Oil Wars

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Yes, it’s cold.

Yes, I’d like to turn on the heat.

Yes, more than anything in the world, I would LOVE to soak in a hot tub!

To that end, I called around for oil today. No, we don’t get paid until tomorrow but we REALLY NEED it TODAY. So, I called my usual company, Anytime Oil….who used to be Bernie’s until Bernie went out of business leaving many customers out in the cold cuz they were dumb enough to ‘buy in advance’.

Tip for ya: Don’t ‘bundle’ anything and never buy anything in advance that doesn’t offer you a money-back guarantee or to adjust the price should it, heaven forbid, go DOWN.

Anyway, I use them because they’ll deliver 50 or 75 or 100 gallons…whatever you can afford. This week we can afford 75 gallons…that’ll be $298.56! JHC! Ok, fine, whatever. Then came the kicker; I could pay by cash, debit, or credit card.

I asked when that policy went into effect. The Customer Service Representative couldn’t tell me. Normally I pay cash but, on occasions, like today, I’d like to pay by check. See above…we get paid tomorrow that’s when the check will be ‘good’ BUT the oil company is not going to cash it until then anyway…so all should be well. I could have given them my debit card number and the transaction would have gone through but considering their rather sordid history with financial transactions I’d really rather not give them that information at all let alone over the phone. It’s not like they’re Domino’s or some big company where, if their employee gets ‘light fingered’ with my card info, I have recourse. You’d think they’d rather have the check anyway since, that way, they avoid the 2-2.5% charge from the cred/debit company. There was a time when one received a rather nice little discount if they paid cash…those days are gone, I’m afraid.

I told them I’d call them back tomorrow.

I went to the store, I got cigs, I went to the bank and took out $300.00 that we didn’t have but will get paid back at midnight tonight plus the lovely $30.00 overdraft fee. When I came home, even though I was miffed, I intended to call Anytime Oil back and place my order. BUT since I had CASH I thought; call around, see what ya can get, why not?

So I did.

First off, I hate the ‘minimum buy amount’ bullshit. It doesn’t cost any oil company any more (or less) to drive to my house and bring me 75 gallons than it does to bring me 150 gallons so it’s crap right off the bat. More than that, I hate the ‘bleed the poor people dry’ mantra that goes with the minimum buy amount–and so many other things these days. If you don’t buy the minimum the price goes up per gallon. Any fool can figure out that if one could AFFORD to buy 150 gallons…they would. Duh. I don’t order so little at a time because I love to see the Oil Man’s smiling face and want him to come back as often as possible, do I? Of course not.

I sat down with the Yellow Pages (anybody out there remember them?) and I made several phone calls to several companies and find out just how much I’m getting ripped off at 75 gallons. It’s pathetic. It really is. Funny thing though, not ONE of those companies refused to take a check from me. Not even those who’d never delivered to me before. If I had an extra 50.00 I would have bought the 100 gallons instead of 75. Trust me, I would.

After several calls I was about to, begrudgingly, call back Anytime Oil and buy from them. I made the last phone call, which was to Queen Bee Oil. I’d used them once before and they were very nice. They were very nice again. Willing to help me AND take my check. Not to mention, for 75 gallons they came in 10.00 UNDER Anytime Oil’s price. Anytime Oil SWEARS they will beat anyone’s price. Their motto is they ‘have the best price in town’.

I ordered from Queen Bee.

When I said I’d pay cash the woman on the other end let out a little gasp. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“You’re going to be home, right? You won’t leave the kind of money laying around outside the house, will you?”

“Nope, I’ll be here.”

Please note, Anytime Oil doesn’t care about such things. In fact they want you to leave cash in your door! That’s not a good idea for anyone except thieves and, of course, Anytime Oil. After watching a special on the news the other day about people caught on camera stealing packages off other people’s FRONT DOOR STEPS I am not inclined to leave cash hanging about outside my house. You?

Oh well, looks like I’ve found a new oil company with which to do the bulk of my business. Kind of a shame really, I did ALL of my business with Bernie’s a/k/a Anytime Oil for the last fifteen years. I was heartbroken when they went out of business for a short time because I could always count on them not just to bring me oil when I needed it, but to bring the amount I could afford, and to take payment the way I prefer to give it. If they ever get their financial house back in order perhaps I’ll return to them but it’s doubtful at this point in time.

In any event, we’ll be toasty warm tonight and it’s rather cold out there today. I’ll have a long hot soak for the first time in weeks. That should make me feel a little better.

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