It’s That Time of Year Again

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Yep, time for the dreaded Office Christmas Party.

I shouldn’t say that…we had a nice time. Hubby DJ’d the event, which is the sucky part. He does a GREAT job but…it’s a job, which means we’re around the first to arrive and near last to leave. As you know, us Pooh-Bahs do NOT love the nightlife, we do NOT love to boogie. We like to be snug in our beds, warm, toasty, well-fed, and well-laid long before midnight. That and we hate lousy music. Just can’t stand it.

Yes, there was plenty of Christmas music; new and old. But after dinner the dancing started and, well, I just don’t get the ‘popular’ music combination. The last few of these things I’ve gone the most popular stuff has been new dance-crap mixed with redneck music. Weird. Going from Lady Gaga to Toby Keith in .05 seconds…hurts my head. Really, it does. It’s like stopping short on a roller coaster. They kept doing it. If I had to listen to this horrible tune called “Red Solo Cup” one more time I was gonna up-chuck. I will sit through “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” and “Beer for My Horses” once…maybe even twice…but three or four of the other one and…my ears needed a good cleaning. In fact, I told hubby that on the way home; you better be playin’ some Bruce…Stones…The Who…anybody! When we get in the car on the way home, I need to cleanse my palette!

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Which is good since the owner of the company decided to show up out of the blue and for no explicable reason. HE had a freakin’ awesome time! Check it out….

He’s a RIOT! I should submit him to one of those video shows. Yes, I have more video of him out there dancin’ the night away with the ladies. Hubby thought it odd that such an older gentleman would be out there boogying his butt off BUT the guy is Italian…like straight from Italy Italian so, yep, he loves to; eat, drink, dance, eat, dance, drink…the more he can get, the more he likes it.

Yes, hubby supplied all the lights, lasers, fog, and music. He puts on a really good show, doesn’t he? If you need a DJ and you’re in the CT/RI area check out Sound Enforcement for your next wedding, party, or event. (Shameless plug!)

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  1. Teresa Kleeman

    Oh I love this. He was having a great time and he was not bad holding his own dancing. I grew up around the Ledyard and Norwich area of CT. Lisa. I don’t think its shameful to promote your hubby.

    Take care.


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