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Grinding the Promo Wheel never stops! I signed up to do an interview or character interview for a site, heard back from them, they’d love to have me. I was selected to do a character interview for them.


Then I find out, it’s not what I’ve been doing, they actually have a list of questions and I have to answer as the character.

Ok, I admit it…it was a hell of a lot of fun! It really was! Just sit back and let The Big Guy nut-up and answer a few questions for a change. Yep, I just let him take over and say whatever he wanted.🙂

BUT, the very first thing they asked me to do was to write a blurb on The Heart of War from Ares’ POV–please make it between 300-600 words.


Anyway, this is what he came up with…what do you think?

There I am, in exile for 200 years from Olympus, sitting on my island with my women—I have…had…eight of them—when, out of nowhere, this woman washes up on my shore. My island is extremely private there should never be any uninvited guests so I went to kill her before she could tell anyone about me but she was dying when I got there so I left her alone. Funny, she didn’t die she wandered around and had the nerve to hit me in the head with a rock when I attacked her. Anyway, it wasn’t long before I discovered this silver haired/gray eyed little Fey belonged to Cernunnos then I was glad I didn’t kill her because that would have caused a lot of trouble. Killing another God’s property causes a lot of headaches, you understand.

When she woke and told me her name, Magdalena, Maggie for short, I thought it unsuited to her so I renamed her, Alena. I searched the horizon and shores for signs of a shipwreck but there were none, it was as though she fell from the sky. She gave me some song and dance about a boat she was on being taken over by pirates and then blown up, I didn’t believe her, I thought she was a spy for Cernunnos so I checked out her story and went to Africa where Alena worked in a refugee camp. Nasty place, I don’t suggest anyone take vacation in Ceres Agar. Anyway, while I was gone, my brother Apollo visited the island and tried to take Alena away as my head woman Kat took it upon herself to have my little Onya raped by two of my men. Alena jumped into battle, she killed both men and was about to kill Kat when I showed up. I wanted the satisfaction of the kill so I took it away from Alena and did it myself.

We made love for the first time that night, it started off as a barter; she’d sleep with me, give me her chastity, if I would protect her from my family and from Cernunnos whom she’d been running from for centuries. Sounded like a good deal to me, I didn’t mean to fall in love with her but Fate had other plans. I took her virginity and she took my heart.

Alena wouldn’t go to Olympus without me so I took her and they tried to take her away from me. No one takes what’s mine. Certainly not them. My family never liked me, never wanted me to be happy, they despise me and all that I am.

Cernunnos sent his Druids after her, they invaded my island, killed my men, but she was magnificent in battle! I never saw anything quite like her, this tiny woman with the heart and prowess of a lion. Side-by-side we fought until all of the Druids were dead and sea ran red with their blood. We beat them back that time but they put a dark curse on me. We won’t talk about that, let’s just say it’s over now and leave it there.

Cernunnos had a spy among the Olympians and they snatched Alena away from me brought her to him. Taking his wife back wasn’t the only thing Cernunnos wanted with Alena he had a secret master plan to absorb the power of all the Gods and Alena was the key. It was a long glorious battle but, as you can see, I am here and he is not.


Because I am Ares God of War and no one takes what’s mine.

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  1. I love it! Excellent blurb, Lisa!!🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it, I thought it was kinda fun and almost perfectly ‘Ares’.🙂 Will post the link when his interview goes up I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

  2. I loved it all, but the last line is amazing. I almost spit tea on my desk. Why?

    Because I am Ares God of War and no one takes what’s mine. Classic Ares! You know your characters are amazing when your readers can read something and know it suits that character.

  3. Great job on the blurb. After I won Child of War, multiple times, I bought Heart of War, so I could read them in order. Now I’m just trying to get through the books, I’ve committed to doing a review on, so that I can read them.

    I understand the frustration of having to spend so much time on promotion & that it would be so much faster/easier if you could just use the same post over & over again. From another perspective though, as a blog hopper, it’s really nice when an author takes the time to do something unique, on the various blogs. Especially if it’s a blog hop with a big prize at the end, so the more posts you comment on, the better your chances. It is more fun for us stalkers, if we can post something meaningful related to the post, instead of just “Hi, thanks for the chance to win”.

    • Thanks so much for purchasing a copy of “The Heart of War”, I really appreciate it! I hope you’ll enjoy the story. Also glad you liked the blurb, it was fun to do.

      I try not to use the same post over and over…twice is pretty much the limit although I think the first Ares interview went out 3 times. I want my interviews/guest spots to be fun and fresh for everyone; the blog/site owner, the readers, and me. It’s hard to do that when time is at a premium or if the blog/site owner doesn’t give a starting point. I hate it when they say something like; *the floor’s yours talk about whatever you want*. That’s when I get stuck and they’re more likely to get a lightly-used post.

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