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After checking my Yahoo! email this morning, this lovely headline caught my eye; Atheist Messages Displace CA Park Nativity Scenes and I thought; WTF?

So I read the article and was bitterly disappointed at the lengths some people will go to just to get their point across.

OK, look, 1-I’m Pagan so the ‘true meaning of Christmas’ isn’t really my gig, 2-I am sick and tired of having Christmas take over 2 1/2 months out of the year! 3- I am fed up with being told of all the shiny baubles I have to buy for people at this time of year while being told to ‘Live better. Save Money. Shop Wal-Mart”….where I’m sure to pick one of those gleaming BMWs and a few LeVian chocolate diamonds dirt cheap!

BUT…does any of that mean I have to–or even that I should–intrude upon someone else’s celebration of the day? Can’t I–and others–just keep my big mouth shut one day out of the year?

Here’s a fact that most Christians will scream at me for; truth is Christmas isn’t just YOUR day. Sorry, but that’s that. You have to share it too. We could get into the whole history of Christmas and how it’s come to be celebrated the way it has in the 21st century but…what’s the point? I’m sure you’ve heard it already and if you haven’t well Google is your friend, oh yes, it is. (Better than the History Channel which is gettin’ kinda ify these days.)

So with all of that in mind, can’t we just…for one freakin’ day…behave ourselves as whole? Can’t we just get into the ‘spirit of the season’, you know Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men, ‘Tis Better to Give than Receive, and all of that jolly stuff. Can’t we practice that bit of sanity and decency together, no matter what our religious and spiritual beliefs may be, FOR ONE LOUSY DAY? Just stop, take a breath, look around take stock of what we have and how lucky we are in our respective ways instead of bemoaning the things we don’t have, then just…Be Excellent to Each Other. For 24 hours. That’s all. Everyone can go back to being greedy backstabbing idiots on December 26th if that’s what they want to do.

Yeah, I just don’t understand people some times.

Oh well, here’s one I do get. The NTSB would like to forbid all of us from talking/texting while driving.


Too bad they don’t have the power to enforce it. Even if they did…good luck getting the cops to do their jobs on that one. I don’t know about your area of the world but here they are some of the WORST offenders. Connecticut State Law forbids talking without a hands-free device while driving but there they go, down the road, one hand on the wheel, the other pressed to their ear…time and again.

Oh bother.

BUT I did get to see something AMAZING. Do you know that State Farm commercial where ‘Jerry’ runs his car up a pole? I’ve always wondered how he managed to do something so bizarre but they showed it to me on TV today. Police Car in Miami is on the Up and Up

Me? I won’t even consider grabbing for my cell phone if it rings or bleeps or whatever while I’m going down the road. It’s just not that important. Every day I watch the Average Joe run stop signs, stop lights, barely miss pedestrians, swerve into the wrong lane or the right lane at the last possible moment. Why? Because they’re on freakin’ phone! The conversation or the text is more important to them than the fact they’re currently in charge of a 1,000 lb. vehicle going 45+ mph. They all think ‘it won’t happen to me’ but it can and it just might, worse yet, you’ll be the cause of it happening to someone else.

Personally, I think we’re all just too damn ‘connected’ all of the time. There’s almost never a technological break any more. One day they’re just gonna surgically implant the Internet into our brains.

People try to argue that it’s a personal right or state’s right or it’s the same as having a conversation with a person in the car. I think whether or not to wear your seat belt is more of a ‘personal right’ than possibly endangering the life of someone else. Your mileage may vary on that one. Yes, I have to wear a friggin’ seat belt here in CT. As for it being the same as talking with another person in the car; first, if you’re talking to someone in the car with you that means there’s another set of eyes in the car, you know, someone who can screaming; “STOP!” when you don’t see something. I’m old, we know that, I’m from the Dark Ages (before seat belts were even an option in a car! Child Safety Seat? What the hell is THAT? LOL) where we were taught that the driver needs to concentrate on the road, therefore, don’t talk to the driver unless it’s important and, even if we did chat, the driver knew enough not to turn their head to LOOK at the person they were talking to for more than 1/2 a second.

Is that no longer on the Driver’s Test?

Probably not.

Anyway, if you have a cell phone then you have Voice Mail so…use it. You’re already paying for it, might as well get the most out of it.

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  1. Right on sister! People need to learn to get along with each other and stop being idiots and
    jerks. But I do not think that will happen any time soon, even for one day. So let us declare that on December 25th there will be PEACE ON EARTH.


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