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If you read here often you’d think the only thing goin’ on in my life is promo, huh?? Sorry about that. I promise that’s the end of the hops for this year.

Santa came a little early this year and came twice! Yep, lucky me!πŸ™‚

I got something I’ve always wanted….oh I’ve longed for it for years and years. I’ve even looked at it in a few stores and pointed it out to hubby once or twice but I didn’t think I’d get one. It’s a little luxury that I thought would be nice but not really necessary.

(What is it?)

A little fridge for our room!πŸ™‚

Once Pooh-Bahs are snug in their beds a strange thing happens; they get hungry. But they’re lazy by nature so they’ll lay in their beds telling themselves that they’re hungry but they won’t do anything about it no matter how many times they say; I’ll get up on the next commercial. Nope, we just lay there until hunger either forces us up or it goes away. Cuz, ya know, it’s just too much work to; toss off the covers, put the feet on the floor, stand up, stumble out of the room, down the hallway, down the 13 steps, into the kitchen, grab food, then repeat in reverse.

Yeah, no, I don’t live in a mansion. The walk from the bed to kitchen fridge must take all of 30 seconds!

Now I just have to crawl to the end of the bed! hehehehehe It’s stocked with bottle of Sprite (the mini bottles, I love those.), cheese, dip, celery, carrots, even got a half gallon of milk in there so I can have milk & cookies or cereal. Oh I just LOVE IT! It even has a mini FREEZER! We have ice cube trays in there so there’s no more trotting down to the kitchen for ice. I’ll put a little ice cream in there next week.πŸ˜‰


Yesterday, a little package arrived on my doorstep. San Fransisco Bath Salt Company, read the label. I’d been told by a friend to be on the look out for the package–that was nice of her, she read my blog about people stealing things off other’s doorsteps and wanted to be sure I got it. Before I even opened it I could smell the goodies inside, most especially the lavender. I took it in the kitchen and inside were all of these jars and things. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening up all of them. Each one smelled better than the last. I can’t wait to jump into a hot tub with these lovelies. I love my baths but I tend to go cheap on the salts (Dr. Teal’s 3lbs for 4.99…hahaha) She obviously took quite a bit of time picking these out just for me. I have; Moon Dreams, Namaste Blend, Lotus Blend, and Lavender along with a freebie pack of Green Tea.

Thank you, my friend! Merry Christmas to you!

Yes, yes, yes, over the weekend I did manage to drag Christmas out of the attic and toss it all over the living room. Our two little trees are decorated, the Santa Village is on the table, the Nativity Scene is on the mantle, and I even hung lights in the front window. So…Christmas is on its way. I’ll start shopping next week or this weekend. I suppose I should see if I can buy most of it online, it’s not too late for shipping and I’d avoid the harried and rushed Christmas Shoppers. I always say I’m going to do that and I never do. I think part of me actually enjoys waiting to the last minute and then doing it all one heated rush.

For those of you living under a rock the last two weeks or so, “Bag of Bones” was on A&E Sunday and Monday nights. I watched the whole thing. That’s one of my favorite Stephen King stories so I wanted to see how badly they screwed it up. They didn’t do too bad. It’s very difficult to cram a 500 page novel into 4 hours. I miss the Mini-Series, really I do. I used to love those. Whatever happened to them? Anyway, Pierce Brosnan did a good job as ‘Michael Noonan’, I was pleasantly surprised. (I adored ‘Remington Steele’, oh yes, I did.

I always love it when Master King uses a writer as the main character, Brosnan was really good as he sat there at the computer, knocking back shots, staring at a blank cursor and finally yelling out; “Come on! Gimme something! Something! Anything!” I laughed my ass off! Yep, that’s pretty much what the ‘writing process’ looks like at times!

Since it’s made-for-TV it’s no where near as scary as the book. That always sucks. Still, it was good, worth the watch even if I did have to miss ‘The Closer’…yeah, she’s taken ‘House’s’ place on Monday nights in my book. ‘House’ is sucking hard this season it’s all discombobulated.

I managed to get a little writing done yesterday too. Not too much but a little. Once we get past all of this war stuff

(He’s rollin’ his eyes at me now, can you see it?)

I think we’ll get rolling right along. We got lots of stuff to touch on here, mostly concerning Raven and him growing a bit wiser where his mother’s concerned. Hopefully, once that’s done, we can just have some fun and set off a bunch of fireworks. We better get to it! People are waiting with bated breath! I know because we picked up this STELLAR review the other day on Amazon;

5.0 out of 5 stars God of War was so good, but Child of War was even BETTER!, December 11, 2011
Rad Ryder (East coast USA) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Child of War-A God is Born (Kindle Edition)
So many authors try to write a series of stories out of one successful or well received story, especially in the romance genre. It is not common for me to be completely bowled over by the first novel and then even further impressed by the second! I enjoyed the first, God of War so well, I really did not expect this second to be able to stack up. But oh my, did it ever!

The Olympians make all dysfunctional families look pleasant by comparison. Alena and Ares are trying to make Mt. Olympus a home in which to raise their soon to born son. But surrounded by deceit, back stabbing and betrayal it’s kind of tricky for Alena to pass on the family values, when she really doesn’t understand what exactly it is that this family values. Ares tries to shield her from the worst of it, reminds her to trust in his love for her and for a short while that is enough. This is where Lisa Beth Darling shines, giving her characters hell and making them find a way out of it! Her characters stay true to the myths of old, yet she adds a modern twist here and there and turns them into someone new. The plot is fast paced and by the second half of the book I literally was unable to put it down. Everyone says that, but how often is that literally true! I really enjoy how each of the Olympians epitomizes self centered personal absorption, and yet there can still be found a sliver of redeeming quality.

The ending: Oh my goodness! A cliff hangar to end all cliff hangars. Normally, this would really annoy me as a ploy to buy the third book. After giving it a little thought, it seems right. Book Two, Child of War was indeed completed even if the entire tale remains unfinished. Just a few weeks more… Just a few weeks more…Book Three, just a few weeks more.

That does my old heart good! Woot!

Off to see what the rest of the day brings.

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  1. Awesome review!! I completely agree and couldn’t have said it better!

  2. you’re ending the year with a bangπŸ™‚

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