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Jason Momoa has been suggested more than once for the ‘role of Ares’ in the ‘movie’. Lately, he was suggested once by a good friend who knows I can’t bare to see anyone take on the ‘role’ except Kevin Smith.

We also know that’s impossible so…alternatives must be found!🙂

I admit to not seeing the new “Conan”. I just couldn’t have my memories of the first one tore up and thrown away. Arnie created a real Cult Classic with that one and I just LOVE how BAD it is! It’s HORRIBLE! So horrible it’s downright great and I can’t help but love it. But…

Not too shabby.

I also admit to never sitting through a full episode of “Stargate Atlantis” and, what I did see of it, the dredlocks were a total and complete turn off where this guy is concerned. Although, from the few seconds I witnessed, it did seem there was a good looking guy under there somewhere just screaming to get out.

See what I mean, Verne? It’s just got a total ‘Ick Factor’ to it. Not like this at all

Total bummer….but….

That’s much better. Yep, he’s got ‘the look’ all right, he sure does.

Of course, I have no idea if Jason Momoa can act…not a single clue.

So I was mulling it over, my friend and I tossed around the idea of whether or not Mr. Momoa is ‘ripe’ enough for the role. You know, Ares is no spring chicken, he’s definitely more of a middled-aged man and it’s important that whoever brings him to life has that quality about him. She told me he’s 32. I went to IMDB and checked it out and was flabbergasted by just how old I am! I looked at his bio and read he was born in 1979 and I thought; 1979? I was in Junior High-High School by then, he can’t be 32.

So I counted on my little fingers; 79…89…99…2009…HOLY CRAP! He is 32 and I am older than dirt! LOL

Jason Momoa as Ares…any thoughts, opinions, suggestions….out there?

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  1. kevin for daddy ares and jason for raven when he’s older!! that way you can have both
    i’ve seen the new conan, trust me, he’s finger licking jummie in that one *siiiiighs*

    • Trust me, if I could bring anyone back from the grave (with no nasty consequences!) it would be Kevin Smith.🙂 I’d do it just so he could play this part…that’s terrible, isn’t it??? Bad girl! (slaps own hand). Jason does look like a tasty tid-bit and he’s got the right physical dimensions and appearance. I guess he’s moved to the top of the list! I’ll get right on the phone to him and offer him the part! ROFLMFAO!

  2. Even though the movie was a cheesy chick flick, I thought he did really well in it. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about or what the title was just that it was in Hawaii, lol. (Tempted, that’s the name!)
    I thought he was a lot better in Atlantis than Rainbow Francks. That could have just been because his character lasted longer than Rainbow’s.
    I’d say he’s definitely a 2nd best since we can’t have Smith, but that’s just my two cents.

    • Your two-cents are always appreciated, my friend! So far Mr. Momoa seems to have ‘the nod’. I’ll get my people in touch with his people and see what we can do….hahahahahahahaha!

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