I would have dropped that fucker on a cement floor!

PISSED THE HELL OFF doesn’t even come close to describing my emotional state at this point in time.

Gee, no wonder I was ‘cranky’ at work, huh? Not only did I have to deal with the Crazy Clients….I got to eat a whole ton of shit from the Crazy Cheapass Bosses!!! And I actually LIKED them and I THOUGHT they liked me too. Wow, ‘look how wrong ya can be’, huh?

I tried these last two months to put that anger aside and just let it go but that’s a really tough pill to swallow, especially knowing the ONLY person associated with the office who even THOUGHT about giving me anything was Mr. Smith; he doesn’t even WORK there AND he’s on Social Security! The two millionaires I worked for–and yes, oh yes, my my my, they ARE MILLIONAIRES couldn’t even bothered to give me a handshake let a lone a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to help ensure my family and I don’t fall on outrageously tough times. I should have fuckin’ demanded that severance but, stupid me, I thought they were good people, stand up people, who would, OF THEIR OWN ACCORD, do the right thing by me.

Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ idiot.

They go to Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Ireland, Alaska….just for fun. BMWs? Mercedes? Lexus? Oh yeah, THEY got ’em. But, ya know, ‘tough shit, small fry’ that’s what I got out of them. They thought it was WONDERFUL that I could collect Unemployment for a YEAR…at the grand $146.00/week.


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  1. sigh your big red light or final big light telling you they were just using you was her campaign to run for probate judge. that costs big loot. love you and sorry you had to learn this lesson so hard sorta like when you learned not to trust star trek for facts on ok corral.

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