Yep, Still Ticked

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I told myself I was going to give myself the whole of yesterday to be pissed off and then I would just drop it.

Sounded like a plan, right?

Yeah, didn’t turn out that way. I’m still angry. The more I think about it the angrier I get, I swear instead of Ares *I’m* the one with steam comin’ out their ears!

A friend was kind enough to sit down with his calculator yesterday and then inform me that, over the years I worked at Gruskin & Gruskin I lost well OVER $60,000! But the good news is…it was only around $43,000 AFTER TAXES. Gee, looks like I put Kathy’s son through one year at Villa freakin’ Nova, huh? It’s easy to pay for your kid’s Ivy League education when you’re taking the money out of somebody else’s pocket! Then again, I could look at this way; if I’d been paid the going rate for what I do when I started and then stopped getting paid, I would have worked there for THREE YEARS…FREE.

Gee, I wonder…..with the part of her son’s education that I obviously paid for, do you think I could get him to give his mother a real lesson in How To Run a Business? I think I’m owed that much…at least.

I’m still seein’ red and it’s just gettin’ redder.

I can’t stop thinking about the $8,000.00 she just walked away from right before the office closed. It was too much hassle for her to go after it and collect it. Must be really nice to have enough money that you can just walk away from eight grand, huh? Never look back. Never even think about it. She never even stopped to think how much of that money was coming TO ME for all of the WORK I did on her behalf on that one case. She never charged the prevailing amount for anything she did and therefore she could never pay me a prevailing wage. She loved to give ‘courtesy discounts’ to people who didn’t need them and for things she wasn’t charging enough for in the first place. How does anyone expect to run a business and stay in business that way?

Oh yeah, with their own money. I guess. Personally, now that I’m looking back on it, I think she just does that job to ease her Catholic Guilt at having so much when nearly everyone around her has so little. No one should be interested in or forced into paying penitence for someone else’s guilty conscience.

I got my lovely $146.00 from Unemployment today, we actually ended the week with a whole $0.66 in the bank! WOW! Man, according to Kathy’s and Gruskin & Gruskin’s way of thinking… I must be RICH! I got $10.00 worth of gas in a tank that kept sayin’ “I’m thirsty! So thirsty! You can’t keep doing this to me!” I got a pack of cigs (wow) and then got 2-3 days worth of groceries to tide us over until Friday when hubby gets paid. I have $60.00 left in the bank to last until Friday. Again, wow, man, I am RICH. I’ll be on a plane to Spain or Ireland in no time at this blazin’ rate. Don’t ya think? Hoo-boy, what will I do with this stack of ‘disposable income’? Maybe I’ll donate it to a golf tournament. Well, ya know, after I’m done milking the last of the oil in the tank hoping it actually makes it to Friday. We’ve been on almost empty for about two weeks now, no baths, just quick showers. No, we haven’t even turned the heat on yet. We’re bundling up under blankets to save the oil.

Do you think that’s what she’s doing? Or do you think maybe she had a nice long HOT bath last night?

There’s no way…I said no way…she didn’t know what she was doing. None. How many times does your employee have to come to you and remind you that they haven’t had a raise in X years before you go; Oh gee! What a cheap ass I am! I think it’s time to give the girl a raise. OR…how many times does your employee have to swallow their pride and come crawling to you to get paid early because they need oil or to pay their mortgage? How many times do they have to come to you saying they need money so they’ll take the vacation pay without taking the time? She must have loved that one, after all, the money was coming to me–it was a ‘benefit’–so she paid it BUT she got to keep me at the desk so work didn’t fall behind. If she thinks I enjoyed doing any of that she’s out of her mind. I never should have been put into a position where I had to do any of it and I wouldn’t have had to do any of it if she just PAID a decent wage.

