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Yes, I know I missed yesterday but I had a good reason! My FaceBook buddies already know what I was up to for EIGHT HOURS yesterday cuz I just love my new phone! This take a picture, press a button, upload thing is really COOL!

Anyway, here’s my excuse for not being here yesterday.

Yes, it was COOKIE TIME! All in all I bet I made about 12 dozen cookies yesterday and I was BEAT! We have…for the moment anyway…

Double batch regular Toll House Cookies

Single batch Toll House Cookies with dark chocolate chips and walnuts….I love dark chocolate! I had to get a bag when I saw them in Stop & Shop. Since the kids don’t like nuts I put them in *my* cookies instead of theirs.

Double batch of Snickerdoodles, they’re sooooo good with a cup of coffee!

Last, but never least, a double batch of my grandmother’s filled cookies. These have been a tradition in my house since decades before I was even a twinkle in my Daddy’s eye. They’re filled with strawberry jelly or raspberry jelly–my favorite. A few years ago, while making these cookies, my hubby had a ‘brain storm’ and decided it would be good to make peanut butter & Jelly filled cookies. I hate them. I think they’re gross. He LOVES them so I made a dozen of those just for him. He took a big plate full of cookies into work with him today.

Now there’s just the pumpkin cakes left to make. I wanted to make my grandmother’s Swedish Cookies but it seems I’ve lost the recipe…damn! Those are GOOD. I tried finding a recipe for them online and came very close but it seems the almond or anise flavoring was unique to my grandmother as was baking the cookies in a log and slicing them just AFTER they come out of the oven. All of the other recipes called for vanilla flavoring and to cut the cookies before baking but after rolling into logs. It’s my own fault. Years ago I got recipe software and transcribed all of my mother’s, aunt’s and grandmother’s recipes to the computer where they’d be nice and safe. I tossed almost all of the actual recipe cards. Stupid! Yeah, I forgot about things like hard drive crashes….idiot. So, yeah, the machine crashed one day and there went nearly all of my family recipes save a few which, for some reason, I put back in the recipe box. Total bummer.

Oh well, little by little I’m knocking down all of the Christmas chores so that’s a good thing.

For those interested, I’m over on The Book Nerd today (yesterday actually is when it started) with a new interview, review, and ebook giveaway of “Heart” and “Child”. If you’re interested go on over and have a gander. I’m going to post the interview and review here in a moment or two along with the character interview I did for that other site. They don’t seem to have any idea of when it might post and I thought it came out really cool so I’m going to jump the gun and put it here in a few.

GOOD NEWS! “Christmas Eve on Olympus” has been downloaded 284 times!!!! Seems my little Holiday Giftie is going over well. I’m pleased with that and the reviews it’s received. Well mostly. I mean the reviewers have gotten it right but I don’t understand their POV on a few things. I’m thinking that’s probably because they have yet to do Christmas for a small child and don’t understand the concept of keeping them running around like crazy and wearing them out on Christmas Eve so they SLEEP and Mom & Dad can do the Santa thing in peace….then maybe have a little Christmas Celebration of their own.😉

That little ‘marketing strategy’ is paying off….I’ve sold 64 books just this month! Yeah, this $0.99 thing is a royal kick in the head but it’s working, at least until Monday. I know “Heart” and “Child” are supposed to go ‘off sale’ on Sunday but chances are I won’t get to it then. I am now over 1,000 books/stories sold! So to a few ‘old friends’ out there….

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  1. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Love the pictures of the cookies. I got celiac a couple of years ago and the one thing I miss the most is not being able to eat my favorite cookies.

  2. Look at you Martha cooking up a storm lol… enjoy your holidays and congras on the book selling… I wish I could afford your 2nd one now… but with uncertainty looming, and then of course the boys dentist…ahem 600.00 I’m squeezn the buffalo until it craps outta all of me nickels lol

    • ROFL! I’ll have to remember that last line! I hope your enjoy your holidays too, try not to stress too much I know things are tough right now and uncertainty sucks rotten eggs!! If you need me I’m always here. After Christmas I’ll send you a copy of “Child” no charge and no worries! Love ya! Take it easy, girlfriend and have a fantastic 2012!!!

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