Purple Haze-Pot in New London

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Ok, so, earlier this year the Great State of Connecticut decided to ‘decriminalize’ up to a 1/2 ounce of pot. (I know, stingy bastards but at least a baby step in the right direction.) Instead of it being some big hairy-ass deal now you get $150.00 fine, for the first ‘offense’. It steadily increases from there for each offense thereafter.

Our new Mayor, Mr. Finizo, decided–pretty much unilaterally–that the police in New London shouldn’t bother with dope smokers who 1-have a 1/2 or under or 2-are ‘caught’ smoking on their own property because the cops suddenly showed up at their door for something else or they drove by or…what the hell ever.

Crackheads in New London are outraged! My GODS it’s POT!


So, yeah, I had to go toss in a few grenades and stir the pot on the New London Patch.


1-it’s fuckin’ FUN
2-they’re sooooo easy to rile
3-they’re just plain ignorant

I like to play with such fools. I mean, these people are even WORSE than the morons who spew all over the Yahoo! boards, truly..they are! If they weren’t it would not be nearly as much fun for me.

Some idiot a/k/a Big Red Dog (yeah, freakin’ ‘Clifford’ from the kids books!) tried to tell everyone that pot was a MAJOR reason for ‘work place violence’. Of course s/he/it didn’t back it up. I Googled it and….ah, no, sorry Charlie. In fact, DRUGS weren’t even on the list, never mind POT! I tried to tell this shining example of self-righteousness that pot smokers are NOT violent people.

We’re not.

You hardly ever find one of us knocking over some little old lady for her Social Security check so we can buy weed. Crack heads? Yes. Heroine addicts? Yes. Coke users? Yes. Pot smokers? No. Why? We’re too fuckin’ stoned to even conceived of hurting some old woman.

BTW, Clifford the Big Dumb Dog, pot is NOT the big ‘gateway drug’….no, that title belongs to…alcohol! Which is found in parents’ liquor cabinets and followed closely by….prescription drugs…also found in parents’ medicine cabinets. I tried to tell him that America loves it’s drugs..we do, let’s face it. If we didn’t we wouldn’t allow pharmaceutical companies to shuck their drugs at us 24/7 on TV. Would we? There wouldn’t be a Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, within walking distance of everyone’s home. Me? I have at least three pharmacies within walking distance of my front door. When I was kid there was 1 and it was a locally owned independent pharmacy. Now you can get your drugs while you shop at your local supermarket, Target, or Wally-World. So it’s ok to support companies like Pfizer that are trying to ditch the COUNTRY and move production to CHINA but don’t want to pay TAXES upon shipping their drugs back to the States but it’s not ok to support your LOCAL AMERICAN pot grower.

BTW, pot is the biggest cash crop in the US…that’s right it beats out VEGETABLES! ALL of them!


No, no, no, no, pot’s evil….so sayeth the morons on the board who refuse to look in the mirror and realize that; a drug is a drug is a drug, no matter who takes it or how you got it.

Ok, well, if pot is so evil and ‘everyone’s against it’ my next argument is….why can I buy; bowls, bongs, hookahs, papers, blunt wrappers (flavors a plenty!), bowl cleaners, and whole host of accessories at EVERY convenience store? I mean, if it’s such a ‘low market’ and all, why are all of these companies going out of their way to cater to us? By their reasoning, it can’t be because there’s MONEY in it, right? Because if there was money in it that would people…in larger numbers than any of them want to even think of….SMOKE POT! We’re not the tiny minority they’d like us to be. We’re not teenagers. We’re adults with jobs who pay taxes like everyone else.

Mayor Finizo has the right idea, he may not have the power to enact it, but he’s on the right track.

Look, if up to 1/2 ounce of pot is decriminalized….that should change or at least make a ‘gray area’ out of the drug testing BS a lot of people have to go through…that includes City Employees. Yes, yes, yes, it does. And, btw, just what IS the point in going after people with up to a 1/2 ounce anyway? I mean, considering the new law and all. Is it really WORTH prosecuting someone for the lousy $150.00 fine? I think that one COSTS more than anyone GAINS out of the deal so….why do it? Just to keep the federal government happy? Yeah, there’s a reason to do…nothing.

Hubby says it’s so cops can be assholes but I disagree. I really don’t think cops want to bother with this crap anymore. Why should they? It’s such a low priority ‘crime’ that there’s almost no value to it at all. Except, yes, to be an asshole who grabs your baggie, dumps your weed on the ground, steps on it, and yells at you. Nobody likes that jackwad anyway, so why should he count for anything? Most of us are perfectly aware of what happens to the small baggies that don’t get dropped on the ground but, rather, are confiscated by the police. No, they don’t end up in the evidence locker. I would know because I’ve watched and smoked with many a cop! They’re actually kinda fun when they’re blazed. Who knew?

Anyway, since pot is the biggest cash crop in the US and ALL of that money is going…well, where it rightly should I suppose which is the hands of grower BUT none of it’s going where we NEED it…the tax pool!

You wanna fix this economy? You’re looking to save money? You want JOBS?

Legalize pot! It is the biggest untapped market in the country! (Not just this country either)

We will be THRILLED to pay our taxes on our weed if we can just go to the store, like any good alcoholic/legal pill-popper, and buy what we want. No problem. AND think of all the money the country will SAVE by getting out of Mexico–to some degree–and fighting the decrepit feeble-bodied addle-minded War of Drugs in areas where it might actually do some good instead of just being this huge hole that sucks every dime it can into it while producing…zip.

There….Aunty Moon has fixed and rebuilt the United States economy for you and it only took three minutes.

What’s next?

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  1. I’m 100% for legalization for medical use, and still on the fence about legalization for pleasure/recreational use. Legalization actually makes a lot of sense to me, but a discussion I had with a psychiatrist holds me back a bit. She talked about how it interferes with sleep patterns and the affect it has on a still maturing pre-frontal lobe.

    IMHO the “gateway” argument holds water as long as it is illegal but not so much if it becomes legal.

    • Hey Sha!

      The thing the psychiatrist talked about is just as true for alcohol and that’s legal. Freddie’s right, when I talk about legalizing it and taxing it…yep, you gotta be 18 to smoke, don’t smoke and drive/operate heavy machinery and so forth. I wouldn’t create a free-for-all environment out of legalization and I don’t think that’s what most people are talking about when they propose legalizing it. Jobs would be created and people could be put to work in an Earth Friendly industry from growers to shop owners (no more street deals). The side businesses already created by this industry (glass blowers, metalworkers, those in the paper industry) would all grow, expand, and create more jobs. The jails will get less crowded because we’re not putting people into them for pot offenses and we’ll make more room for criminals who commit serious offenses. We could get out of the “war on drugs” and places like Mexico and South America to a large extent and stop wasting money there. I say, if pot’s legal in it’s ‘country of origin’ then, sure, I’ll slap a tariff on it and let you import it, after it gets inspected like any other live crop. We can have foo-foo shops with ‘Imported Pot’. LOL

      Just, really, if anyone out there is looking for a Win/Win situation this is it.

  2. so dont make legal for kids. booze aint legal for kids. and booze used to legal @ 18.
    18 you can vote 18 you can die for country 18 legally adult.

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