I think it would behoove Kathy greatly if she got out from under the heavy shelter she’s been living in for a while. You know…buy her own groceries so she can actually SEE what things COST. Not with an unlimited budget either, make her to go the grocery store ALONE with $100.00 and not a penny more and make her buy food for the entire week. See if it lasts. She should pay her own bills so she can SEE how much it TAKES to keep a small roof over your head. By all means, for the love of the Gods woman…start pumping your own GAS! She was always so Polly Prissy Pants about that one, her daddy didn’t want her to ‘learn’ how to pump gas because it wasn’t ‘ladylike’ so she has no idea of…well…anything. Everything is taken care of for her by her husband who works only for the insurance benefits, btw. He doesn’t ‘need’ the job. Personally, if that’s the case, I think he should quit and let someone who does need it have it. How about you? The kicker is that this is a woman who is supposed to be responsible for other people’s money. How can she do that effectively if she doesn’t have any real life experience, doesn’t shop, doesn’t have a clue as to what things cost? How can she possibly relate to her low-income clients this way? How can she understand how she’s financially ruining the only person who works for her?

She can’t.

That’s the truth.

Once in a while I’d come into the office in a ‘new’ outfit and she’d say to me; Where did you get that?

I would say: Salvation Army.

She’d look at me like I got a great bargain but never stopped to wonder why I didn’t buy clothes from The Providence Place Mall like she does. Well, dumbass, it was because you didn’t pay me enough to shop at Kohl’s never mind blow a bunch of money on clothes at Macy’s or something.

$42,000! Damn that hurts! It really does! My family and I could have actually USED that money.

The moral of the story is; Know Your Worth. Don’t take a goddamn dime less no matter what song-n-dance someone wants to give you about how they ‘can’t afford it’.

People want to know what’s wrong with the economy and how come it doesn’t get better. This is it! Have a good look. Employer’s who don’t want to pay the average cost of doing business because they think it’s ‘too high’. Not enough profit margin for them. If they don’t pay, then you can’t buy. If you don’t buy then after not too long…woops…there goes the whole economy.

I still don’t fully understand but hubby tried to explain it to me and I think this will prove true for Kathy as well, at least to some extent. He looked at me and said that $11.50 an hour only sounded like a lot of money to me because we come from a time when Minimum Wage was $3.37. Back then if you made $5.00/hour you thought you were on Easy Street…you were far from it but you felt better. Then Minimum Wage went up to $5.00/hour so if you made $7.00/hour again…Easy Street–or so you thought. NOW MINIMUM WAGE in CT is $8.25/hour! I had no idea! None! Now I can see how much I’ve been ripped off over the years. How I was taken advantage of for so long.

I know; there are none so blind as those who will not see.

I’ll try to stop bitching now but this the bitterest pill I’ve had to swallow in a long time.

So, to make myself feel better, I have a little sumthin’-sumthin’ for everyone out there. Yes, because I am not a petty, blind, foolish, or selfish person….”Christmas Eve on Olympus” goes free a day early! I’ll be back with the link in a little bit.

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  1. maybe go round to her house in the middle of the night, scratch up some cars for as long as you want until you know it cost them as much cash as they ripped of you for so many years?
    leave a sticky bomb on their doorstep?
    get a throw away phone and order loads of pizza’s and let them be delivered?
    hmm what else……

    • Ya know…the pizza thing is NOT a horrible idea!!!! hummmmmmmm

      • yeah well with a thorw away phone it would be harder to track a person down😉 pay cash and check out first if there aren’t any camera’s around to link you to the sale!!
        hmmm everything to help or even lift the spirits for just a second

  2. They’re all out for themselves…. takes too much to appreciate the workers that make your company successful.. I haven’t had a raise going on 6, to include a 10% reduction a few yrs back that was temporary… lol… how temporary is temporary??? I could use that money big time right about now… I found out they’d pay 1/2 my insurance for me, if my husband lost his job, and I lost my insurance, great… cost is 600 per month…then I’d be without a home… with 3 kids and a hubby on unemployment… where do we go from there????

  3. and without the insurance, I don’t make a week, if I’m lucky lol.. ain’t that a bitch

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